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Published on 10/13/2011 at Thu Oct 13 10:09.
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Just over a month ago, we were intrigued and somewhat amused to find that both Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn were listed as the team’s Co-No. 2 quarterbacks.  Now that the Broncos have committed to Tebow, I was wondering where Kyle Orton now stands on the depth chart.

You guessed it:

A screenshot of the Denver Broncos official depth chart, seen on

Coach John Fox noted that it would be a competitive disadvantage to name a second string quarterback when Orton was starting, apparently his stance hasn’t changed.

Is this perhaps going a bit overboard though?  One would assume the Broncos will give Quinn his shot of Tebow totally flops, so why beat around the bush?  Either part ways with Orton or make him the second string quarterback — there’s no point in creating more drama now.

I actually feel bad for Brady Quinn, he went through a lot in Cleveland and it’s been more of the same in Denver.  Does anyone else feel that Quinn is more likely to be the Broncos future than Orton is (or ever was)?  It’s time to move on from Orton.

  • areferee

    Although it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone who earns 700K for a front row seat at every Bronco game while barely ever breaking a sweat, Brady Quinn has probably resigned himself to the emotional roller coaster that is his career.

    The answer to the backup QB conundrum lies in the tenderness of the KO psyche and the devaluation of his trade value, the latter being preeminent.  Every drop in his playing value has a corresponding drop in his price tag. 

    That point becomes moot at this point however, because you can no longer go below a 7th-rounder…except the waiver wire…

    Alas, poor Yorick !

  • Monty

    I don’t know why the Broncos wouldn’t take any trade they’re offered for Orton. Offset his salary, remove a potential distraction, move on, etc… Make it known he’s on the block, get a little bit of a bidding war going (your only leverage) and see who bites.

  • King

    I personally would rather have Orton as a 2nd stringer than Quinn this season.  Quinn folds even worse under pressure and throws picks like crazy.  I don’t see Quinn getting a shot at starter here unless Orton and Tebow go down with injury.  He just doesn’t have what it takes to be a starter in the NFL. 

    Long term:  Orton pretty much can’t stay here since his attitude towards the team/his play is like a cancer.  I don’t see how Quinn can be a reliable long-term 2nd stringer because of the reasons stated above.  If Tebow doesn’t work out as a starter, I see him as a great 2nd stringer because you know he won’t go in and give the game away if the 1st stringer is injured. 

  • Anonymous

    YUP.  You take a 2020 seventh rounder if that’s all you you can get for him.  And if you cant?   Screw the $5M left on his deal and hand him his outright release.  Eliminate all speculation and distractions.  Ride the sh*tstorm out w/ Tebow. 

  • Wildjoe

    Orton killed his value with his unrealistic demands to Miami.  Trade him for an old hound dog, whatever, but to leave him hanging around is a terrible business decision!!  Where’s that new business manager Denver just hired?  What’s his business resume’?  You need to get Orton out of the locker room… for his sake and the team’s sake.  It’s just what it is!  Quickly, now.

  • areferee

    If Miami doesn’t bite now, they never will and there doesn’t seem to be anyone else.  I suspect Kyle and his agent would be more amenable now, but will Denver accept the lower price tag?  My feeling is, they will maintain the status quo for the remainder of this season and move him before the 2012 draft.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Quinn will be back next year as backup.  And as backups go, there could be worse *cough* chris simms *cough* to have a former first round pick who has started and won games in the NFL is never a bad thing.  Plus it’ll give him more time to blast his pecs.



  • Monty

    Why would they be more amenable now? Unless they’re getting a long-term deal out of the trade, Orton can sit the bench, make $5 million, and become a free agent.

  • Anonymous

    I might be misreading you, but Orton isn’t theirs to move after the season. 

    And miami is actively “sucking for luck.”   They’re not even trying to get better at the position.  Sage Rosenfels?  Seriously? 

  • Mergrath

    I see Quinn as being the long term back-up as well. As far as Orton goes…yeah, it’s time to but bait.

    What is the Rams’ QB situation at the moment? Is Bradford hurt? I think Orton could possibly help Bradford learn McDaniels offense…? 

  • areferee

    Only because it is his interest to make a deal now before his value is totally depleted and before Miami’s season is history.  I don’t believe such a deal will happen, however, even though Denver would like to get something for him.

  • areferee

    Badly worded on my part.  Denver must do the deed before the end of the season or they get zip.  I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to do it now.  Denver wants some value, Orton wants a starting job for 2012 and would now accept a one year deal and Miami is even more desperate for a QB with numbers.  (Rosenfels proves just how desperate.)  I can’t believe any team would purposely dump eleven games and an entire season for even Andrew Luck.  Too much to risk in the value of the franchise, fan support and coach’s careers.

  • rcsodak

    Again, for those that are unaware.
    Miami had a $27M extension ON THE TABLE, and pulled it at the last minute. Per schefter. Let’s drop this shit about orton. Pulling out, and stick with the facts, for once, shall we?!

  • Anonymous

    Well said Kyle!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If Satan had a QB it would be Philip Rivers and his backup surely would be Kyle Orton 

  • Dakota Fan

    Holy crap- anyone seen the Post Broncos’ page tonight??? Brandon Lloyd on the trading block, with the bosses actively trying to trade him??? I was shocked at the headline and thinking they were going brain dead until I read the article. I’m a believer- Mike Klis could convert Ahmadinijad to a Southern Baptist.