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Published on 03/31/2009 at Tue Mar 31 19:16.
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All hell has officially broken loose. Pat Bowlen has officially released a statement saying that he will comply with Jay Cutler’s trade requets. The AP article states,

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen released a statement saying both he and McDaniels had been unable to get Cutler to call them back over the last 10 days. Bowlen said he spoke with Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, on Tuesday and came away convinced “that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos.” 

It’s a sad day indeed. Hopefully this is all just a bad April Fools joke. Where will Cutler land? Who will take over the reigns?

  • T

    All Bowlen has is an empty bottle from the night before. Who actually thinks Bowlen made the calls? He had his pathetic GM call… From what I understand most of those calls went to Bus Crook.

  • william

    I want to start by saying that i have been a broncos fan for many years, i have alot of ups and downs. But this if the worst by far i have ever seen. i have been following this very close and here are some of my feelings.
    1. alot of people are putting the blame on jay, how would people react if we put a different name in this problem lets say the name was john elway, and 11 yr ago this problem came up who do you think would be out the door elway or mcd?
    2. i know that jay is young and has alot to learn,but hell i am in my 40″s and still learning something new everyday. i think jay is just defanding him self why play for some one that trys to backdoor you then lies about, McD never wanted jay to play for him from the beginning. jay is not a system qb he makes thing happen right or wrong but it is fun to watch. if i wanted to watch a qb stand in the pocket and look down the feild and say no one is open so i will throw it a way i would watch tom b. wow that fun to watch. it all started at the top owner, gm, and coach they are to blame…
    3. if i was bowlen this is how i would have handled all this crap, after last season was over i would call shanny in my office and we did not make the playoffs, and here is what i want to do you choose eaither being my head coach or my gm, then i will hire one or the other
    hay guess what we still have a very happy qb and we overhual the defence.

  • jerry

    While i am a Titans fan, I have always liked the Broncos. Particularly in the days of Steve Atwater. For the life of me, I cannot see the wisdom of wanting Matt Cassell over Cutler. Can one of you explain this to me. Was Mcdaniels being arrogant, or did he really believe Cassell is a superior athelete and QB.