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Published on 01/15/2011 at Sat Jan 15 17:36.
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Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy talkes with quarterback Tim Tebow during a game against the Oakland Raiders. Photo courtesy Denver Post

According to Jason LaCanfora of, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will return to the team next season to continue his tutelage of quarterback Tim Tebow.

LaCanfora says the team is in the process of finalizing a deal to keep McCoy with the Broncos after his services were reportedly sought in the same position by the Kansas City Chiefs after Charlie Weis left for the University of Florida as well as the Cleveland Browns.

This is perhaps the strongest signal yet that new head coach John Fox intends on moving forward with Tebow as his starting quarterback instead of Kyle Orton. The Broncos have been rumored to be asking anywhere from a second to third round pick for Orton as soon as a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

Until then, no players may be traded to other teams.

As far as the rest of his staff, Fox has yet to select a defensive coordinator but former Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora Jr. is reportedly a candidate according to Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. This too is perhaps a sign the Broncos are preparing to return to a 4-3 defense after running a 3-4 the past two seasons.

A majority of the offensive staff remains to be formally named, but Legwold also states that it’s likely that former interim head coach Eric Studesville will stay on in his former position of running backs coach. What that could mean for the Broncos potentially returning to a zone blocking scheme remains to be seen.

All in all, this should not come as much of a surprise to anyone. The biggest of the Broncos’ problems are on the defensive side of the ball so it would make sense that that staff would be the one seeing the largest turnover.

With McCoy staying, it provides Tebow much needed continuity going into his second year. With a very turbulent labor situation, having the same coaches around only will help No. 15 continue to grow and develop.

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  • CJ

    We need to bring back the zone running scheme

  • jrodz19

    Something that makes sense? That's refreshing! Nice 1st move Fox.

  • crazykid

    The Eagles fired their DC. Should we pick him up?

  • CJ

    Sean McDermott the biggest 4-3 named coach available

  • Stooch415

    does anyone know where to watch the tim tebow doc “everything in between”… any website?

  • Josjjj98

    terrible move! why keep the OC!!!

  • 42n8

    I like the moves. McCoy and Fox have a good history; and Studesville had the players playing hard for him, so it gives some nice continuity to the team and proves that Fox isn't an ego-maniac. Although Fox was not my first choice for a coach, I'm pleased with what he's done so far.

  • Dbaumga797

    Not sold on either of these moves but I'll trust Fox on both. Wasn't impressed with McCoy's play calling in the last 3 games, but he didn't exactly have a whole year to prepare. Mostly unimpressed with Studs as RB coach…exactly what did he do in that job to deserve to stay?? Our running game was horrible!

  • TheTroglodyte

    He was the RB coach, not the O-Line coach or the guy calling the crappy sweeps or bringing in The Dancing Queen Maroney.

  • robtink242

    i was please with the play calling in the last three games.. The guy gradually open Tebow to the offense… And his numbers are good.. thats what you do when you have a rookie QB.. Studesville at RB coach i have no problem with seeing that if Fox may not fair well and Studs resume position.. and the O-line was cause for our run struggles

  • anthony33

    The offense, while far from prolific, was decent last year. It makes sense to as much of that in tact as possible and upgrade coaches (offensive line) where needed. Something McD failed to do on his arrival.

    Remeber this article from the DP… scary accurate for a prediction by a physic.

    Will the next Broncos head coach be a man who already won a Super Bowl with a previous team? And will he win one with Denver?

    Shoshanna: I heard that Tim's ability to win a Super Bowl in Denver will depend greatly on who they get to be the coach of the Broncos next year. They are currently considering two very different coaches. Ultimately, they will choose a coach with not only experience, but a hard edge and thick skin. He will be needed to bring the team back together again after this difficult 2010 season.
    I hear that the coach the Broncos choose will not have had a Super Bowl win with previous team. But the new coach will be one who stays long term. The Broncos will win a Super Bowl with him at the helm, but it will be a few seasons down the road. What will speed up the Super Bowl timeline is a major change in how the Broncos are managed and owned.

    Let's hope she is right on all counts!!!

  • flbronc

    what remains to be seen is if mccoy keeps the mcdaniels playbook, or if it is replaced by a john fox set of 100 running plays and 4 pass plays. i'd prefer the mcdaniels program to the fox program.

  • Rcsodak


  • Ian Henson

    Two defensive coordinators have become available since Saturday: Philadelphia's Seam McDermot and Oakland's John Marshall, while Dave Wannstedt remains unemployed.

    I'm willing to accept Jim Mora, Jr., but why aren't either of these two on our radar. And WHY wasn't Rob Ryan?

  • crazykid

    I just thought of that actually. Bet all your 401K on the Patriots in the SB, because she predicted they would win. haha

  • 5280

    i dont know but in NOT feeling sean McDermot! Rob Ryan seems to be the logical choice if u ask me. i'm okay withg McCoy staying around and i think eric deserves another shot. the man coached 7 different running backs to 1000 yard season including tiki barber, ron dayne, and marshawn lynch, lynch in his rookie season. i mean the man obciuosly knows how to coach running backs.

  • LevonZevon

    The reason is that we are going 4-3 (but Fox has to mumble about hybrids for the same reason McD did: camouflaging draft interests).

    Still, McDermott is more likely to allow Denver to blitz 8-12 times a game than Mora Jr. in my opinion (since a 4-3 rules out the incredibly-talented Rob Ryan).

    McDermott's defense in Philly almost beat Aaron Rodgers and has always blitzed more than Mora's teams in Atlanta and Seattle. Plus, Mora Jr. is looking for a head-coaching job and will probably be too afraid of the media morons blaming the occasional unsuccessful blitz for a loss (while they usually ignore all the many benefits that accrue to a coach like Rex Ryan… who's now 4-1 in the playoffs).

    Philly let some front-seven talent depart in 2010 (since they incorrectly assumed it was a rebuilding year without McNabb).

    So I was shocked to see an aggressive 4-3 protege of late Eagles D.C.. blitz-guru Jimmy Johnson get canned. Who knows, it may have been a case of Reid looking for a scapegoat (a phenomenon we in Denver are frequently familiar with in the ever-expanding law-firm of Robinson-Rhodes-Coyer-Bates-Slowik-Nolan and Martindale… specializing in mesothelioma lawsuits 24/7).

    I'd have preferred another year in the 3-4 to finally allow Denver a season of games where we blitz 2-4 more frequently than in the last decade (so we can see the LeBeau-type advantages of the more-easily disguised zone-blitz packages he's mastered in Pittsburgh).

    But, although Fox knows the steep learning curve of a possibly-shortened pre-season, he also doesn't want to acquire players for the 3-4 and acquire a 3-4 D.C. like Rex Ryan knowing that the eventual change-back is inevitable (for that's what he is comfortable teaching).

    Plus, its not like we already have a Vince Wilfork, Haloti Ngata or B.J. Raji-type Nose-Tackle that a change-back would make expendable.

    And at least Fox won't fall prey to arrogant passing-game “genius” syndrome (whereby the offensive-background head-coach is so cocksure of his abilities— especially with H.O.F. QB's executing his schemes– that he is is dead-set against rolling the dice on defense).

    Aha. Finally found the downward cursor arrow. Phew.

  • LevonZevon

    And Maroney was instead of trading a 4th for Marshawn Lynch (who was apparently less capable due to not being familiar with McDaniels magic playbook).

    Argh. That's why I call the Patriots starting RB Ben Ellis. I just can't stomach being reminded of the names Jarvis and Green in succession.

    Too bad we can't deduct Maroney and Maroney's salaries from McDaniels pay package.

    Both of these chums are probably getting Josh a nice Rolex in return for the $$$ log-rolling he performed for his ex-New England pals.

  • Vince_marine

    I hope you didn't make that bet!

  • Kris Burke

    McDermott was in a tough spot in Philly following the late great Jim Johnson. You know how brutal the fans there can be and Andy Reid is looking more and more like a self serving jerk

  • Kris Burke

    Fox laregly stays out of the offense. He isn't a manic micromanager and that's what's so refreshing about him compared to McDaniels. He lets his coaches coach.

  • Kris Burke

    McDermott was in a tough spot in Philly following the late great Jim Johnson. You know how brutal the fans there can be and Andy Reid is looking more and more like a self serving jerk

  • Kris Burke

    Fox laregly stays out of the offense. He isn't a manic micromanager and that's what's so refreshing about him compared to McDaniels. He lets his coaches coach.