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Published on 03/21/2012 at Wed Mar 21 11:41.
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In a classy move, Brian Dawkins took to Twitter to thank Tim Tebow for his efforts in 2011 with the Denver Broncos. Tebow was traded to the New York Jets for draft picks this morning.

(translating from Twitter-speak): “Tim Tebow, I want to thank you for what you helped us do last year. On the field and off! I have NO doubt that you will be a blessing for the Jets!”

We echo Dawkins’ sentiments and will have more on this trade to come.

  • Jon


  • Anonymous

    Class act Dawk. Thanks for being a Bronco!

  • Timsanity

    This would have been a lot more meaningful had you not been “blowing up” Manning’s phone for weeks.  Hypocrisy is disgusting..

  • Anonymous

    As is the comment.

  • RockyMtnMan

    You are a complete moron.  You can help recruit a great player and still thank another great player for last years efforts.  It is NOT hypocrisy at all, it is class.  Also Tim, learn how to spell.

  • RockyMtnMan

    You are a complete moron.  You can help recruit a great player and still thank another great player for last years efforts.  It is NOT hypocrisy at all, it is class.  Also Tim, learn how to spell.

  • Corybrandon91

    I think the broncos should of kept Tim and let manning teach him

  • rcsodak

    Lol….manning doesnt have that many yrs left.

  • RenoMotlex

    It really burns me that Tebow got shit on so badly by the Broncos. I’ve been a Denver fan for 30+ years, but I hope this Peaches Manning blunder leads to the Broncos being blown out in the A.F.C. championship game against New York every year until Tim retires. If they hadn’t crapped on Jake Plummer, this wouldn’t be happening. I LOVE YOU Broncos, but I pray that the decionsmakers die slowly and burn for two eternities in the deepest bowels of Hell.

  • Natalie Kielar

    Tim Tebow is a class act and an amazing football player-and the whole country knows it.   The broncos better hope nothing happens to Manning because some fans will never forgive Elway for trading Tebow.  He has that X factor that no other player has ever had..he makes players around him better.    

  • Robertpeck

    ditto reno?  

    i have been a devout Bronco’s fan and loved watching Tebow turn around that LONG CONSISTENT LOSING STREAK …taking the stinking Bronco’s to Playoff Winner.  He brought pride, respect and victories …and worldwide attention and admiration to the Denver Broncos.  

    2011 losing team conversion …to playoff winner … is arguably the most dramatic mid-year total team turn-around pulled off by any one player!  It was amazing to watch.  It brought many new Bronco fans and put Bronco games on the front and center sports bars all over the USA!

    So what do Elway and Broncos Management do?  They dumped him!  

    Like millions, I will tell my favorite sports bars to put Broncos games on some back, smaller tv set from now on.
    my prior respect for Elway just got wiped out.  Low class team, low class Elway.

    This may be far fetched speculation, I admit, but is it possible that Elway is motivated to some extent by trying to preserve his own legendary status in Denver?  Tebow got more media attention and became more of global icon in one season…with a verb created of his name (“tabooing”) … than Elway did in his years of play.  Does Elway feel safe that Manning, however good as a Bronco, will have a limited time to reign as a “POST-ELWAY, BRONCO QB?”  

    Obviously I can not know what is really going on in Elway’s  heart or head.  But, I know mine …and I am done with Elway and the Broncos now for how they handled Tim Tebow after he turned the team around in one season?

  • Happy821

    My husband keeps reminding me that football is a business, but he has heard me ranting over this “business” for days.  The Broncos should know that Tim has “heavenly” connections and his future is determined by that, NOT a dimwitted and ungrateful Elway and others who made this rude decision.  Mannings decision to play for the Broncos shows unthinkable greed.  Sorry the Broncos have lost a fabulous human being.  Come to Florida, Tim, we value you!

  • Jefferystjohnm

    It’s good to see a Bronco player thank Tebow for last year instead of everything Payton.

  • Jon Telleen

    Go Broncos!    

    There are plenty of us Bronco fans out there who will buy your season tickets.  However, based upon “some” of those above mentioned comments.  Leads me to believe you “bar flies’ ” don’t have tickets, in the first place!

    Yes, I do wish Tebow well!  Yes, he did regenerate Bronco nations interest in an an inept team.  His determination in the 4th quarter provided for  striking  entertainment.  But, he was inept throughout most of those games until his play at the end.  

    Why isn’t anyone making mention of the striking decisions by the coaching staff and the front office?  In that they, shape-shifted the offensive game plan, “mid season”, to better suit Tebow’s “limited” talents!  

    I never thought I’d be saying this.  “Welcome Payton Manning.”  
    Onward and upward Broncos!

  • Anonymous

    There is always someone better than you.

  • Kal-ellives

    fuck off you wannabee bronco fan

  • Robert Travis

    I dought if Payton last a whole season.  Then what are they going to do.  Payton is damaged goods and is past his prime.  Didn’t Payton lose the last super bowl?  Good going Elway you didn’t believe in Tebow but a lot of us know he is a winner.  No body likes a liar you never really intended to keep him.  Guess what you better hope Payton works out or you will be the next to go.

  • Jo Melcher

    Love Tim Tebow, he deserves better than the Broncos.  Used to love the Broncos, but no more, will not be watching any Bronco games.  I have lost all respect for the Broncos, and John Elway! I will be watching you Tim, wherever you go, yelling for you!  Good luck Tim and God Bless You! 

  • Finickyfan

    I have been a Broncos fan since the beginning.  I listened to their games on the radio because they weren’t televised.  Being a fan doesn’t mean I blindly follow.

     To Dawkins, I hope you weren’t being two-faced in thanking Tebow and then working to get Manning to Denver.  All I can say about Manning is YUCK. 

    To say I am disppointed in Elway is an understatement.  He lied to Tim Tebow and all Broncos fans.  He said he would work with Tebow in the off season and he wasn’t man enough to see it through.  He knows what he said and it is recorded for posterity. He said Tebow would be the Denver quarterback when training season opened.  He said Tebow earned that right. Liar!  He never had any intention of working with him.  Elway was inept with flashes of great.  If Elway were playing today and had the same support system as Tebow he would not make it.  He was Tebow but he had Shanahan.  I remember when the Denver Broncos were referred to as the Denver Donkeys.  From where I stand Denver has never been respected, not even when they won two super bowls.  They are not acknowledged as one of the great teams.  I do believe Elway, in his insecurity, wanted Tebow gone so he could preserve his legacy.  Manning is safe because his career is all but over and he won’t be able to eclipse the great John Elway.  Manning wouldn’t work with an understudy because he is so self-absorbed.  Anything less than a super bowl win makes Elway a loser.  Elway is hiding behind “its only business.”  Wouldn’t it be better to be remembered for being a man of your word?  Tebow does deserve better than the Broncos.  I have been a fan of some other teams including the Vikings and the Jets.  I have been a fan of the Jets since Joe Namath so I am delighted that Tebow went to the Jets.  I only hope they will treat him better.  Even though I have been a fan of other teams my heart always chooses the Broncos first and foremost.

  • Trent_haugan

    I have been a broncos fan since 85 when I moved  to colorado now that its elway as vice president of the broncos I am ashamed because I believe the only reasons he got rid of tebow was to keep his records in tact!   Who will take his spot as future QB  and for them I do not know Manning I like and glad we got him but if he turns out to be like Farve and get hurt in the last couple years of his career Elway should run for the colorado boarder and never return!

  • Disappointed ex fan

    I remember cheering for Elway and the Denver Broncos when everyone around me cheered for the opposite team.  I love Tim Tebow for standing strong with his values and the entertainment that he brings to football games.  I will be a loyal fan to Tim Tebow no matter what team he plays on.  As for Elway… I have lost all respect for him and hate seeing the greedy side of him.

  • Ambro061

    Hum— Let me see– a team has 6years lossing– they start last season lossing until TimTebow starts as QB and they start WINNING with an offensive line that looked like turngates – Hum— and some of his receivers couldn’t catch a cold — HUM– And this QB that YOU SAY can not even throw a football carry the team on his back to the playoffs. After singlely giving his all to the Denver Broncos  fans and players do nothing for his farewell –Hum — I forgot — a player send a text msg. and that player was praised for being “ Real Class ”  Hum—In the old days I seem a HOBO run out of town with more class. What happened to THANK YOU TIM FOR A GREAT SEASON AND WISH YOU NOTHING BUT THE VERY BEST WITH THE JETS YOU WILL BE MISSED