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Published on 03/22/2012 at Thu Mar 22 10:00.
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Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow (AP Photo)

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow (AP Photo)

(Editor’s Note: This post was originally published Wednesday March 21 at 1:15 p.m. Within moments of publishing, news broke that Tebow’s trade had been nullified. Now that it has been finalized we thought we’d bump it back to your attention. Original post follows.)


A handful of thoughts on the Broncos‘ trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

Taking a bite of the Big Apple — Denver, Colorado is a football town with smart football fans, and it couldn’t survive the thriving media monster that is Tebowmania. More specifically, Kyle Orton couldn’t survive it. Meanwhile, New York is the media center of the world, and even in football contexts, it thrives on drama and controversy. An ESPN poll already has the majority of voters saying Tebow will become Jets starting QB this season. We’re two hours into it, and Tebowmania NY has already begun. How many incomplete passes does Mark Sanchez need to throw before fans are calling for Tebow? Two? Zero?

Mark Sanchez is no Kyle Orton — Now consider Mark Sanchez’s passer rating numbers the past three seasons: 63.0, 75.3, 78.2. Orton’s: 87.5, 75.7, 81.1. Sanchez has a starting job and a contract extension not by virtue of his passing prowess, but by virtue of the Jets’ stifling defense and ability to win. So two things have to happen for Sanchez to keep his starting job: 1. The Jets have to win. 2. Sanchez has to improve. I don’t see either thing happening. I think Sanchez will fold under the pressure. I see Tebow, driven by this thriving media monster and more billboards than completed passes, being the starting quarterback of the New York Jets by Week 8.

Unless Tebow changes positions… — That’s the big question mark. Will Tebow be a quarterback for the Jets, or will they mold him into a hybrid H-back role? He is 225 pounds of concrete dynamite, after all.

Manning won’t face Tebow in 2012 — The Jets are not on the Broncos’ 2012 schedule of opponents, so unless they see each other in the playoffs, Tebow won’t be able to exact revenge on Manning. In fact, unless the Jets and Broncos finish with the same division record in 2012, they won’t be regular season opponents until 2014.

Teams value the players that beat them — Think about it. Eddie Royal is a Charger, and Tim Tebow is a Jet. Royal has always had huge games against San Diego (even historic ones), while Tebow’s 20-yard game-winner was the apex of Tebowmania in Denver. Had the Broncos and Tebow played in Jacksonville last season, I’m betting the Jaguars would have ponied up more than the Jets’ offer to make Tebow a Florida resident again.

  • kerrry

    while i think Sanchez is a bum, he will still keep his job. he wouldnt have gotten extended if his job was in jeopardy. they didnt extend him until Manning turned them down and Tebow wont put a scare into Sanchez with his “passing prowess”

  • Anonymous

    While I think that Sanchez is probably a better true QB than Tebow I worry about his ability to rise above the Tebow situation and perform at a high enough level to stave off the Tebow chants.  Sanchez has shown that he can cave under pressure and so if he uses Tebow’s presence as motivation and it improves his focus and performance then he will be fine but if he lets the Tebow chants get to him like Orton did he will be finished.  

  • Anonymous

    Sanchez has no chance.  Tebow will be starting by week 4

  • Anonymous

    So the bad news is my little brother is now a Jets fan…the good news is he is sending me all his Elway stuff…oh yeah!
    Sanchez will be the starter this year and Tebow will do a couple plays every week in the wild cat…Santonio will cry like a baby about his catches and life as the Jets know it will carry on.

  • Anonymous

    Totally off topic but it’s going to be so much more enjoyable around here with all the Teboners gone.

  • Anonymous

    You know who I feel sorry for? All the radio hosts here in Denver. They THRIVED on the divided fan base. If it was a slow news day, all they had to do was mention Tebow’s name, and *boom* full phone lines, record page hits, etc. Now what are they gonna talk about? How awesome we are? Without a villain, the hero is just his mild alter ego. Who is the villain now?

  • 436582

    yeah, we can agree with each other about how smart we are!
    Right? Is that okay with you guys?  

  • Anonymous