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Published on 09/04/2010 at Sat Sep 04 12:38.
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Brandon Stokley is amongst three surprise cuts for the Broncos. (REUTERS/Andrew Cameron)

Brandon Stokley will sit out 2010 season for the Broncos. (REUTERS/Andrew Cameron)

The Broncos have just announced that defensive end Jarvis Green and outside linebacker Darrell Reid have been cut from the team.

They also made official that Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Stokley will be placed on injured reserve. Dumervil called the decision mutual.

With the selection of Eric Decker in April’s draft and the increasingly significant play of undrafted rookie receiver Matthew Willis, coupled with a groin injury that kept him out of the last three weeks of the preseason Stokley found himself on the wrong end of the depth chart. I had predicted in early August that Stokley wouldn’t make the team. The Broncos had a better idea.

Green is also a surprise cut, but the writing was on the wall with his limited playing time in the preseason.

Keep it tuned here as we will bring you the news as we get it as the Broncos trim their roster to 53.

  • crazykid

    Poor Stokes knew it was coming. I feel terrible for him, because his dad just passed away, and now he's unemployed in his late 30's.

    Jarvis Green is a bit of a surprise since he just got singed this offseason to a 4 yr deal.

    Darrell Reid was a good special teams player but the LB's were too full for him to stay.

  • Ventasrsm

    Since the McDaniel's era started I've been with him 100%; I didn't mine that Cutler and Marshall were gone. But cutting Stokley is a real disappointment. Mr. McDaniel's we want results for this season….. I hope that you have not made another mistake (like A. Smith) with the receivers corp. This a sad, sad, sad day for the Broncos…

  • Guru

    Stokley being cut was no surprise last year you could see he was not the same player tallent wise he was in past years! Eric Decker and Matthew Willis are the future and the present among others in a tallented and deep Receiving corps! Stokley is at best a number 3 Receiver on most any team in the NFL! With the Broncos tallent at the position he might be a number 6 Receiver

  • Adore Medico

    Stokely had his run. He will be well remembered having caught the record breaking td pass from Peyton Manning, to catching the tell tale td for the Ravens, to having an all time nfl highlight for the broncos. Even if he plays again and gets cut he has made his mark!

  • Dr44ew

    Stokley is a stud, he will bounce back with another team… Denver is just to athletic and too young at the position. He can still make an impact for another club.

  • Guiness54

    does this mean E. Royal will start in the slot now?

  • Ricklynchjr

    you all stokley is not cut he is on ir so it would free a roster spot he is out for you think we cut dumervil too?nope

  • Ricklynchjr

    yes royal played slot yesterday