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Published on 05/16/2012 at Wed May 16 09:30.
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Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Derek Wolfe Denver Broncos Mini-camp

Defensive tackle Derek Wolfe #95 of the Denver Broncos stretches during rookie camp at Dove Valley on May 11, 2012 in Englewood, Colorado. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Last week’s winner after the jump.

Kobe Bryant and Champ Bailey

Ok so this Girl behind me has fell for the Quarter behind her ear trick 5 times Act like I'm a magician OK ?

Winner: Mlhighsalute


gmac5 – Champ: “Hey I’ve never met a winner from the state of California before!”

  • Anonymous

    This “Tebowing” thing is harder than I thought…

  • Anonymous

    So this is me when I went through my ballerina phase!

  • Anonymous

    This is how far I’m going to shove my arm up Rivers’ ass!

  • Anonymous

    I am the letter…. backwards K!

  • Jon

    “Hi-hoo, fellas. Over here (motions), the turf is fine!”

  • Eric

    I couldn’t believe Ray Rice is only this tall.

  • Anonymous

    I feel pretty
    Oh so pretty
    I feel pretty and witty and gay
    And I pity
    Any quarterback in my way…

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the Colorado Ballet!

  • Anonymous

     Funny but when I see that I think Sex Pistols and not West Side Story.

  • Bill Alvarez

    Since Tebowing is gone I’m trying to come up with something new….  I call this the Ol’e

  • Anonymous

    I got Xanders fired.  Why?  Because I was a reach.

  • Michael Wooten

    This is going to be my QB sack dance!

  • Anonymous

     I wish I could like your caption 10 times!

  • Anonymous

    You guys might not know this but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolfpack.

  • Monty

    Seriously guys, my arm is killing me…. SOMEBODY give me a high five already.

  • Anonymous

    I am a willow…

  • Anonymous

    As the spawn of Thor, I dance as the willow…

  • Anonymous

    I once ate a hamburger THIS BIG and all I got to show for it is this practice jersey!

  • Dustin

    Bah! Tebowing!…This is Wolfeing!

  • Frank Brittain

    Wolf…with an E…