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Published on 03/12/2012 at Mon Mar 12 09:44.
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Veteran quarterback Peyton Manning has concluded his free agency tour and the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals are now waiting for his decision, according to ESPN‘s Adam Schefter.

If the Broncos were to land Manning, incumbent starting quarterback Tim Tebow‘s future in Denver would become  endangered.  While there is a possibility that the Broncos could keep Tebow, it appears likely that the team would trade him after signing Manning.

So, we turn to you, the fans.  Who do you think should be the Broncos’ starting quarterback next season?  Be sure to vote in the poll below!

Who should be the Denver Bronco starting quarterback in 2012?

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  • Russell

    I would encourage all to look at the track records of “old” quarterbacks. Joe Montana didn’t take KC to the superbowl and Bret Favre didn’t take the Vikings or the Jets to the superbowl.
    Curt Warner did take the Cardinals to the superbowl for a”buttwhipping”. Did I miss anymore? Tebow is the future, Manning is the past. I respect and like Mannng, but he isn’t the answer for Denver.

  • Anonymous

    yeah you missed something…The Cardinals went step for step with the Steelers, no butt wooping.

  • King

     I agree.  Manning can have 2 more good years if he can stay healthy.  One wrong hit to his head/neck could be dangerous for him. 

  • King

     Jim Plunkett has 2 SB rings.

  • cant fix stupid

    Troglodyde you are clearly retarded. 40 year fan of banwagon thats the dumbest thing ive heard. The broncos havent won the super bowl in 13 years but you call him bandwagon and you want to get peyton manning cause he’s a HOF qb. thats bandwagon you fuckin idiot. jump on mannings bandwagon.

  • James K Pearson

    Manning may get hit and be gone guaranteed money. You can beat the crap out of Tebow and still get the same level of play a lot cheaper.