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Published on 05/08/2012 at Tue May 08 11:34.
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Champ Bailey congratulates Kobe Bryant after the L.A. Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets in Game Four of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments…

Kobe Bryant and Champ Bailey

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Last week’s winner after the jump.

As a stiff breeze blows him off his feet, Aztec running back Hillman reaches for the end zone (Image courtesy of Denver Broncos/Associated Press)

Winner: Hansen


“I believe I can flyyyy…… I believe I can touch the skyy-e-i…oh I believe I can flyyy” — Ironbronc

“This is Major Hillman to ground control… The End Zone is blue, And there’s nothing I can do.” –Doom92

  • 42n8

    Kobe:  check out the hooters on that girl behind you …

  • Mlhighsalute

    Ok so this Girl behind me has fell for the Quarter behind her ear trick 5 times Act like I’m a magician OK ? 

  • Monty

    Hmm… looks like every caption’s going to be about the girl.

  • stav

    Hate to go this way BUT:

    Champ: “I’m through with her, she’s all yours.”

    Kobe: “Niiiiiicccccceeeee.”

  • randall ewing

    Kobe: You got me covered?
    Champ: Its what i do best.

  • Cdub12344321

    Wth I was at this game and never once did it cross my mind to look for bronco players……..not going to lie was to excited to see Kobe!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Champ: “Hey I’ve never met a winner from the state of California before!”

  • areferee

    Chump…………….  Champ……………… Chomp!

  • Tim Lynch

    I can’t focus on anything but the super hot chick.  Who is in the picture again?

  • broncintex

    So that’s how you shake hands in California?…

  • Anonymous

    Nice rack on the tramp,champ

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yo Monty…you need to crop the pic if you want captions…honestly wish I was a better man but cannot see anything past the hot chick.

  • Doug England

    Champ: Keep flexing… she’s definately checking out your bicep.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe: “I’m not wearing my rings, Champ! Get your own!”

  • Mikey

    Champ:  Hey Kobe, check this out behind me… the equivalent of a female woody x2!  By the way how does it feel to get all the calls your way.. Peace.

  • William39187

    Yo Champ do look to fast but that woman behind you is amazing! !!!

  • Gbrider61

    Champ: Hey Kobe is she with you?
    Kobe: Yeah she works at the front desk of the hotel I’m staying at.

  • Gbrider61

    Champ: Hey Kobe is she with you?
    Kobe: Yeah she works at the front desk of the hotel I’m staying at.

  • Gbrider61

    Champ: Hey Kobe is she with you?
    Kobe: Yeah she works at the front desk of the hotel I’m staying at.

  • Chipp9

    Champ: Ever thought of playing TE for the Broncos?

  • Zerosheros22

    Here is another hundred dollars toward moving the Raiders to LA.

  • Baily

    yo niglet thanks fo beating up da denva niggits

  • Mross35

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant seen here talking with Broncos perennial bro bowler Champ Bailey after a cold, nippy evening game three win over the Nuggets Sunday at the Pepsi Center.

  • Anonymous

    Her name is Jesikah Maximus I think! Look it up!

  • Anonymous

    Sup Champ? 
    Sup Cheetah? 

  • Benjamin DeRita

    My girls wearin an LA hat, watch out for JaVale Mcgee in game 5** lol!/IAMJMAXIMUS/status/198605717723291648/photo/1

  • Ghaol

    Don’t rape me

  • Monty

    Huh that is Champ’s girlfriend. Wonder if we should do a Broncos WAG contest, Jessica James vs. her.  /whoring for page views

    “Watch out for JaVale McGee” now that’s funny.

  • Monty

    I couldn’t help but lol, lol… man.

  • areferee

    Yeah, she looks like a nice, wholesome girl:

  • lol


  • Anonymous

    Kobe: why you holding my hand like that

    Champ: Kobe we’ve been seeing each other for 2 years now, and its been the best two years of my life, so I wanted to ask you **gets on one knee

  • Anonymous

    Champ: man! they told us EVERYONE was gettin collars on their jerseys

  • Anonymous

    Champ: ummm… Kobe, y are you wearing a replica Jersey?

  • Anonymous

    Champ: WTF did I tell you about wearing that number Kobe?

  • Anonymous

    Champ: what you got on my 40?

    Kobe: ….. meta’s got my wallet

  • Anonymous

    Champ Bailey seen here convincing Kobe Bryant that Denver has better oysters than L.A.