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Published on 03/22/2010 at Mon Mar 22 13:42.
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Kevin Mawae

And just like that, thoughts of a union between the Denver Broncos and the acting president of the NFL Players Association have been quashed.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post blogs that, while the Broncos may have “expressed interest” in center Kevin Mawae, Denver isn’t seriously pursuing the 39-year-old free agent. In fact, Klis states that, per a league source, a deal won’t happen.

The reasoning is as we documented — center Casey Wiegmann was released over two concerns: size and age. With the Broncos moving to a power blocking scheme, Mawae is an improvement in neither.

And if you decide you’re going in a different direction, it doesn’t make much sense to replace a player with another headed in the same one.

No Mawae in Denver [All Things Broncos]

  • Jon

    oh well, he was old, and on the tail end of his career…

  • Kyle

    Also: when it comes to trusting Jason La Canfora vs. anybody else, trust anybody else.

  • Jon

    LOL! good one Kyle! =)

  • CJ

    Hes older than dirt anyway! but we really really need a freaking center

  • Joe

    Jason La Canfora is an idiot. When it comes to NFL news, everyone knows that whatever Adam Schefter says is always right. Canfora is like Kyle Orton trying to fill the shoes of John Elways (Schefter), it will never happen.

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  • Ian Henson he's currently listed as a Bronco 3/23/2010 @ 8:02 PM

  • hmsports

    If my Broncos don't take Taylor Mays, I'd rather see them take Mike Iupati than an older guy as UFA;NFL Jerseys they have a center now, in Seth Olsen, or Ben Hamilton; Iupati is a monster blocker–mean, nasty, & impossible to get around–say a lot like Ryan Clady & Ryan Harris. Wolfsky9