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Published on 05/24/2012 at Thu May 24 12:00.
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Courtesy of NBC

The early 1990’s was a very impressionable time in my youth. In fact, the most memorable game of my life, excluding the Super Bowl victories, was the 1991 AFC Divisional Playoffs. The Denver Broncos needed a John Elway miracle to achieve victory over the Houston Oilers and was I not disappointed!

This play may rank higher on my list than someone less bias, but since I spent the time creating this list I get to decide how it plays out.  As a 13 year old boy, this fourth down conversion to set the Broncos up for victory was one of the most incredible sports moments of my life up until that point. There was no way it didn’t make my Top 5.

Situation: AFC Division Playoffs, final two minutes with the Broncos down 24-23.

The Play: A fourth down and ten play, where John Elway was flushed out of the pocket and threw one of the worst passes he’s ever thrown.  Nonetheless, it was caught by Vance Johnson and run all the way down into field goal range. What made this play even more remarkable was that it was the second straight fourth down conversion Elway engineered to pull out the miraculous victory.

However, the most pivotal moment came on the game’s final play, with Gary Kubiak taking a bad snap and somehow getting the ball in place just in time for David Treadwell to kick the game winning field goal.  Obviously, that play will be in my top 5 in the coming weeks as I cover the Special Teams side of the ball.

Though the Broncos would go on to lose a close game to the Buffalo Bills the following week, The Drive II has stuck with me over the last twenty years as one of the most amazing finishes I’ve ever witnessed from our favorite team. When you find the time, I highly encourage watching the final drive below from about the 55 minute mark – or just watch the game in its entirety.

Go Broncos!

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  • Anonymous

    Best one yet.   Great choice.

  • Monty

    I love the personal angle Tim. Why Top lists are so great.

    It’d be interesting to open this up to the fans to vote after your series runs.

  • Broncos Report

    I was there. Our parents surprised us for Christmas that year with tickets to the game. It was one of those surreal moments…the drive started on the 2 yard line…you could feel the electricity. I remember hugging and high-fiving complete strangers. Vance Johnson in tears on the sidelines. And the way the crowd just seemed to hang around long after it was over.

    Great memories that will never fade! Go Broncos!

  • Tim Lynch

    It was the same from the couch!  :)  Except, I was hugging non-Broncos fan family members.  Another lucky dog!

  • Tim Lynch

    Thanks.  These kinds of posts are always heavily bias towards the creator – so I don’t want people thinking I’m some know-it-all jerk…even if I am. :)

  • Tim Lynch

    One minor mistake.  The FG was not on the games final was the Broncos final offensive play.  Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    Tim, I think we’re about the same age, and I share your deep, deep seated nostalgia over this one. I can tell you there is one possible way it could be sweeter: if, immediately prior to the ’91 season, your little brother had (purely to spite you and your father) announced he was switching allegiances and pledging his undying loyalty to the Houston Oilers. That made it even better. I love my brother, but at that age, having my football team crush his football team so bitterly and thus make him cry was about as awesome a triumph as my juvenile head could imagine. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I sat here and watched the whole thing. You just made my day, Zap.

  • Tom9798

    Great play and video! . . . I had forgotten the announcer I can’t stand as much as Phil Simms . . . but the second I heard Todd Christensen’s voice, it all came back to me!

  • Tim Lynch

    Awesome!  My little brother is a Raiders fan…we went to the MNF game in Oakland back in 2008 together, so I know exactly how you feel.  41-14 baby!

  • Tim Lynch

    Thanks!  It was pretty cool to find the entire game on Youtube…don’t usually see that with NFL games.  :)

  • Tim Lynch


  • Chris Lang

    Watching this not only does it bring back great memories of the Broncos in my high school years, it makes me want my head coach to wear a suit.

  • Anonymous