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Published on 09/05/2011 at Mon Sep 05 12:52.
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Indeed, there are two No. 2 Quarterbacks in Denver. Or, there is no No. 2 Quarterback in Denver, depending on how you look at it.

Whichever way you prefer, it’s ugly, and a little laughable.

The team’s updated depth chart

Depth chart screen cap lists "Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow" as the second string quarterback

The team’s backup quarterback is named “Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow.” Yes, the Broncos invented a new profile into their player database to handle John Fox‘s depth chart subterfuge.  When you hover over that link you get a rather comical side-effect of Fox’s insistence on competitive advantage.

(UPDATE – Clicking on the name yields an even funnier one:).

Tibrady Quebow's solution to the Brady Quinn/Tim Tebow No. 2 QB competition. Yikes.

(Note that Brady Quinn weighs 235, Tim Tebow weighs 236, but “Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow” weighs zero. Now that’s a workout regimen).

We’d like to let the Broncos know we were just kidding about the whole “Tibrady Quibow” thing. Just pick a guy and move on. Or leave the depth chart as it was and leave it public knowledge that neither guy is the “True No. 2.” While we love the secrecy in theory… this is taking it a little too far. If the season rides on Kyle Orton why put this much effort into hiding his backup QB anyway?

  • Kyle

    I was also trying to imagine the web guys' reaction(s) when they got this email in their inbox.

  • Markahall1955

    mike, im not neurotic about it, but i doubt im the only long time bronco fan that finds this un-cool…….

  • King

    What’s laughable is that Quinn is listed as #2 at all.  He would still be a 3rd string QB if he were the only QB on the team.  And yes, I understand why Fox has done this. 

  • Jack_

    Eh- all they had to do was enter “Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow” as a player. They may have had to adjust the column width slightly.
     It's actually sorta funny because you can follow the link to a player page for “Brady Quinn or Tim Tebow”- he's apparently a QB who's only listed stat is that he weighs 0.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    its **** like this that makes being a web designer very frustrating – i'm sure the web guys are also trying to explain why you can't have a dancing jesus on there.

  • kent s

    I think they are doing it to Eff with the social media and the mainstream media for all the hysteria guys like you create over this whole Tebow/Orton thing and now the Tebow/Quinn made up debate. I bet they laugh there asses off at people that take this stuff way to seriously. Tebow is years away from being a good NFL quarterback, they know, I know it but too many keep making Tebow an issue even when he is clearly not much of a factor.

  • Jon

    That's awesome!

  • Rob Bronco

    Quite honestly, who cares?  Let’s hope we never have to find out who the “true #2” is.  Orton’s the starter and has an awesome training camp.  With a revamped defense, a better running game, and a coach who understands the complexities of the game I think the Broncos are positioned to have a much better year.  And if the only thing we’re worrying about next year is who our backup QB is then we’re doing pretty good.

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  • Mike Birtwistle

    You know the original request was probably to have it scrolling in from left to right or rotating and in the end just hard coded it in there.

  • Bcakawrc

    Meanwhile, Mr. Hillis, Madden cover 2011, keeps running to daylight in Cleveland. For those who thought the Browns ruined Quinn and he never got a fair shot, ya’ll should be realizing now that Quinn is not an NFL caliber QB. Whenever he gets the chance to take the field he is unable to play the position properly. If you put him in as the field general he is unable to secure his position…..bc 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What’s laughable is Josh McDaniels wasting a first round pick on a QB who can’t throw. 

  • Jon

    Hillis was the cover of 2012, and now he’s cursed.

  • Fivepennys

    all this talk about a team that isnt going 5 and 11, who cares!!!!  dr. death

  • Reality Speaks

    Can’t throw? Never heard of a Heisman trophy winning QB who can’t throw, although I have heard of plenty of malcontents who can’t think.

  • Chick

      John E, If you are running this show,put Tebow where you
    Wanted to be when you came into the NFL. You had to learn,
    let him!

  • Daddyrabbit1952

    go tebow your #1 in my book a florida gator fan

  • Erazo362

    Broncos talk about improved running, Who would that might be? Hello the broncos don’t have a running game, got that! Its back to pass pass pass punt.

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  • Anonymous

    Tebow is maybe the greatest college QB of all time.  COLLEGE QB.  COLLEGE.

    I can name a half dozen heisman-winning QB’s who couldn’t throw at the NFL level. Just like your messiah. 

  • King

    Yeah, that college football with it’s 2 white stripes is much easier to throw. 

    You really should get your head outta your bum and watch some vids of the throws he’s made in his career. 

    We’ll be lucky to go 7-9 this year with magic shoes orton, and you know it. 

  • Anonymous

    Eric Crouch
    Jason White
    Troy Smith
    Chris Weinke
    Danny Wuerfful
    Gino Toretta
    Heisman winners all, terrible NFL QB’s all.  

    When are you (and those of your ilk) going to get your heads out of your bums and realize that success in college and a bunch of perceived, nonsensical intangibles like “heart” “leadership” “drive” and “he’s a winner” are in no way indicative of success in the NFL. 

  • King

    More of the same from you.  I was referring to watching video of his throws in the NFL. 

    Don’t worry though, by mid-season people like you will be literally screaming for a change at the QB position.  Orton does it every year.  Tears it up on the practice field, then only throws for big yardage in garbage time. 

  • Ron

    I will encourage everyone to answer this question, after several failed red zone attempts to score who do you think will enter the game……thank you

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  • ’88BroncoFan

    I have to agree with “King.” He is spot on when you look at the videos. You are putting Tebow down when he has been the one to really make a difference at the tail end of last season as a “Rookie.” People like you that don’t give a guy a chance because of a sterio-type attitude are exactly the people who chew on their foot alot.

    In your “List” of Heisman trophy winners you can also add some QB’s that have also been sucessful like Doug Flutie or Vinny Testaverde. All the QB’s you listed were in the 90’s. The 90’s didn’t produce a very successful QB.

    We would be ignorant to think that just because they won the Heisman Trophy they would automatically be a great NFL Star. You would be equally ignorant to think the opposite, too. It depends on the player and their desire to succeed. Tebow has shown the desire so I think we should not write him off so soon. Even John Elway had a rough start.

  • bobbydibble

    brady who?  if his last name was brady i would care, lets play tebow and shit-can orton.  maybe someone will trade us a DB or LB for that broke dick garbage man.