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Published on 01/01/2010 at Fri Jan 01 10:47.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall reacts after catching a pass for a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders in the third quarter of an NFL football game in Denver on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall reacts after catching a pass for a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders in the third quarter of an NFL football game in Denver on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

A few days after signs pointed to Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall being able to play Sunday despite a hamstring injury, head coach Josh McDaniels told reporters on Friday that the Pro Bowl wide receiver will be deactivated against the Kansas City Chiefs.

McDaniels said Marshall’s deactivation is an accountability issue, and not because the hamstring injury will keep him out.

In fact, according to Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette, McDaniels believes Marshall can play, but won’t fight through a “slight” injury other players fight through regularly.

Meanwhile, based on McDaniels’ reaction, CBS4 Denver’s Vic Lombardi wonders aloud whether Marshall will ever play for the Broncos again.

If it’s not one thing it’s another with Brandon Marshall, and it seems Josh McDaniels just put his foot down. This has big-time implications for the Broncos’ final game of the season, but even bigger implications as we look toward the offseason. The Broncos have told Marshall they will discuss a long-term contract after 2009 — we’re not sure an axe exists big enough to break that ice.

  • mikebirty

    bang – there goes the quiet off season we were all hoping for.

  • Kyle


  • WhidbeyBronco


  • T-Money

    What the hell? What is going through McD's head? “we want to field a bunch of guys that are 'accountable' and putting guys out there that will help us win”

    Right. So why are you benching our best player? Did I miss something?

  • broncosfanman69

    Marshall has been playin great and we need a win to make the playoffs with some help so therefore we need our best players on the field. McD needs to put his ego aside and focus on winning this game – should have won the last two? Play calling has also kinda sucked as of late! And another thing, where is the sense of urgency? Haven't seen it really in any of these last few games.

  • mikebirty

    wake me up for the draft then again in september for kick off.

  • Jrod

    I obviously don't know all the details of the situation, but this is a terrible move. How can you possibly justify benching two of your best players in such a critical game? You bench them because they have a bad attitude? Because they won't play through an injury? You've got to be joking.

  • jeremy

    how bout lets get royal scheffler stockley hillis some more touches. they would be able to make up for the cry baby self centered attitude. we are a team now thats what wins championships. if marshall cant get on that page we are better off without him. go broncos! :)

  • T-Money

    Ok well first of all non of you know what the hell is going on so stop blaming Brandon for doing anything. It's the head coach's decision and therefore it's his fault. Unless you can show me otherwise I feel that this is Josh's attitude getting in the way of him mind.

    Secondly, Eddie probably won't play and in case you missed the memo, scheffler is going to be sitting on the bench next to Marshall. That leaves Jabar Gafney, Brandon Stokley, Brandon Loyd, Daniel Gram, and Richard Quinn as your recieving core.

    I understand that the whole idea about being 'accountable' for you and your team is something that everybody needs to take to heart, but at the same time you have to consider that we FIRED MIKE SHANNAHAN because we weren't making the PLAYOFFS. Once again we are still in the hunt and we need to win and at the very least end the season on a good note.

    How does benching two of your most potent players while another is not going to play due to injury and instead start two rookies get that done?

    And what happens if we do make the playoffs? Is Marshall's accountability going to hold him out of those games too? I just don't like what McD is doing. If you are going to send this message to players you do it when you season is not on the line.

    When McD said “we're not going to leave any bullets in the gun” I did know that he meant that he was going to take out all but one and play Russian Roulette


    I kinda wonder whats gona happen next season cause likely along with Mashall none of the plays you just talked about are gona be in Denver do to one Man McDaniels put the crap year blame where it belongs owner and coach!!!

  • maroussia

    It will be great to watch Oakland Raiders, i have bought tickets from… looking forward to it.