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Published on 09/19/2011 at Mon Sep 19 08:49.
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Highlights of the Denver Broncos 24-22 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals can be viewed below.

  • bostonianbronco

    The defense looked really good in some spots and then obviously they gave up some key big plays. I’m not sure how many of the big plays can be attributed to missing/injured players but that needs to be cleaned up. It seemed like our Corners were more lucky then good yesterday. Joe Mays looked good (much better then last week) and von Miller is a stud. He made some really key sacks/tackles.

    It’s a tough game to judge the offense. The run looked much better and seems like it put the passing game in much better situations. However, it still seems like when we have to pass we are not great. In fact, the entire last possession was three straight runs.. (which I understand wastes clock) however, if you get one first down the game is over. But the coaches didn’t trust the passing game enough to do that. (and it seems a bit silly to put that much faith in your defense which has looked shaky the possessions before)

    Kyle played fine. He didn’t do to much really bad or really good. This is what we say about him a lot! He’s average. These are the types of games he’s usually ok in: a ball control (especially if the run game is working) type game where he doesn’t have to go out and win it.

    Decker is a stud did a good job to make up for his costly fumble. Matt Willis needs some work. Colquitt and Prater did a great job as well. A good punter gets you out of a lot of holes, especially with a 3 and out offense like the broncos have had.

  • AtomicLeo

    Hard to judge the passing offense when the team is down to 3 WRs. The running game looked better. Mcgahee can run in traffic and Moreno can’t. I saw at least 3 runs from him that were 4-7 yards that would have been 0-3 yards with Moreno. Wanted to see Johnson play and was disappointed that he didn’t get a chance. Maybe next week.

    Defense was again very good and brought the wood when a stop was needed. I think the unit will be very good by the end of the year. You can tell the lack of offseason work has been a problem. 

  • Mike Birtwistle

    right, watched the game again and am much happier.  sure i’d have liked a few more first downs in the 4th and a three and out rather than an more and out at the end but in the end a win is a win