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Published on 06/20/2012 at Wed Jun 20 13:30.
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(Image courtesy of Stephen Chernin, AP)

On Monday, Denver Broncos second-year linebacker Von Miller appeared on the Jim Rome show.  Among the topics discussed were Miller’s glasses.

Rome noted that many athletes, particularly NBA players, have been rocking “specs” lately and asked Miller if he thinks the trend was started by the 2011 Defensive Rookie of the Year.  Miller responded, “There were guys that had the glasses look before me, but in my opinion, I think I took it to another level.”

“It’s not just my look,” he said, “but it’s a swag that only a few can embrace.”

We asked fans on our Facebook page in a poll Wednesday to rank Miller’s swag on a skill of 1-to-10 (with ten being the highest).  The result, visualized through our Manning Mustache Meter below, was an 8.5 rating (at the time this article was published).

# # # # # # # # #
Manning Mustache Meter: 8.5 out of 10

Miller’s performance on the field last season was phenomenal.  His swag off the field is unparalleled.  He’s a swagtastic dude.

  • Joe Mac

    The video link is marked private. I’d love to hear Von on Romey’s show.

  • Jon

    Thanks for pointing that out, Joe! They must have changed it because as of Wednesday it was live on YouTube.

  • Jon

    Joe, I believe CBSSports took the video down on YouTube so more people would watch it on their CBSSports player. Here is a link to the video on

    Basically, Miller said the usual “I want to be accountable to my teammates and improve this year,” and then Rome asked him about Tebow and Miller said nice things about Tebow and Sanchez. Then, Rome asked if Manning looked like he did in 2004 and Von said he looks like “they Peyton Manning we’re used to seeing. If plays like Peyton Manning we’ll be alright.”

    Finally, Rome asked about Von’s glasses, which brought Miller’s swag. But you can just watch the video, haha.