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Published on 02/07/2012 at Tue Feb 07 12:00.
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**UPDATED 03/28/2012***

2012 NFL Draft — The order of selections for the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft has been set, with the Denver Broncos set to select 25th overall.

The first round of the draft will take place on the evening of Thursday, April 26th. The second and third rounds will take place Friday, April 27th, with the remaining four rounds taking place on Saturday, April 28, 2012.

The Denver Broncos have seven draft picks in 2012 — picks in Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 (two picks), 5, and 6 (full details).

The full first round draft order is available after the jump:

2012 NFL Draft Order
(Updated 02/07/2012 12:00 p.m. MT)
1. Colts
2. Redskins (from Rams)
3. Vikings
4. Browns
5. Buccaneers
6. Rams (from Redskins)
7. Jaguars
8. Panthers
9. Dolphins
10. Bills
11. Chiefs
12. Seahawks
13. Cardinals
14. Cowboys
15. Eagles
16. Jets
17. Bengals (from Raiders)
18. Chargers
19. Bears
20. Titans
21. Bengals
22. Browns (from Falcons)
23. Lions
24. Steelers
25. Broncos
26. Texans
27. Patriots (from Saints)
28. Packers
29. Ravens
30. 49ers
31. Patriots
32. Giants

BroncoTalk is having some fun with the 2012 NFL Draft — check out our Interactive Mock Draft where you, the fans, make every single pick.

What positions should the Broncos be eying as they prepare try to follow-up the success they had drafting the 2011 Defensive Rookie of the Year Von Miller? A cornerback? A defensive lineman?

A quarterback?

  • Man_one

    We are hopeless

  • GHT


  • Wals8170

    “WOW, it never ceases to amaze me how uneducated Bronco fans can be”  Then two sentences later ”
    First off Tebow is not the answer. Jville wants him him there and get Jvilles 1st and 3rd rounder ”  Tebow is not the answer but we’re gong to get the 7th overall pick and a high 3rd rounder for him? How high off of oil fumes do you think Shahid Khan is?  I know this is all in hindsight but who’s uneducated about football?  You should start your own NFL expert blog so we can learn from your mastery of player value and draft strategy.  I’ll read it.  I like to laugh.

  • Anonymous

    My Dream Draft just got a little clearer following Tannehill and Osweiler’s terrific Pro Day work-outs (yes, they matter or they wouldn’t have them.)

    It now seems very possible to TRADE OUR FIRST ROUND PICK to Miami for their 2nd, both 3rd’s and whatever else we can scrape out of their delicious tuna-ish hides.  This enables Miami to draft an OT (Reiff) and then choose whichever QB remains on the board.  Granted trading with Miami has been a BIT rough, as that organization has proven to be as football savy as Al How-We-Miss-You Davis, but this trade allows them to shore up a badly leaking offensive boat.

    With their 2nd pick we draft RB Doug Martin followed by:

    2nd: S or DT
    3rd (Miami): DT or WR
    3rd (Miami): MLB or DT
    3rd (Den): MLB or WR

    I love trades and always hope for the most drama possible.  Go Broncos!!!

  • Anonymous


    Osweiler at #25 might just be the steal of the draft.

  • Freedomworks


  • Freedomworks

    Mock Draft 1.0 (new poster) – No Trade Down – Availability

    #1 Cox, Brockers, Still, Dre K, Gilmore, or WR’s Wright/Hill.  No safety, TE or Qb here.  Reaching at QB.  Already have 3 young safeties and new vet.  Champ to safety in 2 years anyway.  Have 2 young TEs that need a camp and just signed two productive pass catchers for 2-3 years.   Idea:  Get starter at DT or Champ replacement/quality depth at QB.  If reaching on defense, consider adding immediate WR (Wright/Hill) starter that creates match-up issues for defenses.

    #2  Assume Cox/Brockers/Still at #1, go RB, DT (again), CB, LB or QB.  RB with Martin, Wilson, Miller, L. James.  DT with Wylie, B. Thompson,  CB with Hosely, LB with Shea McClellin (DJ Williams depth or more 3rd down pass-rush), or QB with Osweiler.

    #3  If DT with #1 and RB with #2.  Go DT with Wylie, Mike Martin.   LB with Sean Spence,  WR with Brandon Quick, Joe Adams. Mohammed Sanu.  Best available. 
    If DT with #1 and CB with #2, Go DT with Wylie, Martin.  WR with Brandon Quick, Joe Adams.  LB with Sean Spence.  Best available.

    #4  If DT with #1, RB with #2, and DT/WR with #3, Go MLB with Vontez with 1st #4 pick.  

    2nd #4 Best available on offense.
    #5 Best available on offense.
    #6 Best available on offense.

    CB:  Note that we picked up a starter for 1 year opposite champ. We also get back S. Thompson and Vaughn who could both play slot and possibly start.  We also found unrestricted jem, Harris last year.  Great young cover guy.

    LB:  We need last year’s 3rd round MLB (South Carolina) to have a full camp.  We signed Mays for insurance, but we want the young guy to start if he’s good enough.  Wouldn’t be bad getting McClellin or Spence for Williams’ suspension, depth, and pass-rush.  Dum and Miller are good at pass-rush, but need more cover linebackers and guys that can pressure the pocket up the middle on passing downs.

    QB: If Osweiler slides to our late second round, take him there instead of RB/CB.

  • Anonymous

    Our #1 & #2 wr’s are both 6’3 with speed and strength. Sounds like plenty of matchup problems to me. We signed 3 free agent targets for manning. Unless the other 31 GM’s are poisoned and replaced by toddlers and blackmon or floyd fall to #25 we won’t get close to considering a wr in the first.

    Also Nate Irving (he has a name) played his college ball at NC State not South Carolina and last I checked Mays is making $4 mil against the cap. That’s what you pay a starter. If they were confident in Irving (who only saw the field on special teams last season) they would have found someone willing to take less to put behind him.

  • Anonymous


    Like…….. REALLY????

    Ugh, F#%$ my life.

  • Anonymous

    It’s days like these it’s difficult to be a buddhist.


  • Anonymous

    Also who’s is this DT Wylie you speak of??? Are you using prospects you created on NCAA 12?? Because, newsflash, THIS PERSON DOES NOT EXIST.

    Just PLEASE do some actual research if you care about the draft and want to contribute to a productive discussion pertaining to it.

  • Anonymous

    By “unrestricted jem” I assume you meant “undrafted gem”

  • Anonymous

    I suppose I should throw you a bone. Gilmore is a possibility at 25. Thompson is a possibility in the second and so is Spence in the third.

    Burfict’s first name is Vontaze but you did spell it correctly, phoenetically speaking. That being said, I would rather flush pick #108 down the toilet than spend it on that head case. MAYBE 80 picks later with our 6th rounder but ONLY because Del Rio would be the best possible coach for him.

  • Anonymous

    Proven they can catch?? One year????

    Toon, Mcnutt and Quick have ALL PLAYED FOR FOUR YEARS. Toon actually has one more career reception than Mcnutt despite being injured for 6 games in 2010. Quick has managed 30 more receptions than Toon but has started all four years. Quick averages under 4 receptions a game which is pretty unimpressive considering he is 6’4″ and plays in d-II.

    For the record, blowing up your skirt is the least of any of our interests.

  • Freedomworks

    Hi Geoff,  

    We’re all on the same team here.  I think we’re all Bronco fans.  I know that I am.  Don’t worry, I’m not a Raider, Chief, or Charger fan purposeful trying to piss Bronco fans off with ignorant or all together, crappy posts.  I wrote my first email really quickly.  I’m sorry about my horrible errors in grammar and misspelled player’s names and incorrect positions, etc.  I will likely make more errors, so I wouldn’t  lose too much sleep over it.  The sun will rise again and I’m sure the Broncos could give a rats-a$$ about what any of us think about who they should draft.   I like to prognosticate just like any other fan and will admit that I don’t buy a lot of sports magazines and study stats several hours a day.  I don’t have to prove my football knowledge or lack thereof to anyone.  We’re all allowed to comment, despite our lack of professional football knowledge. 

    Regarding the 2nd DT that I hope we have the chance to draft, I meant to write, “Wolfe” and not “Wylie”.   I like his competitiveness and “motor”.  He seems like a guy would will give us all he has and get everything out of his talent.  Maybe he won’t be a dominant inside pass rusher, but he seems as though he will be pretty good in collapsing the pocket a bit and play the run pretty well too.  I’d love to see an elite DT next to him who can demand a double-team every play.  I think that kind of talent will make the front four that much more effective against the pass so that we don’t have to blitz to get to the QB.

    Regarding Decker, he isn’t an outside speed guy per se. He’s pretty damn fast for being 6’3 215/220.   He was really more known for his size,  route running ability, and relative speed (for his size) when we drafter him out of Minnesota.   He will be great wherever we put him (like #2 outside with Caldwell at #3 slot), but if a top receiver falls to us really early and EFX thinks that he can play on day 1, we may see an unexpected surprise.  I think we could also see a 1st pick surprise with the selection of a top CB if we think we can pickup a quality DT in the late 2nd round.

    Overall, my preference would be to see EFX fill the defensive needs first because Manning will maximize everyone’s talent on the offensive side and we have picked up decent offensive talent in free agency.  If we use #1, #2, #3 and maybe #4 on defense and RB, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take Wylie (or similar) with the late #4 or #5 pick.  He runs great routes too and has a lot of quickness for the short crossing patterns and “sit-down” zone routes or curls over the middle.   He’d provide great depth at WR/slot and would come cheap in the mid rounds.  I don’t know if he has returned punts/kicks and how good he is at it, but he may help with returns in hopes of replacing some of what we lost with Royal leaving. 

    Regarding Burfict, he sure does look like a huge problem.  I can’t believe the guy isn’t smart enough to learn how to answer the questions that were asked during the combine and thereafter.  He had to know that those kinds of questions were coming.  So, we are in agreement as to the potential for a disaster with this guy.  However, if we address DT, RB, and CB in the first 3 or 4 picks, I wouldn’t mind the risk/reward with picking him up as our late 4th round pick or 5th if he slides that far.  An alternate LB choice might be to take a guy like Carder out of TCU.  I don’t know if he’ll slide to the late 4th round (high 4th?), but he should prove to be much easier player to control and/or babysit than Burfict.

    For what it’s worth, I like this mick draft for us.  I’m not sure about the selection of the (or the specific) QB at #5.  I don’t know much about him though either.  OL depth at #6 makes good general sense though.

  • Freedomworks

    I wonder if it would make any sense for us to trade for Forte.  I don’t know what kind of pick it would take (#1 or #2), but it seems like he would give us a 3 down back to platoon in with McGahee.  He’s has fantastic hands and can take swing and screen passes the distance, especially if our big receivers carry out their down field blocks.  He’s not bad at running the football either. :)   It seems he would make a great pickup for a one-back set and probably just as effective if we use a FB in front of him.   Having McGahee in the rotation should prolong their careers a bit too.  I’m sure the biggest issue with this will be the $$$ to sign a guy like this and I don’t know if we have anymore cap room.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you so hostile? 

  • Anonymous

    You blow.  All you do is tear everyone down while making no effort to join the conversation.

  • Anonymous

    You don’ think a 6’7″ QB with a strong arm deserves to go early or get some consideration?  Why not?

  • Rolinorangeclovers

    #1 DT,LB,CB   DT’s Worthy, Brockers (for gods sake not Poe “the busto”). No way Kuechly will be around so Hightower would be my LB pick here and maybe even look at the other Alabama product Upshaw. At CB if Kirkpatrick falls I feel like he could be a great addition to the secondary. Jenkins has some serious skillz but probley wouldnt merit a 1st rd pick due to off the field issues but if he fell to the second rd..

    #2 RB, WR, DT Lamar Miller is a BOSS!   Martin can really catch it out of the backfield. If Kendall Wright Drops you have to take him for the slot.I really like Sanu to but feel he’s not the best fit as I view him as a Thomas/Decker type.If they Pass on DT in the 1st the look at Thompson or Jones as nice fits.

    #3 S,CB,OG Im not giving up on Moore or Carter but would like to see Harrison Smith or Antonio Allen come in and compete.Ryan Steed stood out to me, Trumaine Johnson played in Russia or Montana(they have football?) or something but hes a beast of a player and worth a gamble in this spot. Give me a big ugly to push Beadles and as insurance in case Kuper isnt healed.Silatolu Is a big mean SOB and Nix would fit the bill here to.

    #4(2 picks)QB, RB, LB Payton Manning(thank you) Hannie…..shurg , Take Russell Wilson here over the likes of Coleman or if Cousins drops id snag him.Vick Ballard Is a lilttle bowling ball or Hillman would be nice value picks here. Burfict scares the Hell out of me but he also hits like a sledgehammer and might be worth the risk here. Josh Kaddu really impressed me watching his combine tape but his stats dont seem to match, then again your looking for value here and i’d bet this guy would tear it up on special teams.IF DT mike Martin is here he’d be a steal.

    #5CB, WR, QB Mike Harris looks like a real heady player. Frederick looks like a smart aggresive player who I knew nothing about untill  i came across this website so TY.I’d take a chance on Chris Rainey here we need to replace out PR,KR or Owusu to fill the slot.If Kellen Moore is still around grab him up, the guy is a gamer and we could do allot worse(Brady”im pretty”Quinn)for a back up QB . Ryan Miller would be a nice grab here to, I always like when the Broncos sign a local or 2 and think he could provide so depth on the line.

    #6 Best Player available, or roll the dice on a small school player like Shawn Loiseau From Merrimack or Andre Hamilton out of Prairie view A&M. Cliff Harris out of Oregon is really talented but character issues will make him a risk. Robert Turbin RB Alfred Morris FB/H back and Marcus Forston DT all could be around at this pick.

    UDFA WR Junior Hemingway,OT Mike Harris,RB Lennon Creer,DE Donte Paige-Moss QB Pattrick Witt DT Dom Hamilton,RB Rodney Stewert.

  • Anonymous

    Because I had more football snaps under my belt by middle school than he has had in his whole life. Not like Tannehill who switched positions. I mean played a game of football. 95% of these draft eligible kids have been working up to this for a decade and longer. Could he be good? Yes. Will he be selected in the first two rounds? Yes. But at #25? Ballyhoo. And become the STEAL OF THE DRAFT? Poppycock.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah well accountability is rough when you like to delude yourself into believing you are some draft guru just because you own a keyboard. So I can see how you find my comments distasteful.

    I apologize that you have clearly been offended by my capacity to ‘blow’.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I thought you might have been trying to say Billy Wynn. I like Wolfe a lot too. Methinks he’ll be there in 4th.

  • Tony Lily Rules

    If Cleveland goes Tannehill, who knows what Miami will be willing to do.

  • Tony Lily Rules

    Thanks for making predictions and trying to guess/hope/imagine what the team might do with their choices, which is all any of us on here are doing.  We’re not paid to be right or accurate or helpful, but it’s fun to talk about what we’d like to see.  It’s too bad there’s people like you who join the conversation to tell us how stupid we are, (as if not being on the Broncos payroll wasn’t evidence enough.) 

  • Tony Lily Rules

    Lets hope Harrison Smith can get through to the 3rd round.

    With our #1 it looks possible for either CB’s Kirkpatrick or Jenkins to fall to us and the Broncos will be hard-pressed to pass on either.  My hope is that LB Hightower is there and that we draft him, but I really like Smith and wouldn’t mind if the Broncos went for him instead of the either of the two CB’s at #1 (Smith is most probably going late in the 1st or early in the 2nd if the “experts” can be trusted.)

  • Tony Lily Rules

    Dear Buffalo Bills,

    Yes we would like to trade up to the 10 slot if you’d like to trade down.