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Published on 02/09/2010 at Tue Feb 09 06:00.
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Adam Schefter reported/tweeted the other day that three teams have gave the city of brotherly love a ring. These three teams called to inquire the status of each of their three quarterbacks. Schefter’s tweet is below.

Multiple teams have called Eagles to inquire about their three QBs. The conversation, and speculation, will heat up in early March.

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer explained further (who recevied that that info from Sal Paolantonio) that those three teams were calling about the availability of the current starter, Donovan McNabb. Those three teams would be the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, and the Denver Broncos.

Adam Schefter says teams have asked the Birds about all three of their quarterbacks and three teams have called about Michael Vick. Sal Paolantonio added that three teams — Cleveland, Denver and Buffalo — have had multiple conversations with the Eagles about Donovan McNabb.

However Les Bowen continues to state that these conversations are ‘prelimary’ and that he can’t over emphasize that:


So Kyle Orton has that going for him.

The oft concussed Brian Westbrook was on a talk radio show, WGFX in Nashville, Tennessee. When asked about of his opinion regarding McNabb’s future in Philly, Westbrook reckons that the Syracuse alum isn’t going anywhere. Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for the transcript.

“I think there is no question in my mind if Donovan will be back. After what he was able to do last year which he had a very good year of course. Everybody measures, a lot of fans measure by Super Bowls.

If you look at this football team with Donovan and without Donovan I think you would be hard-pressed to say that there was better quarterback in the league than Donovan McNabb for Philadelphia Eagles.”

Yet another positive for Mr. Orton.

What exactly does Josh McDaniels have up his sleeve? If anyone knows how to stir up quarterback controversy it’s Coach McD. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about McNabb sporting the orange and blue. Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter would love to have him though.

The Good

Below are Donovan McNabb’s 2009 stats.

G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int
14 14 267 443 60.3 3,553 8.0 22 10

If you munge all those numbers together McNabb posted a 92.9 quarterback rating. At his age he is still performing at a great level, and he has shown little to no signs of slowing down.

The Bad

Donovan McNabb has only started 15 or more games in a season only five times in his eleven year career. If you take away his rookie year, he has only finished out a full season only half of his career (5/10). Therefore, if the unthinkable happens and McNabb is sent to the Mile High City, Denver would be adding another injury prone Eagle. This veteran quarterback is exactly that, a veteran, at 33 Denver would just be upgrading band-aids. The cost of procuring McNabb would most-likely amount to a Brandon Marshall package or a high level draft pick(s). I don’t even want to consider an Elvis Dumervil situation.

The Reason

How did Donovan get to this point? Flashback to week one. McNabb’s ribs were broken during the week one win against Carolina. The following week the Eagles were blown out by the Saints with Kevin Kolb at the helm. Kolb had a mixed outing, he completed 60% of his passes for 391 yards and two touchdowns; however he ineptly threw three interceptions. The next week Kolb fared much better against the Chiefs, but the Chiefs are who they thought the were.

The Bottom Line

Kolb’s flashes of brilliance, youth, and his cheap price tag might give him the edge over McNabb, who represents nearly the opposite.

Speculation is just speculation, but it appears though that as fans we’re about to enter yet another offseason full of highs, lows, and throwbacks. What do you think of the McNabb possibility Bronco nation? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

  • trevor

    It's funny when you respond and everyone argues why not to make a move and then says how far we are from being a playoff team. Great coaches make moves. If you dont have a probowl QB you go get one like Sean Payton did. Childress went out and got a 39 year old and you cant argue how much better they got. Everyone keeps talking about our system but lets not forget it's changing again this year to power instead of zone so our new lineman we will draft and get in FA will have to learn this system. Ultimately we all can agree that watching Mcdaniels call bubble screens and getting stuffed on 3rd and 1 by running off tackle got old real quick.

  • trevor

    And when the cowboys cut T.O. they went to playoffs. Qb’s need recievers we all know that. You love stats obviosly. How can you argue about a guy who has won as many playoff games. I do agree as he has gone deep in the playoffs he underachieved in those championship games. I dont get how people can argue that hes had a running game and what i would call very mediocre recievers. Pinkston,Thrash, ect. Is Orton the guy? Thats ultimately the question. It’s a qb driven league now and it will be for a long time and i just dont see how we are going to make a run with Him and Mcdaniels. What would you like to see in the draft and FA?

  • Plato

    TO didnt even play in the playoffs that year.

    I don’t really have an opinion, I’m just stirring crap up.

  • Plato

    The Cowboys went to the playoffs with T.O. more times recently than they have not. T.O. is a different player now than he was on that NFC Championship Eagles team.

    It’s the contrarian in me…

  • Anonymous

    We probably agree more than disagree. We both think McNabb is a good qb. I simply don’t think he would be as good as Orton in McD’s system (even if McD changes the system). Do I like Orton as our future? No. I hope Brandstater can give him a solid challenge this year for the job. Rookie QB’s don’t cut it so even if we drafted a future HOF it won’t help this year. I don’t see a better FA qb on the market than Orton.

    I would be happy to pick up Kevin Kolb and let him compete for the starting job. All I am saying is I don’t want to trade/reach for a QB (McNabb) that isn’t going to do any more and based on years of watching 12+ games of his every single year, he has an awful lot more detrimental flaws than the average fan realizes.

  • Arkaja

    we just cant let marshall go its our only real offensive wep out there.

  • trevor

    We got so many breaks in the first six games from schedule to tipped passes. Beating Oakland and Cleveland were a joke and we got amazing breaks beating Cincinatti, Dallas, Ne, and SD. Are true colors showed. I really hope we can somehow get Royal back in the game. As far as Orton is concerned i dont know what to think other than he has a great work ethic with serious limits. I just dont understand the age topic when QB’S are going into their late 30’s. We as fans of football keep doubting the greats. I heard Elway, Marino, Montana, Farve, Warner were done way before they actually retired. Would anyone be shocked if Manning plays till he’s 40.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly!!! No I wouldn’t be surprised at all and actually fully expect it. But when we were going 6-0 I kept saying watch out and all my friends and people at work kept calling me negative and saying I wanted the Broncos to loose… Of course nothing could be farther from the truth and I was stoked we were winning, but I didn’t think it would last. I felt like the defense was simply playing high and well above them selfs during that stretch and when Simms actually took the field I could not believe how ineffective he looked and was, he isn’t even an NFL 3 stringer any more. Any way for any one that looks at the Broncos objectively it doesn’t make you a NON-fan, there is nothing wrong with being honest about where they are. I hate my fandom (is that a word…lol) getting called on because I don’t see all of it with orange and blue glasses on…

    OK I’m done with that now…lol.

    Some times an older veteran can bring a team together like no one else, either side of the ball (hmmm Brian Dawkins???). So even though its not going to happen McNabb coming here might not be so bad, he would for sure have something to prove and might bring out better play than he has ever produced???

  • Matt

    I like the idea of trading for Mcnabb, because it buys time for McD to really develop a quarterback like he did with Matt Cassel. Usually that takes time and Mcnabb still has gas in the tank and could easily hook up with eddie royal down field and Gaffney is pretty good. It would be great if Mcnabb could come and still manage to retain Brandon Marshall, but that would probably be too expensive. Keeping Marshall instead of trading for Mcnabb would be a good idea too. Dumervil, however is untradable, in my opinion.

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