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Published on 03/21/2012 at Wed Mar 21 14:49.
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For the past few hours, Tim Tebow has been a man without a team.

The Denver Broncos reportedly traded Tebow to the New York Jets, but the deal hit a snag. Now the Jacksonville Jaguars are back in the mix, even as the Broncos try to uphold the terms of the existing deal, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

This is insane. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around any of this. Teblooiemanningbbqsauceface.

  • Anonymous

    This is insane. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around any of this. Teblooiemanningbbqsauceface.”


  • NateDB88

    Could this possibly increase his trade value?

  • Monty

    It could go either way. If Jets deal gets nixed Jaguars would have leverage.

  • rcsodak

    Exactly. Plus, theres a reason denver took the offer from NY in the 1st place. Which might also explain why theyre tring to still make them take him.

  • Anonymous

    Can nothing surrounding this kid be easy? I feel for him, cause Tebow must feel jerked around.

  • NateDB88

    Either way if I were Tebow, i’d be pushing to cancel the agreement with NY and go to the Jaguars… (If he even has a say in the deal) Not a great locker room environment for him, and Cromartie has already expressed his disinterest.

  • Tom9798

    Heck, if the Jags want him, take a 2nd and the five . . . done.

  • Anonymous

    good god, the Jets are stupid.   How the hell do you miss a recapture clause?  

    Goodell should suspend Tannenbaum indefinitely.

  • Anonymous

    Recapture clause? Herc, I love it when you talk dirty to me. Lol
    Can we please not string this along? I love Tebow, so I need this over with so the healing process can start.

  • Anonymous

     “Recapture clause” probably does count as dirty talk in the context of Tim Tebow. That, and “fiddlesticks,” “shucks,” plus “golly gee” on Sundays.

  • Tom9798

    It’s easy . . .

    The Jet’s staff was meeting at he local Mexican Bistro . . pulling down tacos and shots of Hornitos . . . the juke box was screaming at 120 dbls, ‘Heh! . . My, My, My, My Sharona!’ . . .

    They said, ‘look’s good.’ . . .’Do it.’

  • crazykid

    lol My radio station (107.5) posted a meme/picture that says 
    “To win a Super Bowl, we must sacrifice a virgin” So bad…

  • Tom9798

    I apologize.  Just because this is what I do . . should be no reflection on the Jets.

  • Jon

    Per Schefter, the Broncos are going to let Tebow choose between the Jets and Jaguars (gee, I wonder who he’ll pick).

    So much for “Elway stabbed Tebow in the back!”

  • areferee

    Adam Schefter


    Tim Tebow is being allowed to pick the team he wants to go to. He picks the trade. Jets or Jacksonville.

  • rcsodak

    Maybe NO will offer their……oh……doi.

  • rcsodak

    Well duh….wonder who he’ll pick. All i know, is if the jax offer is worse, he’ll be justifiably scorned (as will EX).

  • Vincemarine78

    We just signed WR Andre Caldwell from the Bengals 

  • rcsodak

    Deal is done. NY pays half, per Schef

  • rcsodak

    Can he play DT?

  • Vincemarine78

    LOL!  I doubt it.  Personally, I think the Broncos will address the DT position in the draft.  This years DT class is very deep.

  • Santafenavarre

    Well All I have to Say is That Denver not Only Lost A Potenial Great Player But Also First and For most a Dedicated Christian,He is A Warrior for Our Lord And Savior Only Thing John Elway is Missing Now Is The Horn’s that will Be Growing out of His Head,Tebow was’nt Just a Leader for his Team he was an Inspiration for His Team and The City and Also This Country.Thank You Lord for Young Men Like Tebow That is not ASHAME to let The World Know That He is a true Christian,

  • rcsodak

    Ugh….and we’ve been down this road how many years now?