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Published on 05/01/2012 at Tue May 01 08:30.
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Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

(Image courtesy of Denver Broncos/Associated Press)

Previous winner after the jump.  

"I am asking all the receivers and tight ends to shave their legs this year, for less wind resistance."

Last weeks winner:  Ironbronc

  • Jon

    Coach with hand in front of his face:  “There he goes again, thinking he’s Super Man.”

  • Hansen

    As a stiff breeze blows him off his feet Aztec running back Hillman reaches for the end zone.

  • Hammer069 Ir

    Tag, you’re it

  • todd

    I’m not a running back, im a flying back!

  • Anonymous

    I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering under the honey tree
    I’m only a little black rain cloud, pay no attention to little me

  • Doug England

    Yes!  The force of air resistance is proportional to the square of a body’s speed and is directed opposite to the velocity!!!!

  • Monty

    1. That previous winner was freaking awesome. That’s one of my favorite captions ever. Well done Ironbronc.

    2. (as Hillman gets pulled AWAY from the end zone by some unseen force, toward the sky): DAWKINS STOP PRAYING FOR DEFENSIVE MIRACLES WE’RE ON THE SAME TEAM!!

  • Anonymous

    BAM!  That’s how I jumped into the 3rd round!

  • CarolinaBroncofan

    This one’s for you Deshaun Fosterrrrr!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….Hillman!

  • Anonymous

    you aint right, played that twice in the office.

  • Monty

    (From a shy emailer)

    “Think happy thoughts… happy thoughts…”

  • Ironbronc

    Thanks Monty, there were a lot of good captions that had me laughing with that picture.

  • Ironbronc

    “I believe I can flyyyy…… I believe I can touch the skyy-e-i…oh I believe I can flyyy”

  • Ironbronc

    H- to the -ILL- and to the -MAN- ya see, puttin it in the zone like Snoop Dog taught me…Word…

  • CJ

    Good thing White men cant jump!

  • Ironbronc

    “Hey #32–..Its alright to be little bitty, a little touchdown in a big ole city, might as well fly, might as well smile, it’ll be over in a little bitty while..”

  • Vball_one

    If only I was plastic man this wouldn’t be so hard.

  • Anonymous

    “I always seem to get a bit off-course when I don’t wear my cape.”

  • Monty

    [Image cropped to hide giant fan.]

    (from shy emailer again. This person needs to get on the damn comments).

  • Tim Lynch

    Damn! I was reading through to see if someone hadn’t already got this one.  I’ll add a visual I thought was funny. 

  • Danno

    I wonder if I will face defenses in the NFL as stout as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo?

  • Anonymous

    Thats funny as a bastard…lmao!

  • Anonymous

    I can hear Alan singing it ;-)…

  • Anonymous

    “This is Major Hillman to ground control… The End Zone is blue
    And there’s nothing I can do.”

  • Tim Lynch


  • AussieBronco

    Air Hillman, you are clear for touchdown!

  • Mlhighsalute

    bbbrrrrrrrrrr (making plane noise with mouth)