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Published on 09/16/2011 at Fri Sep 16 12:55.
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Knowshon Moreno

Fantasy football and Denver Broncos update: It’s Willis McGahee‘s time to shine.

Starting running back Knowshon Moreno is officially listed as “questionable” on the Denver Broncos injury report against the Cincinnati Bengals. But it doesn’t sound like the coaches truly consider him a 50-50 play.

Practice squad running back Jeremiah Johnson told the Denver Post he has been informed the Broncos will activate him for Sunday’s game, suggesting Moreno won’t go. Johnson, a 2nd-year player out of Oregon, had 16 rushes for 64 yards (4.0 average) in the 2011 preseason.

But don’t consider McGahee a necessary sure-start. The Bengals have a tough front four on defense, and the Broncos’ OL has yet to prove it can get the job done in run blocking, as Denver Post fantasy columnist Cecil Lammey reminds us.

Still, we’d be floored if Moreno suits up Sunday. This does bump up McGahee’s fantasy stock simply being the feature back and gives Broncos fans a better chance to see the return of a Mile High tradition. Lance Ball and Johnson will provide RB support for Denver.

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    I could certainly see us looking for a new back next year in the draft.  I like Moreno, but he goes down too much on first contact and has trouble staying on the field.

    Decker may be the sole survivor of the McD era once the dust settles.


  • Anonymous

    I agree.  I think it will be to our benefit to pick up another pack next yr.  Although, if we had a better line we may see different results out of Moreno.  Hopefully our line will show some improvement this week.   I like Jeremiah Johnson and would like to see him get somes playing time.  Go Broncos!!

  • Josh Manning

    Knowshon Moreno is hurt again? I hope he didn’t hurt himself by running 1 yard per carry. Out of the injures the Broncos have (Lloyd/Doom/Champ), I don’t really give a DAMN about Knowshon.

  • anthony33

    If this doesn’t make you puke, nothing will.

    We could have had Brian Orakpo and Clay Mattews in 2009.  Instead we got Moreno (complete bust at any slot) and Robert Ayers (still can’t play)

    Thanks McSuck

  • Anonymous

    I won’t defend McD for a second but to be fair there were quite a few low round busts in that draft.  Aaron Curry, Tyson Jackson, Darius Heyward-Bay, and Michael Crabtree just to name a few.  What kills me more than anything is that LeSean McCoy was drafted #53 after the Broncos had already taken Knowshon, Ayers, Alphonso Smith and Darcel McBath.

  • anthony33

    McD is indefensible.  Still, it’s enough to make you sick and you are correct, there were many 1st roung busts that year… we have two of them.

  • 12508

    I’ve been saying Moreno is a bust since his rookie year. Moreno can bust a 15 yard run and then he will ask for a break. He is always hurt and won’t play through it. Don’t know what Xanders saw in him. He doesn’t do anything well. Run,catch,speed,and heart all lack. Just get rid of him and start over at that position. Another first round bust for Xanders. Matt Millen is starting to look like a genius. What a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    the Oline will make him better but NOT healthier. I never feel an RB should be taken so high.

    Oline makes the RB and they’re a dime a dozen.

    Moreno is about one injury away from bust status.

  • Anonymous

    WE ALL WANTED Orakpo!!!

    So many wanted Clay mathews.

    We’re going to be recovering from McD for a few years!!

    (I called for McD’s firing instantly after the Moreno pick)

  • Anonymous


  • anthony33

    I remeber that.

    Hard to believe one man could do so much damage to a franchise in so little time. 

    Wish Shanny was still here (with reduced power and Wade as DC).

  • virginiabronco


    Fill in the Blank.  Time to more this guy out along with KO.

  • Anonymous

    that’d be like waking up from a nightmare!

  • anthony33

    Understand I am not wishing this in any way, shape or form.  But… with Doom our and Bailey out (again), you can almost guarantee Dawkins will be out at least next week with all the added pressure on him.

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