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Published on 05/12/2010 at Wed May 12 01:42.
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Kyle Orton is congratulated by fans after the Broncos win over the Chiefs. (REUTERS/Dave Kaup)

Kyle Orton is congratulated by fans after the Broncos win over the Chiefs. (REUTERS/Dave Kaup)

The thing we sports writers often forget about amongst our respected opinions and adoring fans is that we have neither…

And I’m not even a sports writer, I’m a sports blogger. That means you’ll drink with me, but only if I’m buying. Shout out to the seventy of you who join me during the game every Sunday!

Trade Kyle Orton? For what? A sixth or a seventh round in 2011? If we could be so lucky, Donovan McNabb was worth a third and a bag of chips. Orton was a consultation prize along with two first round picks, a year later we ended up with Brady Quinn anyway and Jason Campbell’s in Dante’s sixth ring of the hell often referred to as Oakland. I still think we should have gunned for Adrian Peterson in Minnesota; then we’d have shot out two birds with one stone. And one less Bus Cook client in the NFL, shout out to Tony Schefler.

So, here’s my opinion and it’s not worth much, Quinn may be better than Orton, but Tim Tebow’s not (at least right now). Chris Simms and Tom Brandstater both looked prolific in the 2009 preseason with Josh McDaniels calling the plays. We all saw what Simms did in the regular season and as incredible as that was, remember how horrific Orton looked in the preseason? It was the NFL’s equivalent of a sacrifice bunt. McDaniels threw Orton out to the wolves and the wolves were hungry. Orton learned a lesson and the Broncos went six and zero because of it.

You want my early prediction quarterback wise? Orton stays, Quinn stays, Brandstater stays. Tebow, of course stays. Orton plays the season, Quinn and Tebow may replace him, but either way Quinn is on the roster in 2011 just in case Tebow messes up. Tebow takes over in 2011.

Now that’s how I feel, yes it’s ludicrous for Denver to keep four quarterbacks on the team, but if one of those quarterbacks is Tebow and you’ve been paying attention to me at all… Then you’ll see why Denver would be willing to.

  • DBinKC

    Other than “Brandstater stays” I think your crystal ball is clearer then most. I just don't see keeping 4, unless he is on the practice squad.

  • NMBronc

    If DP is correct and Orton has asked for a trade, then this discussion is mute. Orton is a stop gap and everyone, including Orton, knows this. My guess is he asked for a trade and will likely get it. McD is has what he wants at QB and the future is not Orton.

    Now for the what ifs….

    In 2010, it is all about Quinn. If Quinn progresses, then Quinn starts, Stater and Timothy backup, and Orton is traded. If both Quinn and Stater falter, but show some promise, then Ian's senario plays out and I believe they keep 4.

    In 2011, Orton is definitely gone. All else depends on 2010 and whether we win at least 7 games, finish strong and McD still owns the locker room.

  • dogheadbrew

    Absolutely. What's the point in keeping Brandstander? I think if Quinn wins the job in preseason, McD will start him. Most likely Orton will stay starting. Quinn is a fine Backup and Tebow would be third. If any team needs to rely on their 3rd QB, it's going to be ugly. The plus side, if you are carrying 3 QBs, the third is a potential weapon on four or five plays per game.

  • Ian Henson

    Thank you very much, I agree that if there is one to go it will be Brandstater, but two years in McDaniels system has to make him worth something…

    The one thing that is guaranteed is that Denver is on the top of teams call lists should there be an injury to a quarterback in the preseason or training camp.

  • Jon

    Agree with you on this Ian

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I think Brandstater goes to the practice squad if he stays. You can't keep a spot on the 53 man roster for a 4th quarterback, that leaves you too thin somewhere else that matters.

    My opinion on this is that Quinn and Orton fiercely compete in training camp and past history tells us that Orton tends not to impress during training camp. (ala he kept losing to Rex Grossman) So there is a QB controversy all the way up to the first game. I have no prediction on what McJosh will do.

    Trading Orton, I agree, is crazy. There's only ONE reason to trade Orton, and that's if 1) you already know he won't play and 2) you want to give him a chance to play somewhere else.

    On what planet do we think McDaniels is going to do that? There's no way he's seen enough of Quinn to be ready to say he'll start over Orton and if you've got a veteran QB who can get you by you don't start a rookie 1st round pick until at least game 11 or so when you've written off the season.

  • Nisse

    orton – starter
    quinn – backup
    tebow – projekt
    brandstater – practise material.

    having brandstater on the roster will improve tebow very much. if we dont have 4 qbs, tebow will not start 2010.

    but brandstater will get picked up if we but him on the practise squad.

    its quite a dilemma we got on our hands.

  • Nisse

    funny how people call orton a veteran qb. he has been in the league for 5 years, started 3 of them.
    i wouldnt call him a veteran, he is 27 years old, and he has got potential.
    and i whould even say he is an injury free season away from being a pro bowl qb

    trading orton is madness

  • E. Halsey Miles

    By NFL standards, any one who isn't a rookie is a veteran.

    And in comparison, Orton has actually played in 49 games, which is 49 more than Tim Tebow has played in and 35 more than Quinn.

    Technically Quinn is also a veteran with 14 games played, but that's less than a full season, really.

  • O.G.

    Orton's ankles have been a problem for two straight seasons and will be his ticket out of the starting position. That's if he doesn't hop a bus out of town ahead of preseason from feeling the impending removal from the starting position. With a better supporting cast than he had in Cleveland, Quinn will take over with Tebow running the Wild Horses on 3rd downs. Brandstater has Orton's brains (but unfortunately also some of his immobility) and if he's worked on his strength and deep ball as he'd already shown improvements since college, he could surprise in pre-season and move up a notch if he hasn't let his confidence slip from the two recent QB acquisitions.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Until Quinn proves he is better, Orton will remain the starter and on the team. If Orton loses his spot, there is no reason to keep him. True he may be the best backup option, if or when Quinn can't make it happen come the regular season but at some point the brass will step in and say we are not going to pay a backup QB 8mil or whatever it is.

  • SivNiz

    I agree, this how I see it unfolding

  • Paradisimo

    Is anyone here familiar with the 3rd QB rule? I'm wondering how we would be able to get Tebow into the game before the 4th quarter if Orton is the starter and Quinn is listed as the back-up. Here is an interesting article talking about a similar situation in Philly with Vick:

    The way I understand it is if Tebow is listed as the 3rd QB and comes into the game anytime before the 4th quarter then he has to take all of the snaps for the rest of the game.

  • HOPE


  • TheTroglodyte

    Once again your maturity and insight is amazing. Thank you for such a well thought out and profound comment.

  • Banjo

    With the mess the offense line will be in at the beginning of this year (both tackles coming back from injury, rookies starting, new system) it is likely Orton will once again get injured. He is immobile and has horrible pocket presence. A poor combination. The future of the qb position in Denver is Quinn/Tebow backed up by Brandstater. The offense Denver will eventually run with the more mobile Quinn/Tebow will be different than the offense they are forced to run with statue Orton. Every play run with Orton is wasting time developing Quinn/Tebow. Might as well cut to the chase and move him now for whatever they can. They probably won't though, but his inevitable injury will make things nice and easy for McD.

  • dogheadbrew

    That's interesting. If Philly found a way around it, then Denver will too. I'm not sure there was a game that all three played in though. My guess would be depth chart: 1-Orton, 2-Tebow, 3-Quinn. Then if Orton gets hurt (which is his track record), Quinn goes in and we loose the services of Tebow for the remainder of the game. Then again Tebow could take a couple snaps to see if Kyle is actually injured or not.

  • FAN From Spain

    amen… talk about hope…

    Orton is going to start u like it or not

  • Paul

    after your first season you are a veteran……in the military after 6 months you are considered a veteran

  • Paul

    Mcdaniels actually likes Brandstater more than most think…tom has come around and has been deep into this playbook of mcdaniels….I see him staying all 6-5 of him…no job is save tho but he would have to bring something in because he is better than he was when he was drafted…the dude is smart… is nice having options at qb and I believe the best will start no matter rookie or not

  • Paul

    hopefully if it comes to that point of having to release him I hope they show his talent off in preseason to get something in return. I believe quinn will be gone in the next year or two have really never liked his play (plays ok then comes out the next game and sucks) also to slow in the pocket and doesn't have great awareness

  • Kelly

    Banjo, I like the name but not ur comments !Last yr I went to every home game and a lot of road games, Kyle pocket presense is pretty damn good really. As a matter of fact Kyles senior year at Purdue he throws 31 tds 5 picks and guess how many people were drafted? Try 1 Kyle Orton, Tim Tebowner and the Gayturds had nine a school record I beleive You think running a 4.7 matters in this league thats like running a 5 flat to a guy that runs a 4.3! Y dont u tards let the grown ups talk 4 awile and quit posting this GARBAGE!

  • ben

    Great spelling, I guess Im a little confused though I dk who Kyel Orton is but he must be a cowerd if I was you Id forget about football all together and maybe pursue some educational goals reading and writing above a 3rd grade level is a lot more important than football bro! Hope is all you got bud

  • NavyBSU_fan

    The Broncos have shown that they will trade good players to their favorite teams. Cutler grew up rooting for Chicago, so off to the Bears he go's. Sheffler is from Michigan so we trade him to the Lions, Marshall is from Florida, so we send him to the Dolphins. In fact, Peyton Hillis to the Browns is about the only trade I can think of that didn't involve a player going home. At the very least this implies that the team has the decency to take the player's wishes into account. So If the team is really happy with Orton's services from the last year but doesn't think he will be the future then I think we can expect the team to try to send Orton to a team where he could have a better shot at having a good career.

  • NavyBSU_fan

    I have never replied to one of my own comments. But I just thought of something. It could be that the Broncos showed so much class to all of those traded players because the, “home town team” for each of them was the best place for the Broncos to send them, i.e. Chicago, Miami, and Detroit were willing to pay a premium price to bring their, “hometown boy” back to their city. Putting local boy Cutler into the game might sell more tickets and more jerseys than having a winner at the helm. Might be they got suckered by the prospect of having a home town boy who is a winner. If so, glad we duped them!

  • TheTroglodyte


  • DBinKC

    It would be difficult to send Hillis to an NFL team in Arkansas.

  • inrodwetrust

    I like the base of this article, Orton has only had 1 season in this system. People forget that it takes a while to become comfortable with a playbook and your role in it. Plus this is his contract year so he will have to once again have his best season ever as a pro and a Bronco. Having too much talent at a position is a problem you love to have. McD has been doing a good job getting competition in every position (except kickers but that's for a different article).

  • Banjo

    Why don't you get an education and learn English so folks understand what feeble point you are attempting to make?

  • johnnypez68

    I agree they will keep Orton as the starter even though he and the team fell apart at the end of the season. What could happen is keep Orton listed as the starter, Quinn as the back up and list Tebow as an H back or tight end to utilize him in Wild Horses package or some other form of a wild cat offense. I really never imagined Tebow as a pro QB anyway. I always thought he might be converted to a tight end in some system. With Tebow's size an team leadership he really needs to be involved.

  • Themanwhoknewtoolittle

    I think what he is saying is you are way off on your assessment of Orton. While you are correct he is not a highly mobile QB he did make plays with his legs a few times during the season and surprised a few people not to mention opponents when he did. If you are interested in more reasons not to let Orton go, scoll down the page and read my reply to jonnypez68's post.

  • Dbl. J.

    Call me crazy, but Brandstater could very well be the best of the bunch.

    He's smart, tall, and agile. And if you remember the few balls he threw, they were thrown with velocity and accuracy.

    I see Orton taking us to the playoffs this year. Brandstater as his back-up with Tebow in reserve. The best trade bait we have is Quinn.

    We could see Bronco Brady Quinn in Seattle, Buffalo, or Arizona.

  • vibram five fingers

    I am back too!! I have been out of town, so i just picked up my SJ's today, my white and red 12's too. I am a very happy camper!! And you are definately bakk

  • vibram five fingers

    I am back too!! I have been out of town, so i just picked up my SJ's today, my white and red 12's too. I am a very happy camper!! And you are definately bakk