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Published on 06/08/2012 at Fri Jun 08 16:40.
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Broncos plays from D.J. Williams

By now you’re all familiar with the story. D.J. Williams went to Twitter early Friday and posted a picture of the Denver Broncos playbook, now iPad-driven, joking about how he’s still old-school and wants to use pencil and paper. Next to his iPad are a stack of notecards and a pencil. Very funny.

The problem is that the picture he took also included diagrams of six Broncos plays (well, not exactly “plays”… we’ll get to that).

Obviously this wasn’t the smartest move on D.J.’s part. One of the very benefits of the Broncos’ move to iPad playbooks was increased security, and Tweeting a picture of the playbook in-action to his 10,000 followers isn’t exactly demonstrating mastery in subterfuge. Still, without going overboard (some fans say the Broncos should cut or trade him immediately… um, no), here are the mind-bending things we learned from D.J.’s little escapade:

  1. The Broncos have a play on their defense where the Sam linebacker rushes the backfield!
  2. People do not understand the difference between “plays” and “a play.” This is one play, “SINK SAM 1 TITE,” featuring a 4-3 under front formation. All the diagrams show is how the defense will adjust to pre-snap changes by the offense. Such as this: When the Z receiver motions, the opposing cornerback will follow!
  3. D.J. doesn’t know how to use notecards. It helps to take the wrapping off first.

Kidding aside, here are a few things we actually did learn:

  1. Williams may be switching positions. Alongside the original Instagram photo (now deleted), he said, “Coach wants me to learn a new position…” It’s not clear whether that’s just for this play or in general.
  2. Williams has no idea how to use social media. If D.J. Williams is not tweeting pictures of his “DymeLife” (read: night life — his Twitter profile picture is of him looking up a girl’s skirt), he’s just tweeting to other athletes and friends. Yet his verified Twitter account has over 10,000 followers. He needs to do more to engage his audience (and a lot less to disengage it) if he’s going to have that type of follower number. Otherwise he should just drop this account altogether, start anew, and go private.
  • Tim Lynch

    It is a total FAIL though.

  • toxik zine

    This guy have a brain? I know it’s only 6 plays and they are not very special but come on!

  • toxik zine

    don’t like these new comments options btw. It will cut down on spam but also alienate regular posters that don’t have accounts with these 4 sites.

  • Monty

    Appreciate the feedback. Comments have taken a nosedive since the switch but we believe it will nurture a better community in the end. We hope you and others will take the plunge and continue to talk with us!

  • TheTroglodyte

    I miss the old thumbs up but I’ll get use to it

  • Tim Lynch

    I was about to complain that it wasn’t displaying the oldest first…just figured out it’s an option I didn’t set. hahaha

    Toxik, hopefully you’ll create a dummy account for us!

  • Jeff Rodriguez

    So if we all agree what he’s done is stupid, does it make much sense for you to keep a screen grab of the picture up on your site? Come on guys! We get the idea…And now so does Oakland, KC, San Diego, and….

  • TheTroglodyte

    Jeff those teams already saw it. And those teams also already know this play. It’s a pretty standard one that also has a 3-4 variation. Was it stupid, a little. Did it get him a phone call, yes. Did it give anything away to anyone? No

  • Paradisimo

    I really wish the broncs would cut this guy already. Not worth the trouble. The guy’s already suspended 6 games and possibly even longer with his DUI. Overrated and unproductive. The only problem is our options at LB are limited.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    I quite like them. Especially the MyDisqus bit. Can’t believe I’m only the 10th highest commenter. Need to make more comments.

  • Roy88

    Not worth the trouble? Do you watch the same Broncos games as the rest of us? He has been among the leaders in tackles for the Broncos almost every year since he has been drafted, even those when he was not playing his natural position. He has been a hell of a player on this team, even if he does screw up and do dumb things occasionally.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Yep I agree. All LB’s get tackles. The fans saying he should be kept because of tackles just don’t have a good understanding of the game. He’s a slightly above average player at best and his off field shenanigans are old.

  • herc_rock

    He’s not really giving anything away, but this is monumentally stupid.

  • Carrie Taber

    My God, this site Blows!

  • Jon

    How nice of you to say.

  • Jon

    I wish the “Top Commenters” were ranked by ‘Likes’ received, not total comments. Seems to make more sense to me, because any yahoo (like me) can write 1,000 comments a day… doesn’t make him the best commenter, just the most frequent commenter.

  • jdkchem

    So you’re an expert on blowing. Are we supposed to be impressed?

  • Paradisimo

    I’ve watched every game that DJ has played as a Bronco and I frequently walk away thinking “what the hell was DJ thinking?” He may get a lot of tackles but he also has several WTF plays that don’t show up on paper. He misses tackles, gets inopportune penalties and gets burnt on coverage quite a bit. I don’t necessarily think that we have anyone on the roster that is better right now but given that he could potentially miss over half of the season and pulls shenanigans like this it wouldn’t break my heart if we cut him loose.

  • TheTroglodyte