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Published on 04/13/2012 at Fri Apr 13 15:55.
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Andre Goodman

The addition of Tracy Porter, even for one year, has marked the end of Andre Goodman‘s time with the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos released the 11th-year cornerback Friday, the team announced.

Goodman (5-10, 191) spent three seasons with Denver, starting all but eight regular-season contests during that span while tallying seven interceptions, 35 passes defensed and three fumble recoveries. The journeyman cornerback has also spent his NFL career with the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins.

Goodman was due a base salary of $4.62 million in 2012, according to

  • DB

    Goody should take about $2 mill a year and come back.

  • Nisse

    I guess the front office didn’t like his “tebow-like” playing style.

    That is being flat out bad for most of the game, but step up and make a pick 6 when it is needed the most.

    All kidding aside, he was a part of the magical season of 2011, and because of that, I hope I won’t be seeing any comments about how glad you are about him getting cut. Keep it real guys, he played his part, and its never easy to look good next to champ.

    Best of luck Goodman.

  • T-Money

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thank god (or is it tebow?)!  I’m sorry you guys, but I’m not going to sugar coat this one.  Those tires need to be changed.  He got burned WAY to many times and was consistently to slow for slants and skinny posts. 

  • Anonymous

    I actually really liked Goody and I’m a little sad to see him go. He was a quiet, humble guy that just went to work everyday.

    Of course I am with everyone else in that he needed to be replaced as a starter but I wish we would have kept him on the squad in a backup roll. Especially with Bailey up there in age and Porters inability to stay on the field for 2 straight quarters.

  • Jon

    Draft, draft, draft. /ducks for cover as the DT lovers throw stones at me.

  • Jon

    Draft, draft, draft. /ducks for cover as the DT lovers throw stones at me.

  • flbronc

     kind of with you trog, a bit sad to see him go… but four and a half mil is a good chunk of change to pay your 3rd string.  especially the way chris harris played in the nickel this past year.  we’ll likely draft some cb help which makes goodman and his pricetag pretty expendable.

  • Anonymous

    No I agree with you Jon we do need to try to draft a CB. Only problem I see is with other area’s needed by the time we could take one they’d be a real loooong shot. I truly wish we’d change philosophy and start going with best player available, it sure seems to work really well for those that draft that way?!?

    I couldn’t stand Goodman myself. Yes he was a stand up guy, no question there, but a stand up guy a CB does not make.

    What those stats do not show is how many times Goodman was crispied BAD! or flat out blew plays and was caught out of position many times. I hope him the best but very glad to see him gone… Strait up!

  • Anonymous

    “I actually really liked Goody and I’m a little sad to see him go. He was a quiet, humble guy that just went to work everyday.”

    And got roasted on game day…lol. I have to disagree my favorite Troglodyte alive ;-)…

  • Mike Birtwistle

    If you’ll pardon all the puns:

    Seemed like a good guy and an above average to good starter.  Goes to show that good is no longer going to cut it in Denver – you have to be excellent.  Which is no bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    Good point

  • Anonymous

    lol well I do agree he got roasted. I still thought he was a quality guy in the locker room and he gave 100% effort from everything I saw. I guess my biggest concern is the odds that Bailey and Porter both miss time at the same time. Goody may have got roasted far too often but he was still better than many of our other options.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently that isn’t the case at all. Look at our starting safeties, DT’s, MLB. There isn’t anything but average and below average there.

  • Jon

    I want to upgrade Mays and Irving so bad but the team doesn’t seem to think they need to, which drives me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    I hear you