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Published on 03/12/2012 at Mon Mar 12 22:31.
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(Image courtesy of Getty Images/Doug Pensinger)

If the Denver Broncos sign free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, it was been widely assumed that the team would then trade quarterback Tim Tebow.  We at BT however aren’t so sure that the team would trade Tebow in such a scenario.

There is at least one player in Denver’s locker room that agrees, stating that Tebow would not request to be traded if the team acquired Manning.  Fifth-year offensive tackle Tony Hills, who was a first-year Bronco last season, was on the Vinny and Robo Show on KaoticRadio on Monday evening and said Manning and Tebow could coexist on the same team.

When asked if he thought Tebow would ask for a trade if Denver acquired Manning, Hills said:  “That’s tough, I feel like only Tebow could answer that question — but I can say based off of his character and from hanging out with him and playing with him this past season, that he’s just somebody that wants to learn — he wants to win.  If Peyton came, I feel like they would be able to coexist,” Hills told the Vinny and Robo Show.

Hills noted that Tebow would accept the role of learning under Manning, with the goal of getting better in mind.

“I feel like he [Tebow] would do everything in his power to learn the tricks of the trade.  When you have a Hall of Fame quarterback right there that you can pick up things from and ask questions, that’s a great thing, especially when guys are always trying to get better.”

“Based off of his character, I do think he would be able to coexist with Manning, but like I said you would have to ask him,” concluded Hills.

  • Jon

    A few more quotes from Hills:

    “Any time you have a player of that caliber potentially coming to
    your organization (talking about Manning), you look forward to the things that he can do to help you win — and help you win it all,” said Hills, a former Texas Longhorn.  “But we also have a guy in Tim Tebow that took this team to the playoffs.”

    Hills went on to say that the decision must be a hard one for V.P. of Football Operations John Elway and the rest of Denver’s front office to make.  “It’s going to be a tough decision for Elway, I’m glad I’m not in that position — I’m glad I just play the game.”

  • Anonymous

    Good post!

  • Deeznuts98

    I don’t think we should wait around for Manning this afternoon, I think we should definitely persue Mario Williams without worrying about having enough money for him and Peyton.

  • Mike Birtwistle


    Like I said in the previous post, I’m sure Tebow the person and Tebow the player wouldn’t have a problem with Manning – Tebow the media circus constructed brand is what the Broncos would want rid of.

  • Josh Temple

    That’s the first I’ve had to moderate in awhile.  India re-sellers, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Coexist not coexists.

  • Anonymous

     As seen at!

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  • Jon

    My bad.

  • Jennifer Harroun

    No it isn’t a hard decision – Elway HATES Tebow.  I’ve heard he even hates Manning, but I think this hate is from a EGO perspective, he doesn’t want Broncos fans to forget about him and his legacy.  Manning signing with Denver, and Tebow being traded (please here to Arizona!) would be a good compromise, depending on how much ego / legacy hatred he has.

  • King

     Ay Caramba !

  • Mike Birtwistle

     Now I know you have to moderate the comments I’ll be swearing a lot more

  • Pbearzoftn


  • Anonymous

    official, I no longer want Peyton Manning on the Broncos. Why the
    change of heart? Because the longer he drags this out, the more apparent
    that this is a “money grab” instead of a “I want to win another super
    bowl” mission by him. Let some other team break the bank for him and
    never reach a super bowl. Know what Eli just did? He just restructured
    his contract for LESS money in order to allow the
    team to keep it’s players and bring in more quality players. Know why
    the Patriots keep winning year after year? It’s because they can keep
    their team chalk full of talent because they fill it with guys who want
    to win more than they want the extra bit of money. Peyton Manning is
    clearly out for himself and doesn’t give a shit if his new team wins the
    superbowl, or else he’d say “It’s not about the money, I want to win a
    superbowl. I’ll take less if it means I find the right team.” He clearly
    isn’t doing this, which is why I no longer want him on our team! 

  • Abel55

    who is big pete?

  • Abel55

    who plays QB if denver gets Manning and trades Tebow,and Manning ( off for a year and may not be totally healthy) gets hurt?
    just thinking>

  • Jon

    Oh. My.

  • Anonymous


  • Vickie Fleming

    Amen Brother, Amen

  • Vickie Fleming

    Funny,  I havent heard anyone bring that up!   Oh well,  I guess everyone just thinks Manning will be right back to his superbowl year.  Hmmmmm?   JUST SAYIN

  • Larry Frerkes

    Jennifer- you are embarrassing. Stick to knitting.

  • Franklin Jones

    I heard, I heard. Low IQ buffoonery, but then again your name is Harroun.

  • Franklin Jones

    Knitting hijab. Harroun is a raghead name.

  • Franklin Jones

    How do we know Tebow didn’t ask for a trade if Manning signed?