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Published on 02/02/2010 at Tue Feb 02 12:30.
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Trevor Pryce

Dear Josh McDaniels,

Remember that time when you sent that guy who appeared to be the future to the Windy City? Well whether or not it was a good deal remains to be seen. However, what is evident is that I lost out on two freaking $70 jerseys and a $15 “Got Cutler?” t-shirt.

His ostracism riled up Denver fans into fits of pyromania. That infamous August caused fans to cremate whatever memories they still obtained in an attempt to materialize their anger. The rest of your tenure has not led fans to dissimilar actions. If I owned a Kyle Orton jersey it would have been cauterized well before the fourth quarter of the final Chiefs game.

Coach, what you need to recognize is that good old Mike Shanahan was never a fan of keeping around the guys whose jersey’s people like to purchase. Josh, you’re not variating from this philosophy. Thank god they don’t make Mike Nolan jerseys.

2003: I bought a Clinton Portis jersey ($70).

2004: Clinton Portis was traded to the Redskins (which I’m not complaining about).

2005: I bought a Trevor Pryce as well as a Jake Plummer jersey ($140).

2006: Trevor Pryce was signed by the Ravens in free agency.

2007: Jake Plummer was traded to Tampa Bay and he decided to retire. Shortly soon after I purchased a Jason Elam jersey, a sure fire investment I thought ($70).

2008: Jason Elam was signed by the Falcons in free agency. So I bought a Jay Cutler jersey for myself, one for my girlfriend, and a “Got Cutler” t-shirt after his first full season starting ($160).

2009: McJayGate. My parents were generous enough to bestow me with a Brandon Marshall jersey that Christmas ($70).

Somewhere buried in my closet is $440 worth of throwback merchandize, please keep it from totaling $510. I’d like to see B-Marsh truck through San Fran’s secondary in London and Id like to see Elvis Dumervil wreak havoc in the backfield again.

Orton? Well he’d better be cheap and Tom Brandstater should get more looks come pre-season. Orton would still be fine if a guy like Sean Canfield or Jimmy Clausen is drafted. 

The bottom line is Coach, I’m more than willing to support you for another season as long as you don’t let Elvis leave the building.


Mr. East

What about you Bronco nation? How many jersey casualties have you suffered over the years? How badly do you want to keep Doom and B-Marsh? Air it out!

  • Bed

    Only time will tell about the Ponies. The best parts of last season were the pre-season gnashing of teeth and the dire predictions of a dismal season. Who would have thought the dismal season would have been about “what might have been”? The other good part of last season was being 6-0. We will learn if JM in the second coming of JC or just another run-of-the mill NFL coach who struts and frets on the sidelines and is heard no more. Maybe Elvis does leave the building and he will take is sacking-ability with him but his lack of tackling (99th ranking in the NFL) can be replaced.


  • jonkrause

    I have John Lynch, and 2 Elvis Dumervil jerseys. Both my brothers have Bailey, we have an Elway, Rod Smith, TD, and Eddy Mac jerseys too. I love Marsh we better keep him. And Brandstater, I'm not too sure about him, but I've never even seen him play so ya hafta give him a shot. Broncos in 2011 baby! (I don't say 2010 because Josh McDaniels said after the '09 draft he is on a 2-year building process, so this is year #2, after #3 we better be in SB or bye-bye MCD for all I'm concerned.)

  • Melifluous

    Even when I get tempted to, I never buy jerseys with player names. My love for the Broncos transcends any one player…even my favorites. Some players don't leave you with a bad taste in your mouth when they leave…but you don't know 'til their gone. In retrospect, I can't say I'd be sad if I had an Elam or a Lynch jersey though.

  • MrEast

    I'm not sad that I own the Elam jersey. I was more upset over the fact that I bought it and then the next season he was gone. That's the way the jersey tumbles…

  • CompUser

    So if a team doesn't make the Superbowl, fire the coach? That's a bit over the top, isn't it?

  • CompUser

    The only player jersey I've ever owned was Bailey, and it was a gift. I don't buy player jersies because like you, I consider myself a fan of the team, not any particular players.

  • jonkrause

    You could say so, I thought every NFL team's goal was to make it to and win the SB? I don't think giving a coach 3 years to get there is 2 short, Shanny got there in 3 (or 4?) and how about the Colts coach, and Mike Tomlin of the Steelers.

  • Roy88

    Wow, you have had some real bad luck when it comes to jersey's (to be fair, I have a Plummer jersey too).

  • Fan From Spain



    Common now give me some gooood news

  • MrEast

    I only get t-shirts and McHoodies now. I've learned my lesson.

  • NMBronc

    I was thinking of getting a Cutler jersey, didn't. Thinking about getting a Marshall or Hillis jersey, not going to now.

    The real question is goes deeper…which Bronco player do you associate with? Who is the identity of this team?

  • T-Money

    Just customize a jersey with double zeros and McDaniles on the back. because we all know that he's not going anywhere even though we all want him to. (you see where I'm going with this…if all the jersey names get ran out of town….well we should start manipulating the system.)

  • Jack

    How about Sean Payton? Should the Saints have fired him last year, after his third season?

  • Andpark

    Speaking of jerseys this post reminded me of a rumor that the Broncos were going to get updated jerseys this year? Has anyone else heard anything about that? How about back to a mostly orange top?

  • rcsodak

    Shanny had a HoF QB! And a top tier Oline with Terrell. I'm sure that slipped your mind.

    As for the player comings/goings…..

    ….IF they are good players, on/off the field, try to keep 'em….

    ….IF they are wanting to play for Denver and the above is true….try

    to keep 'em….

    ….IF they aren't wanting to break the bank and the above is true…try

    to keep 'em….

    ….but IF none of the above is true, then adios, muchachos!

  • Bronco fan

    By your “we all want him to” comment….

    …..are you referring to you and your BFF?

  • jonkrause

    Okay okay, dang Bronco fans are so passionate! Lol that is a good thing.
    I do like MCD, and you guys are right to stick up for him, I'm just saying all talk and nothing to show for it only gets you so far.

  • jonkrause

    Same with me, I almost got a Hillis jersey before the season, and I've been tempted to get a Marshall one. Kinda glad I didn't — I wanna see how things pan out. If Peyton goes somewhere else it will be a huge steal for that team, he is a Beast!

  • robtink242

    A sh*t load of you guys bashed at me for defending Brandon Marshall. But you can not deny his professionalism. I honestly believe McDaniels can learn a thing or to. It's not clear whether he'll stay or go, but how he has handle himself through all this is professional enough for me to always be a BMarsh fan. ( unless he plays for another AFC west team).

    Now thats out of the way lets not let this draft slip past us with out getting McClain and/or Spikes.

  • roshon2411

    My first jerseys were the old school screen printed jerseys. Had Dennis Smith and Elway of course. My next jersey was 1997, when the Broncos switched unis and as a Christmas gift received an authentic T.D. jersey. As a broke college student, didn't have the money to invest in jerseys for awhile.
    With Cutler's fast start last year, I gave in and purchased his orange jersey(captain logo and everything). Around the same time found out my wife was pregnant with our first(boy) and purchased a Cutler jersey onesie(blue). For Christmas, i decided I would get my Dad the white Cutler jersey and having all three, would make a great photo opp with 3 generations of Broncos fans.

    Well I couldn't wait for the day my Son was born, then hell in Broncoland busted loose with McDaniels/Cutler. It so happened, my son was born April 2nd, they day Cutler was traded. Let's just say the wife wasn't happy with me that day and my phone was ringing off the hook for either the news of Cutler or updates on my kid. Of course I wasn't happy with the trade but still was going to get that photo opp. Had everyone over for the game and took the picture. It's funny now, because the three of us together in our Cutler jerseys made 666! It was a sign.

    After possibly getting burned on a BMarsh jersey as well, i've started being picky on which jerseys I get. So decided to stick with throwbacks.

    Atwater 75th Season Home and Away
    Elway 75th Season Home
    Elway Super Bowl 32 jersey
    Bailey Yellow Throwback
    Bailey Away white

    Went with Bailey because he will always be associated as a Bronco. Would love to get a few more like Dumervil, but going to wait to see if/who the Broncos will break the bank for, and sign them long term. Let's hope we at least keep our Pro Bowlers.

  • JoeDoGG

    Wow you took the words right out of my mouth

  • anthony33

    You can't go wrong by getting a jersey of a retired or near retired player. I have a Rod Smith and an Al Wilson… forever proud.

  • AtomicLeo

    I own a couple of Eddie Mac Jerseys. He was my favorite player (besides Elway) during the Super Bowl year. I also bought a John Mobely at the last year they held training camp in Greeley.

    I don't really identify with anyone on the team. This year I bought a Steeler's Ben Rothlisberger for my kid. Hubby is from Pittsburgh and a Steeler's fan. I figured it was safe to assume Ben wasn't going anywhere soon.

  • 3 yard bomb

    You can always play it safe and purchase a hoodie, they are much cheaper than jerseys. And if Mc Daniels ever goes bye bye, you will never feel bad about putting it back in the closet never to be seen again.

  • DantePakistan

    I spent the extra money to get a custom made #78 Clady jersey, I figured that'd be the safest bet, seeing as I had bought a Cutler jersey the season before.

  • DantePakistan

    Plus it's original, don't see too many offensive lineman jerseys out there and Clady is a monster and the most important player on our team right now.

  • kenny7014

    only one jersey that will ever been worn and bought…. ELWAY. the best there was, the best there ever will be.

  • TD30isMVP

    Man do I feel you on the memorabilia:
    Signed Elway Football-Retired
    Signed Plummer Football-Retired/Traded
    Signed Cutler Football-Traded
    Home/Away Cutler jerseys-same as above
    Signed John Lynch Football-Cut/Retired

    My wife is no longer allowed to buy me any active Bronco player's memorbilia…I will trade two slightly used Cutler jerseys for a signed Steve Atwater ball, hehe.

  • MrEast

    Wow. At least you have the Elway ball. When my father retired from the military his friend sent the Broncos an email asking them to send him a football signed by Mike Shanahan. Instead of a football signed by Mike Shanahan they sent him signed by the whole 2005 roster, the team that went 13-3, the best part too is that there's no Cutler signature.

  • linmoo

    At least you got to use some of your jerseys. I bought my Cutler jersey at Christmas of '08. Three months later, he was gone. I've since replaced it with an Eddie Royal jersey this Christmas…and I'm not completely convinced he's going to make it through the off season with McD calling the shots.

  • themastermind

    That's funny, I bought my niece a Jay Cutler jersey last year, and then of course he got traded. So, this year, after Marshall seemed to get his act together and was having great games and had that hug-fest with McD I said 'Okay, it's safe'

    And I got her a Marshall jersey to replace no. 6.


    I think I will wait until the first week or pre-season to replace that one. LOL

  • Doom92

    In my last post I said the same thing before this posted and couldnt agree more. At the begging of last year I wanted to get a Marshall and this year did get a Doom along with a “build it yourself” sweat shirt. I've got a number of others including Price, Plumber and Cutler too. It would be nice to have one that is wearable for more than a year or two…

  • MrEast

    Trades and Free Agency are an evil plot by Reebok in order to turn up jersey revenues.

  • Doom92

    Looks like you get to…lol

  • tiredindenver

    I have an idea for all of you Jersey owners out there, you can trade in all the jersies you purchased over the years for an even trade for McDumb-Dumb to move along and coach a team like K.C.

    Hey Josh, Bob Segar sang a song that was meant for you…it's called “Get Out of Denver”. If you listen very carefully to anything but the sound of your own voice you might have heard Bob singing to you all along. You suck as a head coach and no you're not as good as you think you are. Stop f*%$ing around with OUR players, boy!!!

  • Plato

    Is this milehighs?

    Did you actually read that article? Only one of the players mentioned was traded by Josh McDaniels.

    Why do people support Brandon Marshall? Marshall is not worth the hassle at all.

  • tiredindenver

    We are tired of McDumb-Dumb for a few reasons. Not just over trades, but the players he let go and did nothing to keep on the Broncos. As far as B-Marsh is concerned, no I don't think we should look at letting him go, or Schefler or Hillis. You ask why we support B-Marsh, do you know of anyone else that had 100 catches this year that played for Denver? I don't think he is a hassle…I think we need to look at who's playing QB and who's coaching this team and start with the changes there. Why would anyone get rid of a guy that produces the way he does? If we can get someone else to step up than cool, cut him loose. But until then, pay the man and find someone who can throw down field and make a play every now and then.

  • throwback jerseys

    I know how you feel on players you like leaving the team. However I really do like throwback jerseys for players of the past. Players like John Elway, Steve Atwater, Shannon Sharpe, Randy Gradishar, and Floyd Little. These are the throwback jerseys I would like to have.

  • throwback jerseys

    I know how you feel on players you like leaving the team. However I really do like throwback jerseys for players of the past. Players like John Elway, Steve Atwater, Shannon Sharpe, Randy Gradishar, and Floyd Little. These are the throwback jerseys I would like to have.