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Published on 06/12/2012 at Tue Jun 12 14:27.
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We told you on Friday that D.J. Williams‘s Twitter mishap won’t damage the Denver Broncos‘ defensive plans this season. Today, coach John Fox said as much.

When asked if the security “breach” would affect the Broncos’ defense, Fox replied, “Not very much.”

Fox continued, “All our guys do a great job of keeping our fans informed, and you’re going to have a couple of mishaps and you move on.”

D.J. has an uphill battle when it comes to recouping the approval of Broncos fans, but this tweet really shouldn’t be among the ammo used against him. Let’s take Fox’s advice on this one and move on.

  • Jon

    I figured Fox would brush it off and say something along those lines. I agree, it wasn’t a big deal (yet stupid), but nothing to dwell on.

  • Tim Lynch

    That’s almost exactly how that transgression moved me. A whoopsie, and move on…

  • java doody

    agree. but it’s a good thing dj has football, this guy’s a real bonehead.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Anyone wonder if McD would’ve handled this the same way? I could see dark offices, shouting, throwing things and a blanket ban on the media talking about.
    Makes me more and more glad to see Coach Fox in charge

  • Jon

    D.J. would have been shipped to New England for a class of milk.