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Published on 02/06/2012 at Mon Feb 06 10:00.
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Eli Manning and Justin Tuck

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning jumps onto defensive end Justin Tuck after defeating the New England Patriots in the NFL Super Bowl XLVI football game in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 5, 2012. (REUTERS photo/Jim Young)

I’ll admit it. I’m a Justin Tuck fan.

The New York Giants defensive end was a Denver Bronco for a day after the Broncos traded for him in 2006. Ultimately the deal was nullifed after Broncos middle linebacker Al Wilson, the trade compensation for Tuck and a fourth round pick, failed his physical, but since then I’ve always followed Tuck’s career closely.

Since then, he’s thrived. Tuck has gone from a backup’s backup to a playoff-dominating, Super Bowl-excelling monster on that Giants’ defensive line.

In 2008, Tuck had two sacks, a forced fumble, and six tackles against Tom Brady and the Patriots that many felt should have earned him MVP honors.

Yesterday, in my opinion, Tuck one-upped Eli Manning again.

Don’t get me wrong, Manning was good. He was extremely efficient (30 of 40), but I wouldn’t call his evening spectacular (296 yards, one touchdown, 7.4 yards per attempt). He made a helluva clutch throw to Mario Manningham, who made an even tougher catch in the fourth quarter, but that doesn’t mean the MVP committee should just fall on the winning team’s quarterback by default. Quarterbacks get enough credit as it is.

“Somebody had to win MVP, but let’s give the MVP to the collective group,” Tuck said after the game.

No, the best performance belonged to Tuck, and the MVP trophy should have too.

You want clutch play? You got it. In the fourth quarter, after Bill Belichick conceded the Ahmad Bradshaw touchdown, it was the Tuck-led defense that had to seal the win for the Giants. Perform Tuck did. He tallied his second sack on third and long with 48 seconds left in the game, forcing the Patriots to use their last timeout.

You want big plays from start to finish? Tuck was the only player on the Giants’ fearsome defensive line to tally a sack, and he tallied two. He was also the force behind Brady’s intentional grounding penalty for a safety in the first quarter, a huge play that won’t show up in Tuck’s stat sheet, but deserves mentioning all the same. It was the first defensive play of the game.

Tuck had as good a Super Bowl as you can ask any defensive player — twice. He drove the Giants to two Super Bowl rings. He, and not Eli, should be driving that Cadillac.

  • FrankyTee

    I wouldn’t say robbed. Tuck’s performances was on par with Manning’s. Everyone knows the tie goes to the QB.

  • Monty

    Tuck’s performance was better considering it was one of the best Super Bowl performances for a defensive lineman ever. His other belongs in that group as well.

    Manning was good, but it’s not in that same group for his position.

  • Michael

    It was a Chevy Corvette, not a Cadillac!

  • ed

    are you serious? two sacs make you mvp while 30 for 40, last minute drive to score the go ahead td, 296 yards and a touchdown was not as good as two sacks.. get real.

  • Gkmunro

    I agree , getting thru the Pat’s O-line  is no mean feat,  In a game with minimal scoring the defensive deserves more credit.  

  • Mercyles

    They need to have 2 MVPs–offense and defense.   Les

  • Rstpeter

    Brady’s stats were better than Eli, The defense won the game. Tuck was the difference. The recievers make Eli look good, he is very overrated.


  • Mark

    How can you say the receivers make him look good? He’s made mediocre receivers look great for years. He’s essentially gone through 3 completely different receiving corps, including the tight end and has thrived.

  • FrankyTee

    The first time around, yes.

    This time around, there were tied IMO. 

  • Stevo

    Brady’s stats were better than Eli’s? 30 for 40, 296 yards, no INTs, and one TD. Brady was 27 for 41, 276 yards, 2 TDs, and an interception. Oh, and he gave away a safety. Eli’s stats were clearly better. Both teams had dropped passes/no calls/etc. 

    BTW, the Giants’ receiving core is one of the youngest in the league, perhaps the youngest. Victor Cruz may as well be a rookie, and look at his season. No pass interference call gave Eli another incompletion, as well as Manningham’s big drop on a similar pass to his fourth quarter one earlier in the game.

  • Stevo

    Oh, and both Ballard AND Beckum were injured. BOTH OF THEM. Beckum fricken tore his ACL lol, and Ballard couldn’t even make a simple cut on the sideline. 

    So get outta here. Eli had a fantastic game. 

  • Stevo

    Oh, and both Ballard AND Beckum were injured. BOTH OF THEM. Beckum fricken tore his ACL lol, and Ballard couldn’t even make a simple cut on the sideline. 

    So get outta here. Eli had a fantastic game. 

  • Anonymous

    JPP was every bit as disruptive that game as Tuck.

  • dom

    Eli and Tuck were the 2 best players on the field but as we know it always goes to the QB. But Mr Tuck is way, way……. way more then deserving of sharing the honor.