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Published on 02/07/2008 at Thu Feb 07 11:48.
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[Justin Tuck]

Eleven months ago, Justin Tuck was picturing himself in an orange and blue jersey.

In March of last year, the Giants were prepared to trade Tuck (along with a 4th round pick) to the Broncos in return for Al Wilson. The now-infamous trade was ultimately negated after Wilson failed his physical.

I still remember at the time being livid about the whole thing. I was insistent that the compensation did not match what we were trading in Wilson. Looking back, I’m forced to eat some humble pie.

Tuck had a phenomenal year, particularly in the playoffs. He was unstoppable in the Super Bowl, tallying two sacks and a clutch forced fumble, leading many to believe (including myself) that he was the true Super Bowl MVP.

The Giants recently rewarded Tuck’s work with a megabuck contract extension, and deservedly so.

The offseason is the perfect time for If Only’s, and the thought of Tuck on the Broncos defensive line last year and beyond is a nice little fantasy. If anything, it reaffirms my belief that Mike Shanahan has this whole personnel issue under control, and has an eye for talent that far outshines my own.