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Published on 04/24/2010 at Sat Apr 24 03:12.
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There’s something going on in Denver and it’s not what you think.

Last offseason Josh McDaniels famously said that the Denver Broncos would do things on offense that had never been done before. A Brandon Marshall reception record is not necessarily what I think McDaniels was talking about though.

I think that he was putting together the puzzle, but the pieces weren’t fitting. The Broncos did the best they could with what they had in 2009; eventually the NFL figured it out and swarmed like sharks once they saw the blood dripping in the water.

Tim Tebow or William Wallace? Tebow cries FREEDOM!

Tim Tebow or William Wallace? Tebow cries FREEDOM!

Just a day removed from the first round of the NFL Draft, something’s up.

McDaniels and Brian Xanders played the first round like a violin, finesse leading to a full on barrage that ended in a beautiful concerto. And in the end Denver ended up better than it was at the beginning of the day, a replacement for Marshall and a quarterback for the future at last.

I don’t blame Denver fans that aren’t over the top for the pick of Tim Tebow, Bronco fans have been here before: Tommy Maddox was brought on to replace John Elway, Brian Griese was brought in for the same reason, Jay Cutler to replace Jake Plummer and Tom Brandstater to replace Kyle Orton.

I even see the hesitation to be excited about Demaryius ‘Bay Bay’ Thomas, the Broncos haven’t had a first round receiver come in and contribute since Ricky Nattiel in 1987 arguably. Though I think Ashley Lelie was good, he could have been great, but left the system too early and got eaten up by ego and the NFL.

Now here’s the rest of the story:

It’s not much of a secret that no one has ran for as many touchdowns in the NCAA as Tebow since Herschel Walker. He was highly criticized and many think he’s not cut out for the NFL. The choice of Tebow brought on comparison of McDaniels to Mike Shanahan and not the good kind. Maurice Clarett’s name boomed in whispered form from the backdoor of Dove Valley through the front in a matter of milliseconds.

Tebow could very well be the biggest mistake McDaniels makes as a head coach in Denver and the nail in the coffin to his career with the Broncos. One thing is undeniable though, Tebow can ball. He can fix his mechanics, his throwing motion, his pocket presence, all of them. Matter of fact he’s sworn that they will.

Yet what appealed to McDaniels about Tebow?

Tebow played in a spread offense in college, got the ball out of the shotgun formation nearly every snap and was accompanied by one if not two running backs on nearly every play…

I heard it said by an NFL Network analyst and I thought it myself, when the Broncos played the New England Patriots in Denver last season they were running just that offense. The spread.

Demaryius Thomas breaks a tackle follwing a reception in the ACC Championship game. (AP Photo/Mike Carlson)

Demaryius Thomas breaks a tackle follwing a reception in the ACC Championship game. (AP Photo/Mike Carlson)

Bay Bay a redshirted freshman at Georgia Tech debated leaving after just one season of playing time for the Yellowjackets when they switched head coaches and the new coach implemented  a triple option offense. An offense that is heavy on the run and often allows for receivers to either run or pass.

Okay, now you see where I’m going.

This isn’t offense as we know it, this is revolution. Oh what the future may bring and it’s only a matter of months before we get to find out. Either way it will be quite the ride, if you weren’t up for it, why’d you pay admission?

  • Maggie

    First of all, let's get it straight. The Broncos do have more talent then the Skins this year, but which team has a better winning record so far? Thought so! That is all Shannahan my man! Ever since McDumb-Dumb took over as head coach, he has washed out Cutler, Marshall, Hillis, Scheffler, Bly, Weigman, oh, should I continue? There are more players than that! Keep in mind that in Shanny's last season with Denver, we went 8-8 with 24 players out with injuries over the course of the season. Where did McDumb-Dumb take us last year? A powerful 8-8 record with his brilliant little plans! This year, we have won only 2 games and got beat by the Raiders at home in a 59-14 loss. Did that ever happen under Shanny? Hell no it didn't. So before you keep playing in McDumb-Dumbs short ones, you better start looking at some hard facts before falling in love too hard with a guy who will never be a great head coach! McDumb-Dumb will never have the skills that Shanny has, nor will he ever be a great leader. Why? Because he is too stuck on himself and “his system” versus the strengths of the actual players. Any real leader knows that you must acknowledge the strengths of your team and build around your team, not build a system and expect everyone to folow suit. Who does that and is successful at doing that? I invite you to produced some hard facts, over your weak argument and prove me wrong. And by the way, no we didn't do well in the postseason under Shanny over the past 10 years. But keep in mind, he was still able to waltz right in a take us to 2 superbowls and win them with ease under his leadership. What other coach has been able to do that with a team that lost 4 bowl games before? Do you honestly think McDumb-Dumb is going to do that for us? Put down that crack pipe and wake up dude, it's only getting worse from here on out.

  • Maggie

    Hillis is running over fools in Cleavland! You don't think that was a mistake either? What's wrong with these people on this board? Have you guys lost all sight of what is happening in Denver? Or is everybody dumb to begin with?

  • Maggie

    Tell me again what McDumb-Dumb has done for Denver in his replacement of Shannahan? I agree that Shannahan lost his edge after winning the back-to-back bowl games, but do you really think that his replacement has done ANYTHING worth mentioning on this board? Don't think so bro! All I am saying is that Shanny should have left maybe 5 years ago and not when he is was actually fired. He was still able to win games with a new and inexperienced team better than just about anyone in the league. However, yes, his days here were numbered. But don't kid yourself or anybody else about McDum-Dumb being a better replacement, because that's simply stupid! We need Cower or Billick to come in and turn things around. McDumb-Dumb doesn't have the skills to get 'er done!

  • Maggie

    The Skins have 4 wins with hardly any talent and a shitty QB. We have a measly 2 wins and a HUGE loss at home against the Raiders. Wow, this new system is really working in Denver isn't boy?

  • Maggie

    Are you sure about us making the playoffs this year? McDumb-Dumb is not a team first kind of guy. He is a my way or the highway kind of guy and that evidenced by his new roster. Take a look at the great players that are playing for other teams and what we ended up with as a result of McDumb's-Dumbs new system. 2-5 as of today, and it's only going down hill from here, with Orton getting stomped in the pocket and Tebow doing his predictable wild-crap! It's just not working here in D-Town folks! But I said that 6 months ago and no one wanted to come to grips with it.