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Dave Magazu Addresses his Offensive Line (Credit: Panthers Clubhouse)

Dave Magazu Addresses his Offensive Line (Credit: Panthers Clubhouse)

The Denver Broncos have announced the initial hiring of the 2011 John Fox coaching staff, filling 8 positions within the organization.  As expected the team kept holdovers in Mike McCoy and Eric Studesville along with 4 others from the previous regime with some jostling in titles.  Here is the coaching roster thus far:

  • Head Coach – John Fox (Hired from Carolina)
  • Offensive Coordinator – Mike McCoy (2010 holdover)
  • Defensive Coordinator – TBD (Previously held by Wink Martindale)
  • Offensive Line – Dave Magazu (Hired from Carolina)
  • O-Line Asst. – TBD (Previously held by Bob Wylie)
  • Quarterbacks – TBD (Previously held by Ben McDaniels)
  • Runningbacks – Eric Studesville (Holdover and Interim Head Coach 2010)
  • Tight Ends – Clancy Barone (Previously offensive line coach moved to TE coach)
  • Wide Receivers – Tyke Tolbert (Hired from Carolina)
  • Linebackers – TBD (Previously held by Roman Phifer)
  • Defensive Backs – TBD (Ed Donatell to 49ers)
  • Special Teams – TBD (Previously held by Mike Priefer)
  • Special Teams – TBD (Previously held by Keith Burns)
  • Strength & Conditioning – TBD (Previously held by Rich Tuten)
  • Strength & Conditioning Asst. – TBD (Previously held by Greg Saporta)
  • QC Assistant – Jay Rodgers (2010 holdover)
  • QC Assistant – Brian Callahan (2010 holdover)
  • Defensive Assistant – TBD (Previously held by Greg Aukerman)
  • Asst. to the HC, VP/Admin – TBD (Previously held by Mark Thewes)

Where does this leave the coaching staff?  Andrew Mason reports that Fox’s “long time lieutenant” Jim Skipper would typically fill the RB coach role however there are other plans in place.

Studesville’s appointment as running backs coach means that Fox will not have his long-time lieutenant, Jim Skipper, in that position. However, Skipper told The Charlotte Observer that he has been discussing a position to be determined with Fox.

“It looks like I’m going to get there (to Denver) in some capacity,” Skipper told the Observer late last week.

Skipper was also Carolina’s assistant head coach and was responsible for much of the Panthers’ game management, which could be roles he handles in Denver if he is ultimately appointed to the staff.

That probably takes care of the Assistant to the Head Coach role.  With reports of the Broncos already negotiating with Sean McDermott out there and the strong possibility of his hiring or Jim Mora Jr’s. (if he doesn’t take the Eagles position vacated by the firing of McDermott) we can probably consider that position locked down as well.  One has to assume that Martindale is gone from for the organization and will probably take a position with one of his many NFL defensive ties.

Ben McDaniels hasn’t been brought back on, not surprising if the front office wanted to cut ties with everything McD.  I was curious to see if McCoy would lobby on Ben’s part to retain his position.  Then again Ben could very likely follow Josh to his new OC role whether it be St. Louis, Kansas City, or elsewhere.  Keith Burns’ name being absent will be a bit surprising and disappointing to hard core fans.  Nothing has been ruled out but if he were going to be kept in the special teams fold, one would assume that it would’ve been announced today.

New Wide Reciever Coach Tyke Tolbert (Photo Credit: Carolina Examiner)

New Wide Reciever Coach Tyke Tolbert (Photo Credit: Carolina Examiner)

Also missing from the list is Rich Tuten.  The long time strength and conditioning coach has come under fire from the fan base in recent years after pre-season injuries to Knowshon Moreno and Elvis Dumervil.

For a great breakdown in what we’re getting in the hires of Magazu and Tolbert, I highly recommend Max Denver’s post regarding the news.  Andrew has worked within the Broncos and Panthers organization and knows these guys inside and out.  Both hires carry plenty of accolades for fans to be excited about.

  • herc_rock

    Too many Carolina guys.

  • Josh Temple

    I'll be concerned when we start trying to sign every depth guy they cut and trade for long snappers and 3rd string runningbacks.

  • Guest

    The Carolina guys we are bringing in are linked to the ground game, one area that franchise has been very strong. Also, the WR coach has a strong history and we will need one if Adam Gase becomes the QB coach (a rumor that sounds promising). Overall there appears to be balance in this staff, and the familiarity should help in training camp and landing FA (DeAngelo Williams…), if there is a new CBA in place by this summer.

  • NMBronc


  • CJ

    Mcdermant went to Carolina…. Were screwed for a good DC

  • anthony33

    McDermott headed to Carolina. Anyone's call at this point for a DC as I am sure Mora has a few suitors as well.

    Based on great defenses, it would be nice to look at Batimore and all four of the remaining playoff teams to source someone. Not sure if they'll want to wait that long, but man, those are five GREAT defensive teams to try and find a good position coach ready for the next step. The fact that Fox is the the HC makes that an acceptable scenario.

  • CJ

    Anthony 33 you make a good point but most of those teams are really good 3-4 schemes.

  • Some guy.

    I'm hearing Jim Mora tapped for dc.

  • CJ

    Green Bay defensive line coach Mike Trgovac, who was Fox's defensive coordinator from 2003-08, may have been a strong candidate if not for the Packers' extended playoff run.

  • Davidk

    I saw that too. Here's hoping the Bears will kick GB this week, also I find one thing strange – he was Fox defensive coordinator, and left him to be a DL line. albeit for a much better team, but if that is the case why would he leave that team on the rise now?

  • Kingpins10

    Nah. He was fired for a reason.

  • Lookn4H20

    I think its agood thing Iwas not sold on this guy.

  • CJ

    NO i cannot watch a Super Bowl with the possibility of Jay Cutler winning

  • Hope

    The Broncos were the second too the last team in the nfl.So what do they do0 to correct there crappy team they go out an hire the worst coach in the nfl.Talk about a Bunch of screw ups.

  • Hope

    Ya so was John Fox sorry as.

  • crazykid

    Come on man, just proofread before you submit the comment. You may make a brilliant point or something, but people will disregard it because its painful to read…

  • NMBronc

    No people will disregard it because your opinion is devoid of fact and personal. Fox stole your girlfriend in HS and you have been hopeless since? hhmmm.

    He is a coach and a decent one. This may work out, this may not. What I do see is some untapped talent on this team and some common sense decisions being made specifically devoid of ego.

  • Rapidresults

    The decision to drop Tuten is the best thing I have yet to witness. I have wondered how this man keeps his job even back when shanahans team would peak mid season. Now we start hurt and got worse from there. I am looking forward to some real speed development and progression. It would also be nice to see our defenders resemble anything like the arms and mass the remaining four teams have.

  • Alyciagamache

    When you have the Bronco people behind you you cant loose .GO ELWAY,New Mexico behind you all the way.My Elway souvenir will live for ever I from the time he started and now he is way he belongs .Hes putting his money and know how where on the footbamm field of the BRONCOS.

  • PantherQuack

    Run and punt offense and a bend but don't break defense is what you'll get from fox have with that donkey's. These are the same coachs that made it hard to watch in Carolina good luck. ” It is what it is” you'll hear this alot.

  • PantherQuack

    Run and punt offense and a bend but don't break defense is what you'll get from fox have with that donkey's. These are the same coachs that made it hard to watch in Carolina good luck. ” It is what it is” you'll hear this alot.