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Published on 05/22/2012 at Tue May 22 12:00.
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The Immaculate Deflection was an incredible play to win the game.

Topping my list at number four, is the Immaculate Deflection.  In a hard fought, defensive struggle that the Denver Broncos pretty much controlled until the final Cincinnati Bengals drive of the game, it took a miracle for the Broncos to come out on top 12-7.

The victory would catapult a poorly coached team to a 6-0 record, before ending the season in disarray, finishing 2-8 down the stretch.  The Immaculate Deflection would be the highlight of the 2009 season.

It would take a remarkable play to top big time game breaking plays from the many playoff games in Broncos history and this is the one that does it.  An 87 yard deflected catch and run to win the game is just the kind of play that would make the grade here.

Situation: Opening Day at the Cincinnati Bengals.  Broncos down 7-6 with less than half a minute to go at their own 13 yard line.

The Play: Kyle Orton forces a pass to Brandon Marshall, who is triple covered.  A defender tips the ball up and Brandon Stokely is in perfect position to catch the ball.  Stokely easily outruns a linebacker for the game winning touchdown.

The play itself was pretty incredible, but the fact is the Broncos dominated the game from start to almost finish.  The Bengals went up by one point in the games final minute in what most of us Broncos fans thought would end up being the Broncos first loss of the season.  Instead, Stokely’s heads up play won the game and sent all of us about a mile high.

Though it wasn’t a playoff game or a game that led to anything of relevance, since the 2009 season ended in disappointment, the play itself was still one of the most incredible and miraculous plays in Broncos history.

Go Broncos!

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  • Anonymous

    Orton did not “force” the pass. The window was there. The defenders would not have been there quickly enough to prevent the completion. It wasn’t just a “defender” who tipped the ball; it was Leon Hall, a tall defender who is known for his hops. Had it been any other CB, the perfectly thrown pass would have been complete, despite of what the commentator said. As it turned out, the Broncos were fortunate for Hall’s spectacular defensive play.

  • Anonymous

    I will always remember this play, we were in the on the side of the endzone 7 rows up from where Stokley turns to run away from us to burn time off the clock.
    I remember total shock, then scanning the field for a flag then pandemonium ensued!
    the 3k Denver fans that made it to the game were louder than all the Cin fans during the entire game.
    good stuff

  • Anonymous

     it was a great time

  • Tim Lynch

    Classic “I WAS THERE!” post.  Love the story man!  Lucky dog…