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Published on 05/18/2010 at Tue May 18 00:02.
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Tim Tebow sets up to pass as Kyle Orton watches during mini camp at the Broncos facility in Englewood. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

Tim Tebow sets up to pass as Kyle Orton watches during mini camp at the Broncos facility in Englewood. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

I know I’ve covered this very recently, but it doesn’t look like a story that’s going to go away. So, do I still think the Denver Broncos won’t be trading Kyle Orton? Yes. (Yes meaning I think that Orton will still be wearing a Broncos jersey in week one, just to clarify my awkward sentence).

Although logic and recent history go against my thesis. So who is it that thinks the Broncos are going to dump their first string quarterback for the second season in a row?

I mean who is it that thinks the Broncos would trade Orton besides a certain local Denver writer who gets to skip training camp and reference it because he hangs out with the players. Conjuring up names like Paul Roach and Otis Armstrong from his ivory tower of Broncos conscientia. While we write these posts on our BlackBerry while sitting next to Bar Rafaeli and Zoe Saldana (I can name names too) from our Mom’s laundry room.

NFL Networks Michael Lombardi has joined the movement in saying Orton is on his way out.

Despite nearly everyone thinking that Orton’s on his way out I’m still not swayed. A player in his second season under Josh McDaniels‘ system certainly has the upper-hand, no? A veteran in McDaniels system is damn near a shoe-in, someone a coach would get rid of the heir apparent Jay Cutler to get (Matt Cassel), right?

Well, by that logic that would make Orton the first string and Tom Brandstater the second string, with Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow jockeying for third and fourth string… Well… That’s not happening either. If there was a market for Orton he would have been gone, I just don’t see Denver giving Orton up for a fourth round draft pick. That’s what he’s worth in my opinion, there aren’t a lot of teams that he could start for. To play devil’s advocate though, if I am the Pittsburgh Steelers I am/have calling/called Denver already. There is no guarantee that Ben Roethlisberger will be clicking on all cylinders following that mammoth suspension. Orton is a good quarterback, but a great back up. This is why I don’t see him leaving Denver this season… I think McDaniels feels the same way that I do in this regard.

People get hurt, Denver fans will remember the site of Orton waving his bloody hand in the air as we all gasped and wondered why he was being such a wuss about the cut he had on his finger. Only to find out it was his bone that was sticking out, not merely just a cut.

What fans will never forget though is what happened against the Washington Redskins in week ten when Orton went down and Chris Simms replaced Orton to many cheers around the nation. Even more recent in Broncos fans memories will be how relieved they were to see Orton hobble out during week eleven to replace a seemingly useless Simms against the San Diego Chargers.

The Broncos never recovered from that and McDaniels won’t either if he were to give up someone like Orton in a trade in favor of starting Quinn and having only Brandstater and Tebow as replacement options. Quinn’s fragile foot or finger could easily cause him to miss time in 2010 if he’s taking the majority of the snaps. Quinn has yet to get through an entire season in which he has seen more than two quarters under center.

So slow your role Tebow fans, his time will come. Don’t give up on Orton just yet though, this whole situation reeks of the Cutler’s rookie season in which Jake Plummer could do no right coming off an AFC Championship loss. You don’t tell your designated driver to go ahead and drink because Jimmy’s little brother is about to get his license. Remember history, how it’s scorn and will repeat itself. Players get hurt and I’m perfectly fine having Quinn replace Orton in that situation or vice-versa if training camp and preseason dictate a depth chart swap.

In other completely un-Bronco related news, I’ll be on MTV’s Made today (5:00 PM EST) making girls cry and hopefully not coming off as too much of an ass. So tune in or catch it during one of the 95 repeats throughout the next couple of weeks.

  • flbronc

    i think you're right, orton doesnt get traded for any other reason than that the market wont even bring the fourth rounder you speak of. i think we'd be luck to get someone to bite on a five or a six.

  • hope


  • denverfanindallas

    Why could this not happen to tony romo?

  • Banjo

    Agreed. If they could get a 4th he would be gone. Tough situation for a decent guy but his long term role in the league is as a back up. A year of Orton starting is a year of delaying the maturation of Quinn and Tebow in the offense. The only benefit I see is the o-line is likely to be a major weakness as the season begins with rookies and vets recovering from injuries everywhere. Mcd may see Orton as the sacrificial lamb to take the shots until the o-line gets up to speed and buy some time for Quinn and Tebow to get ready. Hopefully they can hang on to Tom B in the meantime. Between him, Quinn and Tebow odds are decent a real NFL qb will emerge.

  • suzukilc

    I can't see them getting rid of Kyle and taking the chance that maybe Quinn can get get the job done. Kyle had an ok year last year and should be better this year. What is sad, he leaves next year and we get nothing for him. A quarterback goes down in training camp, he would bring a 4th round and by then Josh will have a idea what he has in camp with the other three.

  • Ian Henson

    That's where I see the real problem being. Tom Brandstater and Tim Tebow are the only true chosen McDaniels QBs. I can't see Brandstater being given up on so quickly. However, with a quiet preseason, maybe he could survive on the practice squad… I don't know.

    We're going to podcast tonight and get into it a little bit over this I'm sure.

  • herc_rock

    I'll give anyone out there 20-1 odds that jesusback is the starter in Jax. You KNOW it's going to happen.

  • Brian

    I still think this all hinges on Brandstater. If he demonstrates he can run the Offense I think he stays and Orton goes. If Brandstater proves, in the preseason, that he can play and McDaniels gets rid of him anyway that says something to the fans and the media. If McDaniels keeps Orton and cuts Brandstater after a good preseason he is admitting Tebow can't be trusted to start a game.

  • flbronc

    i can see us ditching brandstater. we dont have much invested in him, other than a year of coaching and a sixth round pick in a draft that our coach admitted he didnt have the proper prep for. maybe not cutting him outright but i think we'd risk placing him on the practice squad and having someone else sign him away.

    it's obvious that mcd doesnt see the future in brandstater. if he did, that means that we drafted first round qb to back up a sixth rd qb who has never played a game. i dont think he's that crazy.

    i also think that mcd would want to have someone with nfl experience to be tebows backup, not a guy who has exactly one more year than him with no real game experience.

  • Brian

    I asked the bloggers on the Denver Post and a few of them said Brandstater is not eligible for the practice squad because he was on the active roster for 6 games last season. Does anyone know if that is true?

  • John

    Yeah but Orton's jersey is still the only jersey on sale on and it's on sale for $35? Whenever a players jersey is on sale on it's always a sign of things to come. Especially when it's only that guy's jersey on sale and for such a cheap price. It happens every year. I think Quinn is in.

  • Ian Henson

    @Brian I was just looking into the same thing. I know that he spent a lot of time on the inactive roster, I only REMEMBER him being active for two. That means nothing though, can't find it on anything official.

    The DP bloggers are probably correct though.

  • Mike Hunt

    No rookie QB can be trusted to start a game. Tebow isn't there to start this year unless what he does in preseason is just absolutely mind blowing.

  • cyberspread

    If you use the jersey pricing logic, BDawk, Champ, Royal, Stokely and Moreno are on their way out to.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I heard that if Tebow gets the nod to start, Clady will move to RT to cover his blindside and Tebow will actually lineup at LT to block for himself.

  • dogheadbrew

    But if Brandstater is a McD guy, Why bring in Quinn AND Tebow? Simms was on the roster until Quinn came in, so they must see TB as a project at best. Now Tebow is McDs project en vogue. He loves him some QBs, but I think TB is gone.

  • kerry

    i heard that too. i also heard that Tebow is so fast he is gonna throw him self 60 yard bombs into the end zone. but not before he snaps the ball to himself, saves a burning orphanage and converts humanity all on the same play.

  • kerry

    good get rid of Orton. best news iver heard today. let Brandstater have a shot. fuck quinn. he can go do EAS commercials and talk about his glory days at Notre Dame. anywhere else Orton is a backup and so is Quinn. give the kid tommy B a shot. cant be worse then ORton or Quinn thats for sure.

  • Scott

    But the broncos dont need this many qbs its pointless if anything we should be focusing on our defense thats what wins games

  • swaps55

    I say trade Orton or Brandstetter because four is surplus and they need to plan their lives, but make sure Kerry is a tackling dummy.

    And then team owner should hire two more coaches now in the offseason and make all three Broncos head coaches compete for the starting assignment each game. Josh has been something else. But he did fix the defense by putting the fear of the Lord in them.

  • TD4HOF

    I know what the consensus is on Brandstater on Bronco Talk, but how do NFL level guys view him? (sorry fellas- you're a smart bunch, but you don't have the title of NFL coach/GM- no offense). I've heard several people say he's not getting the shot he deserves. Is he a Kubiak-caliber backup, or does he have what it takes to be a starter in this league? He sure is a good sized guy but had pretty mediocre stats in college. Are the few glances we've gotten of him in the preseason enough to warrant him getting the same shot as Orton, Quinn or Tebow?

    Please enlightened the less enlightened….

  • TD4HOF

    I know what the consensus is on Brandstater on Bronco Talk, but how do NFL level guys view him? (sorry fellas- you're a smart bunch, but you don't have the title of NFL coach/GM- no offense). I've heard several people say he's not getting the shot he deserves. Is he a Kubiak-caliber backup, or does he have what it takes to be a starter in this league? He sure is a good sized guy but had pretty mediocre stats in college. Are the few glances we've gotten of him in the preseason enough to warrant him getting the same shot as Orton, Quinn or Tebow?

    Please enlightened the less enlightened….

  • TheTroglodyte

    I can't remember who it was but someone on here a few months ago said they had access to training camp all last year and Brandstater was WAY off on his throws constantly.

    Everybody wants to see what he can do because of a few quarters of play in one pre-season game (he absolutely sucked the week before).

    I'm sure we will get a chance to see him come pre-season this year if he doesn't suck it up in training camp again. I also expect Orton to be gone if Quinn is outperforming him and either Brandstater or Tebow so much as comprehend the offense and do not panic under center.

    I don't expect it will be Josh McDaniels choice, but the fact of the matter is, Bowlen isn't going to want to pay several million to a guy riding pine as a backup QB who is obviously not the future of the Orange and Blue

  • Ian Henson

    Thing that may have been Kyle who made the Brandstater comment =P

  • Andpark

    I also cannot fathom how people are so high on Brandstater, unless they are at practice everyday or work within the organization. We saw him play a good game against 3rd string Cardinals a year ago. Action speaks louder than words and brining in Quinn and Tebow is not a great sign Brandstater has impressed McD.

    One thing I have been wondering is maybe there really isn't a plan for Quinn at all, what if he just kinda fell into our laps before we were sold on getting Tebow? We basically got him for free so at the time we had nothing to lose but now we find ourselves in this 3 way fight.

    So if we aren't sold on either Orton or Brandstater (of course not sold on Simms who is goners) so I see Quinn playing quite a bit this year if he looks good in preseason, we cut Orton and Tebow starts when he is ready, which I think will be a lot sooner than people think.

  • Ian Henson

    I would start him, at least for a play. Get another home game out of it.

  • robtink242

    wow there lets keep it football… his background has nothing to do with his play… at least we know he is focus… the guy is a winner and a leader and contains all the tools to win. In this past draft only Colt McCoy can talk to Tebow about winning.. Tebow has the edge because of his championships.

  • robtink242

    Okay we trade Orton to Pitts. for one of there inside linebackers.

  • Nick Shadow

    McD will Keep Orton and he will start, at least at the start. Quinn backs him up (experience) and Tim (while rebuilding that home for children burned in a previous post) will study and watch, except for the wildcat, which they will use just cause it will work. Tommy B. is gone. He was a stretch all the way and got a season, which may buy him a “pick up” and a chance to develop. Someone mentioned the young guys couldn't be worse than Orton, but they could be a lot worse,,,,,,,,,,,at first.

  • Nisse

    the picture is nice, looks like orton cant understand what mcdaniels sees in the guy.

  • kerry

    um no. sorry but i dont go for the whole “oh he won in college so he automatically has an edge” argument for this guy. he is 0-0 right now. same as McCoy, Clausen and any other rookie QB. i care for not one single stat he HAD in college. winning in college doesnt spell GREAT SUCCESS in the NFL. so until i see it, im not buying it.

  • TheTroglodyte

    lol yeah I was thinking that too but I couldn't remember for sure and I don't like to put words in other peoples mouths. Glad it was though, because that means it came from a credible source.

  • robtink242

    Are you serious??? Every single player that played in the NFL had some football stats prior to entering. Guess what, the guys with the best stats get drafted higher than the others with poor stats. The way i look at it Tim Tebow DOMINATED the SEC guess where most nfl player come from? SEC thats a pure bullshit you're talking about. If you said that you simply don't like him as a QB i would of had to respect that. But don't try give a BS reason. All i'm saying is the guy faced the best teams in all of college football playing in toughest conference and simply won. He stated no one would work harder than him and he proved it. And if that doesn't give you the edge i don't know what does.

  • anthony33

    I don't see what the Broncos gain by moving Orton now. Don't you at least have to see all 4 QB's in preseason to see how they react to live bullets? We all know what Orton can and can't do, and in all fairness, he was adequate last year. It is also fair to say he is not the long term answer, not even close. So at least right now he is the best QB on the field right now.

    Get through the preseason, see how Quinn and Tebow react, then decide what to do. It took Shanny all of about 2 quarters to realize Bubby was not the guy. Same thing can happen here.

    Agree with comments that the bronx would not have Quinn and Tebow on the roster if they thought TB had and chance at all. I read somewhere that he did not apply himself very well on the practice squad… bad move.

  • herc_rock

    Good one.

  • kerry

    yeah JaMarcus Russell won in the SEC too. how did that turn out? again college stats dont mean jackshit once its time to suit up in the NFL.

  • robtink242

    i thought you would go there Peyton & Eli Manning won there to. JaMarcus Russell is a mess. He only has a big arm. Tim Tebow has all the tools to be successful. It's only right for him to atleast have a shot. It's not like Tim Tebow was first round first pick.

  • taterhead

    Afternoon ya'll, Bill Parcell's here!
    I'll trade Jim Mora and throw in Jim Kick for Tebow.
    … me!

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