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Published on 11/07/2009 at Sat Nov 07 10:36.
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Ty Law

On Saturday, the Denver Broncos signed cornerback Ty Law and waived Jack Williams. Like any team, the Broncos needed the free agent to pass a physical before they would sign the dotted line.

Let’s hope Law passed that physical with flying colors.

During his Saturday morning press conference, Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels told reporters that he hopes the team’s free agent signing will play Monday night for the Broncos’ Week 9 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The last time Law was with an NFL football team was December 2008. That gives the 35-year-old two days to shake off ten months worth of rust.

In other words, expect Alphonso Smith to play as the team’s nickelback while the Broncos ease Law into the game plan.

  • NavyBSU_fan

    I like the signing of Ty Law. I am not sure about the release of Jack Williams to make room. Williams is young and I thought he had room to improve. If I were GM I would have released that linebacker/defensive end Jarvis Moss. I guess that is why I bend metal for the Navy and I don't run professional football teams for a living. Makes me wonder if McD thought that williams was never going to get better or if he already had a slightly short ball hawking corner that he happen to draft.

  • T-Money

    Phonosy came out of the gates playing like a first round draft pick but when he got hurt Jack stepped up and took his place. Then got utterly owned all day long by Baltimore and since, as kyle said, the two of them are the “go to” targets on third down and also in long yardage situations…. it's important to get off the field and neither of the two were getting it done.

    I'll leave it at this. If Ty Law is in shape and can still play at an elite level then I don't mind the signing. BUT if he brakes down then I'll be upset that we got rid of potential for experience.

  • texaspat71

    Go Denver Patriots

  • texaspat71

    Go Denver Patriots!

  • TheTroglodyte

    Jack Williams couldn't even keep his spot ahead of Josh Bell (who was cut by San Diego) last year. This year he filled in decently in limited fashion on plays involving small wr's but he is no longer needed with the signing of Law. Even if Smith is hurt, we could plug in Barrett or Woodyard and get just as good of coverage as Williams offered if not better because both Barrett and Woodyard can over some bump at the line on bigger slot wr's.

    Law is a more physical and crafty player that fits in better with McD's philosophy of smash mouth football. Williams was owned by Kelley Washington because Washington is 6-3 217. Not because Washington has any special skills. That is why he was cut.

  • broncoinva9986

    I know Jack so I don't know a little indifferent….but winning is the name of the game

  • steeplebomb

    We'll see… McD really wants to win now, thats for sure.

    Not related but Bill Simmons said this about the coming matchup:
    I am not buying the whole “Baltimore proved how to stop Denver's offense” thing. At all. Guarantee Josh McDaniels studied what the Ravens did for 75 hours this week and made all the necessary adjustments. Beware of the altitude; beware of Elvis and Knowshon; and most of all, beware of the Neck Beard.


  • MiamiMike

    Here is a definition of the nickel-back position from a site. This will help explain in some detail for those that are not 100% sure. It is not meant to be sarcastic by any means.

    With this it shows that Law will not be covering the #1 W.R. Law (should be able to still handle the #3-4 wideouts just with his experience. It's been a while so I am not sure how he tackles and plays the run. This position will help with the run as well. If you do know please help me out. THANKS

    a nickelback is a cornerback who serves as the fifth (in addition to the typical four) defensive back on the defense. A base defense contains four defensive backs, consisting of two cornerbacks, and two safeties. Adding an extra back makes five, hence the term “nickel”, which is the name for 5-cent coins in the United States and Canada. Usually the nickelback will take the place of a linebacker, so if the team was in a 4-3 formation, there would now be four linemen, only two linebackers and five defensive backs creating a 4-2-5 formation. However, some teams will replace a lineman rather than a linebacker, creating a three linemen, three linebacker and five defensive back alignment, a 3-3-5 formation. If an offensive team always uses three or more wide receivers, a defense may turn to a nickel defense for their base package on most plays. Usually extra defensive backs, such as a nickelback, are substituted into the defense in situations where the opposing offense is likely to attempt a forward pass, such as 3rd-and-long, or when extra receivers are substituted into the opposing offense.

    The nickelback is the third cornerback on the depth chart. The nickelback is not considered a starting position because the starting formation for a defense has only two cornerbacks. Defensive formations with four or more cornerbacks are used often enough that a nickelback will usually see moderate playing time (particularly in the modern, pass-oriented NFL) as well as subbing in for the starting corners.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Law is very solid on the run and tackling for a cb. He was a key cog in the Patriots dominating D that won a couple of super bowls (Bill wouldn't have kept around a finesse cb that couldn't tackle). McDaniels was also the defensive backs coach before he became the offensive coordinator so he is very familiar with what Law can bring to the table at the nickel position.

    Law should also be worked into the dime and will be a huge bonus in zone coverages where his ability to read an offenses play before it fully develops will pay off huge since intelligence is more important than speed and agility in playing the underneath zone.

  • SivNiz

    Which podcast?

  • steeplebomb

    It was in his NFL picks for this week i think