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Published on 09/16/2011 at Fri Sep 16 09:11.
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The Ravens may be willing to utilize Tebow's strengths by using him in certain situations or even changing his position. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Two drafts ago, former Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels traded second (No. 43), third (No. 70) and fourth (No. 114) round picks to the Baltimore Ravens to move up and select Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. One season has passed since that time and the two teams may be considering a swap.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King (via Sandy Clough of 104.3 The Fan) said on Satellite Radio on Tuesday that he thinks if the Ravens came to the Broncos offering a third round pick for Tebow, that the Broncos would accept it. King also thinks that the Ravens have an interest in Tebow.

Meanwhile, Woody Paige of the Denver Post was on 104.3 The Fan Wednesday talking with Clough, and Paige seems to agree that the Broncos would be willing to deal Tebow before the week six trading deadline.

“If [the Broncos] really want this madness and chaos to end, trade him [speaking of Tebow]. Get rid of him, trade him before the deadline which ends two days after the game in South Florida,” said Paige on Thursday. “If I were John Elway, I would probably make the trade (with Baltimore).”

The Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron and Head Coach John Harbaugh are certainly not thinking of acquiring Tebow to become their starter (the team has all the faith in the world in Joe Flacco), but the Ravens do have some Wild Cat history. In 2008, the team used former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith in certain situations, something they could possibly try to also do with Tebow — that is, if the really are interested in Tebow.

Smith went on to sign with the 49ers in 2010 and started several games but was not re-signed by the team following the 2010 season and now plays for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League.

I would like to think the Broncos haven’t seen enough of Tebow in real game situations to make a decision yet on his future. But that may not be the thinking of coach John Fox and Vice President of Football Operations John Elway. After weeks of training camp practices and preseason games (as well as watching the film from last season), maybe they don’t think Tebow is worth their time.

Then again, maybe they do have plans for their only quarterback under contract in 2012 and all this trade talk is mere speculation.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter chimed in on the situation a few weeks ago and he says the Broncos won’t be parting with Tebow anytime soon.

Rumors or reality, we’ll all find out soon enough. What’s your take on the possibility of Tebow landing in Baltimore?

Update: (10:45 a.m. MT) Steve brought up a good point in the comments; the Ravens do have former Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor, a player more than capable of running the wild cat, on the roster, so trading for Tebow would not make a lot of sense for Baltimore.

One might say it would not make a lot of sense for the Broncos either, seeing as they just paid Tebow over $8 million dollars not too long ago. A trade is still a possibility however, so stay tuned.

  • Ron

    I’m certainly not a Tebow hater; I’d like to see the guy develop as a Bronco.  But the Broncos have acquired a lot of new “fans,” who are actually Tebow fans not Bronco fans.  For me, the huge upside of a trade with the Ravens is that they get the fans.  Good riddance.  This is a team sport.  

  • Josh Temple

    Pair this with the piece TJ Johnson over IAOFM wrote and it makes you wonder if Elway specifically, isn’t happy with any of the pieces he has at quarterback.  I posed the question on twitter this morning.  Would you be in favor of starting Quinn and cleaning QB house to accumulate the draft picks required to procure the quarterback of the future in Denver?  Is that QB Tebow?  Broncotalk’s Kyle thinks that QB can still be Orton.

  • Steve

    Nobody in Baltimore wants Tim Tebow.  They have everything he has to offer and more in Tyrod Taylor.  Ozzie would never be stupid enough to give up a third round pick for someone who is lucky to be in the league.  Ridiculous article.

  • King

    I’m not fan of Chokin’ O’, but starting Quinn over Orton would be going from bad to worse.  Anyone who wants to trade Tebow without even attempting to develop him may be making a huge mistake.  Having a player come back in later seasons to beat you is a painful experience.

    I would start Tebow mid-way through this season if we have a losing record at that point (I’m sure we will) to see how he progresses in the last 8 games.  If he seems to be getting better, let him start in 2012. 

  • Anonymous

    Tebow brings headache to any team he is on right now, and not because of his attitude or skill.  Our American Idol, cast a vote and get your way TV society think billboards and chants will get Tebow on the field no matter where he is.  That lunacy would follow him anywhere.  As I think about it, I would bet that the population that maxes out on Idol votes, and the population wearing Tebow Jerseys are not all that dissimilar.  I’m not trying to bag on his supporters, the casual fan is necessary, just not the most informed.

    I know everyone in the league is focused on Luck, but something tells me that the last great Stanford QB has hopes (and maybe groundwork) for another historic Denver coups.  Or maybe not…

  • Scottey

    I have been a Bronco fan since ’74… there is my street cred!  I was super excited about Tebow, love the passion to play and generally makes players around him better.  Maybe they have to be in order to help him out, I don’t know.  But to trade him away to get rid of a distraction seems a bit odd. Then you think of the alternative and that is to leave us with a big pile of Orton instead?  I just don’t get it.  This whole thing reaks, and I for one am tired of hearing Tim is not from this staff, well neither was number 8 for that matter.  I will always be a Bronco fan, but I sure do like it when good people are on my team and I can root for them too. 

  • Fan From Spain

    why would they trade him for a 3rd round after paying him x amount of millions? Tebow is gonna be a Bronco for a wile, like him or not.

  • Ron

    I’m wearing orange since the 70s too, and I’m all for real Bronco fans who have a different opinions about who the first stringers should be!  That’s cool.  Gives us something to talk about over beers.  In my case, and perhaps I’m weird, I’m rooting for whoever the team decides to place on the field, under the theory that the pro’s know more than me. Diversity of opinion is a great thing however.

  • AtomicLeo

    No kidding. I am sick and tired of the college fans who haven’t watched an NFL game before Tebow was drafted by the Broncos. I want the Broncos to dump Tebow just to get rid of this insane fan base.

  • DJP


  • denver12332

    Are you serious! First of all- I will clarify that I am not a “Tebow band wagon fan”. I am a die hard Bronco fan and have been for 40 years. Orton is not the answer, Quinn, is definitely not the answer, aside from Champ ( and he’s injured no less)- we need pretty much a whole new team. Someone to catch the ball and move more than 2 yards would be nice. Or someone who can run the ball, more than two yards, again, would be nice. Orton looks good on paper, but cant make it happen when it needs to. He will never be the “Franchise guy”. He will never be adored as Elway was. I think thats what fuels the fire for the Tebow fans. He is a class act- reminds me of Elway when he was a rookie in some ways. I think he has potential. All of this “wait for Luck” is ridiculous. Then we are back to Luck sitting on the bench and Orton still in. I cant take it anymore. Just play Tebow this season- how much worse could it possibly be? I like him. Besides, it would be interesting to see what he can do, he was amazing in college, I dont care what all the Tebow haters say. Dread the thought of another disappointing season.

  • Anonymous

    Other than they would get nothing for Orton it would not be at all surprising to learn that Elway is not comfortable with the QB position.  In fact I think he as much as said so in an interview with the Denver Post.

  • King

    We already “got nothing for Orton.”  Nobody wants to give up anything of value for him.  We’re stuck with Orton until his contract runs out the end of this season. 

  • Romm

    I’m a Bronco fan and I like Tebow. Last year, I was tired of watching Orton especially if we are down. He does not inspire me at all for me if we are down in the 4th Quarter its already a loss.
     I just don’t know what direction this organization wants to go. They haven’t sign Orton to an extension so they are not sure if he is really our future or the QB next year. I hope they won’t sign him to a multiple year contract because I’ve watched him the past two years and he is just an average QB.

    Im a Broncos fan and I like Tebow. With Tebow,  it’s fun to watch. He inspire his team mates even if we lost it’s still fun to watch. I will give Orton the next two games and if he plays the same as the Monday Night game then Tebow should play.

    I remember in 2005 we lost badly in Miami and I heard a lot of whining from the fans and Tebow was not around then and it’s the same scenario but Plummer was able to redeemed himself and went to the AFC Championship. I want to see that from Orton and give him the chance the next two games even deep inside I know what Orton brings to the table. Hope he has the same leadership that will inspire his teammates and have some fire like Jake.

  • King

    I agree.  And look at it this way.  Tebow is a very loyal person.  Even if he doesn’t work out as a starter, only an insane person wouldn’t want him to stay a Bronco as a 2nd string backup. 

  • Gradishar53

    Been a fan since the early Seventies…  Not a Johnny-come-lately…  Took my football number 53 for Randy Gradishar…  I have to say though, if they trade Tebow without giving him a thorough look-see, they’ve lost me.  This guy is all character and a winner, and deserves a legit look.  If he fails–fine.  But I fear another ‘Hillis doesn’t work for us..’ rational that doesn’t wash.  Trade Tebow, lose me as a fan.

  • Raven Gator

    I would love to have Tebow on the Ravens roster

  • Blsd30

    Im a bronco fan not a tebow fan but i like tebow chances to lead this team out of the Qbs we have. That being said if they trade him this year without giving him a fair chance to succeed  which they havent yet i would still be a fan of the team but i wouldnt watch anymore games this season because i would loose alot of faith in the current heads of this orginization elway included. You would seriously think if anybody wanted to give him a shot it would be elway. his rookie season i really dont believe he was better then the vets or looked better then the vets on his team but they trusted in his potential and he wasnt even great by any standards his rookie season.

  • Broncosfan799

    Here are the facts…until the offense line can give Orton, Tebow or Quinn more than 2 seconds to throw the ball, it does not matter who the QB is, running for your life leads to a loss.  Thank you McD for dismantleing the one thing that was working for Denver.
    Until the DEFENSE can stop the run, we will never be above .500.  We have bigger issues than who is going to QB.

  • Blsd30

    broncofan you have to admit tho with a line that cant block you stand a better chance with a Qb that can scramble and buy time then one that waits to be sacked even when there is a lane to move. And another point i know none of our Qbs are as good as payton but he wins every year with a defense thats bad at stopping the run. last year we were next to last in that regard but we didnt loose by many points most game so that argument doesnt hold as much weight to me. when your team is bad at different things  somebody has to step up and put it on themselves to try and win the game tebow tried to do that in the games he played and lost orton doesnt even try if everything doesnt go how they game plan its like he gives up and thats why with a bad team thats rebuilding tebow should start.

  • broncodog87

    If a team is willing to trade a 3rd rd pick for TT the broncos should take it.  Take it and run.  A trade would allow both denver and Tebow to move on.  Tebow is an unfinished project from McD that the johns are not sold on.  Trading tebow would allow the broncos to get 2nd day pick for their 3rd string QB and continue to rebuild the defense.

  • Scottey

    I agree, it is fun to discuss and differ.  I Root for my Broncos, but I ALWAYS had my favs that I rooted for.  I wept when we lost Atwater (just ask my wife, she didn’t know what to do!)  I loved Gradishar, Tom Jackson because they brought an attitude that made the Broncos the Broncos.  I hate just rooting for laundry, rather I get wrapped up in the players themselves, Orton included.

  • Raspikes

    Tebow haters: Why the hate?  It cannot be based on facts.

    Unless you think that the state and national championships, the High School and College All America Honors, the SEC titles, and the tds by passing and running statistics were all rigged, what else can you hang your hat on?

    He doesn’t practice well?  Who cares? IT”S PRACTICE: IT DOESN”T COUNT!

    Poor throwing motion?  Baloney.  Johnny Unitas did okay with his peculiar throwing motion.

    Not professional caliber?  Don’t opposing players also have the same college experience as Tebow?  How many of them won similar honors EARNED ON THE FIELD?

    You guys need to get a life.  Find something else to hate.  You are embarrassing yourselves as know-nothings.

  • D Long


  • Falmund

    I can barely read this and can’t figure out what you are saying….try again, with grammar?

  • guest

    I have nothing personally against Tebow.  I personally think he is going to be a great player someday.  Your rationale can be used the oppposite way.   Tebow lover:  Why the love?  It cannot be based on what we’ve seen in the NFL.   Both arguments are pointless and ridiculous.  Root for the Broncos, they don’t listen to you for coaching tips anyway

  • Broncosfan799

    Again, look at the facts. People keep BLAMING Orton.  3600+ yards in 13 games and threw for over 2700 in the 10 losses with only 5 of those game lost by less than 10 points.  During this span there was only one 100 yard rusher and in the 10 losses only averaged 60 yards per game.  Orton is DOING his job.  If he played in the last 3 games, he would have been a top 5 QB.  Tebow is a great athlete and needs to used as such.  He will not be a QB in this league for very long.  Until we can stop the RUN and protect OUR QB, we will be a less than .500 team.  Please look at all the stats.  Numbers tell the truth.

  • Blsd30

    i dont care about passing yards stats because his stats last year were inflated because all we did was pass but in the red zone on 3rd down or on game winning drives you know all the things that really count as a Qb  orton one of if not the worst in the league. Any Qb that started for us last year would have thrown for 3500 or more yards. And also numbers dont always tell the truth because if you look at his numbers you would think we would be 12-4 not 4-12. Orton had a good defense and run game with the bears and couldnt do anything and he couldnt beat rex grossman for the job so how is it everybody thinks he is so great? The only reason he is our starter is because john fox is our coach and fox lack creativity among other things. because if you look at the results from preseason tebow won the job when the light were on. Go ahead check it out.

  • Broncosfan799

    Tebow and Orton is an average QB at best.  We wasted picks to get Tebow.  I understand he is more athletic and mobile than Orton, but he could be used in other manners.  If he is going to be successful as an NFL QB he still has alot to learn, like getting rid of the ball quicker.  He has lots of little things that he needs drastic improvements on.  He does not give us a winning season by putting him in as a starter. 

    Thank you for making my point for me, with or with out him we were terrible last year.  THERE ARE BIGGER ISSUES THAN THE QB.  Until those issues are addressed, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO THE QB IS, we will have the same results.

  • Broncosfan799

    Sounds like another Allen Iverson.  We all know how that worked out!

  • King

    You can’t rely on stats alone.  This is common knowledge.  Orton gets much of his yardage when defenses have gone into a prevent style defense when they are up many points on us. 

    His 3rd down stats are HORRIFIC for a 7 year QB. 

  • Broncosfan799

    Fair enough.  I will not disagree.  My point is that until we fix other problems the Tebow V Orton argurement is not important.  We have to have a O Line that can create holes and protect the QB.  As I stated earlier, it does not matter who the QB is until this is fixed we wont have a winning season.

    My point on the stats earlier was that if the Defense could stop the run, we might have been a wild card for the playoffs last year with the dismal line the McD created.  I do fault Shannahan for the defense troubles that we have now.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Professor Obvious.

  • Anonymous

    What would his 3rd down stats be if there was a running game?

  • Anonymous

    Do tell how many Heisman winners went on to success in the NFL?  Since you cultists are eager to compare Tebow with Elway you should know that Elway was a tremendous practice player.  Are you really going to say that practice is worthless?  If Tebow can’t make a throw in practice it is perfectly fine to assume that come game day he’ll be on the money?  You’re really going to make that idiotic claim and call anyone who does not worship your savior a know-nothing?
    Other than Johnny Unitas and Bernie Kosar how many other QB’s had success with “peculiar” throwing motions?
    What is embarrassing is your hero did nothing in the off-season to make himself a better QB other than making underwear commercials and you and the rest of the cultists resort to any criticism as nothing more than hate.  Try growing up.

  • Anonymous

    It worked out well for Allen Iverson.

  • veryinteresting

    Um Bradford seems to be doing OK…he’s has a Heisman right? And I saw plenty in the three NFL regular season games to say…hey lets see what Tebow can do. Actually the Texans game made me a TT lover.