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Published on 05/24/2012 at Thu May 24 16:08.
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Broncos iPad

One of 90 iPads the Denver Broncos distributed to players in 2012 for the team's playbook and video.

The Denver Broncos join the likes of the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers by digitizing their playbooks for 2012.

Want to plow Philip Rivers‘ helmet into the turf, or leave Troy Polamalu so torched on a long gain he’s left scratching his well-conditioned head? There’s an app for that.

Image via Elliot Coffey on Twitter.

  • Jon

    That’s pretty cool. It’s pretty dumb though that the NFL doesn’t allow teams to use them on the sidelines. That will probably change someday.

  • Josh Temple


  • Anonymous

    Bill Bellicheck is gonna hack our systems and others!