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Published on 02/10/2012 at Fri Feb 10 10:00.
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The NFL’s 2012 free agency signing period is scheduled to begin on March 14th at 4 (p.m.).  As a primer, we looked at five offensive free agents yesterday that we think the Denver Broncos should consider.  Today, we look at five defensive free agents the Broncos should look to sign.

Name: Jason Jones
Height, Weight: 6-5, 276
Position: DT/DE
Age, Experience: 25, 5
College: Eastern Michigan


The Broncos need help on the interior of their line.  In a 4-3 defense, Jones can play outside or inside and would provide quality depth to Denver’s defensive line.  From 2008-2011, Jones recorded 112 tackles, 15.5 sacks and seven forced fumbles as a member of the Titans.  At twenty-five years old, Jones would have potential to play in Denver for years to come.

Name: Dan Connor
Height, Weight: 6-2, 231
Position: MLB
Age, Experience: 26, 5
College: Penn State


Connor comes from one of the best linebacking schools in the country and played under John Fox in Carolina for three seasons.  A player somewhat similar to Denver’s Wesley Woodyard, in that he is starter material but has only started a hand-full of games.  Connor recorded 75 tackles last season and forced a fumble.  The Broncos need to upgrade from Joe Mays, and Nate Irving may not be ready to step up next season.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Denver added a middle linebacker in free agency and again through the draft.  Connor is a free agent option.

Name: Tracy Porter
Height, Weight: 5-11, 186
Position: CB
Age, Experience: 25, 5
College: Indiana


The Broncos will have to bring in at least one cornerback this off-season, as the position was one of their weak-points in 2011.  Cornerback Champ Bailey is still playing at a high level, but he won’t last forever and Denver needs to find a suitable defensive back to play across from him next season.  Andre’ Goodman has had his moments in Denver, but has also proved at times to be a liability in the secondary.  With Goodman set to turn 34 before next season, the Broncos will need to find an upgrade.  Tracy Porter fits the bill.


Name: Michael Griffin
Height, Weight: 6-0, 203
Position: FS
Age, Experience: 27, 6
College: Texas


The Broncos entire secondary will need to be upgraded in the off-season, from cornerback to safety.  Denver has several young, talented safeties on the roster, but if Brian Dawkins does not return for a seventh and final season, the Broncos’ safety position will be lacking veteran experience.  Griffin is entering his sixth season in the league and has been a play-maker in Tennessee since his rookie season in 2007.  Over the past five years, Griffin has recorded 389 tackles, two sacks, defended 44 passes, recorded 17 interceptions and forced seven fumbles.


Name: Derek Landri
Height, Weight: 6-2, 290
Position: DT
Age, Experience: 28, 6
College: Notre Dame


Landri would provide solid depth to a Broncos defensive line which is lacking in depth.  In 2010, Landri played under Fox in Carolina and recorded 43 tackles three sacks, starting in all sixteen games.  In his career, Landri has recorded 103 tackles and eight sacks.  Look for the Broncos to bring in several defensive tackles this summer.

What are your thoughts on the players mentioned above?  Who do you think Denver should target?

  • rcsodak

    I’d say the tennessee FA’s will most likely end up with Fischer, in StL.
    And we’ll see how fox’s ex-players felt about him, should any Car FA’s come in.

  • William39187

    Im fine with the conner (mlb) add and the jason jones would be fine too

  • Monty

    Connor has more upside than Mays. Mays is a free agent. I could see The Terminator in Denver happening.

  • Mike Birtwistle

     I saw some college highlights of Connor back when he was drafted, from what I recall, there were a few of us hoping he’d be a Bronco back then.  But wasn’t he drafted in 08?  Wouldn’t that make him a restricted FA?

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Why couldn’t my memory be this good when it comes to remembering important work things?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Joe Mays gotsta go.   


    We need to find safeties that can cover a TE. We play both NE and NO next year along with our usual two games against SD and Gates.

  • 5280

    okay once again, not feelin it. Tracy porter would be a good pick up, but other then that, their weak.  c’mon, give me some pro bowl super bowl winning talent here. if we’er talking about FA DT’s give me casey hampden over those jokers hands down, and i personally believe that if we’re gonna go for any one of those guys then we mine as well keep bunk because he did just as good as they did. If we’re talkin DE’s then im gonna take Mario williams or Robert mathis over any of these guys. is this a list of cheep steals in free agency or a list of the best options available? because these guys are anything but the best options. even tracy porter isnt all that great of an option when you consider that denver could go for asante samuels and probably get him for cheaper the porter, not to mention how awsome it would be to have him and bailey on the same team together. dan conner? C’mon! how does lance briggs NOT trump Dan Conner? and please dont say age, cuz thats wack when you consider the draft every year.  the ideal thing to do for every team is to draft all the talent you need. the packers drafted almost all of their starters except for a few and so did the steelers and look where they are every year. really, FA is meant to hold you over until you can draft for those positions. so why not take the best most established player you can? age = less money. i disagree with you guys on mayes. how did you not see his imrovment this year. i mean he played his ass off all year and made some big plays and some big hits. the guy was always around the ball. if i had to choose between dan conner and joe mayes im takin mayes so why bother even lookin at MLB?

  • dbroncs24/7

    These are realistic free agent targets not dream team targets, sure we’d all love Mario Williams but he’s not a realistic option for two reasons 1. money, already paying Doom, 2. there’s no way the Texans are letting him go. Get your head straight. 
    P.S. Lance Briggs=OLB never been a MLB
     Overall I think Jason Jones would be a great pass rush compliment to Bunk’s run stuffing, not sure if we could swing it but would love Tracy Porter. Michael Griffin I think is a pipe dream but one can hope.

  • Phamley

    I Like Michael Griffin and Jason Jones, but I LOVE the Tracey Porter pick. I still hope we make a play for Asante Samuel and Desean Jackson. If we make that happen and draft LeMichael James, we can make a deep run in the playoffs.