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Published on 10/08/2009 at Thu Oct 08 08:00.
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Elvis Dumervil (2007 photo)

Elvis Dumervil (2007 photo)

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil was flagged for roughing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady Thursday, three full days before the two were set to face one another on the football field.

“I saw Dumervil chasing and sacking me in my dreams,” Brady stated simply. “So I called coach (Bill Belichick), he called the NFL officials office, and they took care of it from there.”

NFL Head of Officiating Mike Pereira confirmed the penalty, citing the NFL’s publicly concerted efforts to protect the league’s signal callers and the quality of the game.

“We don’t want our star players to suffer,” Pereira said. “Let’s face it, this is a quarterback’s game, and whether it’s season-ending knee surgery or scream-inducing night terrors, our quarterbacks need to be protected.”

“I really don’t see what the big deal is,” Brady added.

Dumervil, tied for the league lead in sacks, is expected to be fined up to $15,000 for his perceived actions. Fearing further league punishment, Dumervil declined to comment.

  • herc_rock

    Well done!

  • coskibum

    NFL Minority Report…

  • McgarnagleDB

    It's a good thing Brady doesn't know much about Robert Ayers. That's where the pain will really come from on Sunday. Rookie can't afford steep penalties this early in his career.

  • Bruce M.

    As a Patriots fan, I have to say this was hilarious, thank you. (For the record, Tom Brady would probably find it hilarious too, as he did the Rodney Harrison comment.)

  • Josh Temple

    Bravo Kyle, bravo!

  • Josh Temple

    On a related note, he did try to help JaMarcus up, but Russell wasn't really interested:

  • TheTroglodyte


  • IanHenson

    I think last week's game against Baltimore will actually make the refs slack a bit on the roughing calls… That was my initial gut when I saw all those penalties, “Yes, we're going to be able to knock him out.”

    The atrocity was the non-calls when the Patriots were doing the same thing to Flacco…

  • AngelUtz

    I have never laughed so hard in my life! Well said :)

  • Bruce M.

    Actually, the Patriots got called for a similarly ticky-tack roughing call. The difference is they didn't whine about it. And yes, the Patriots player was fined $5,000 and the Ravens were not.

  • IanHenson

    Are we talking about the same hit? There was no call on the hit I'm talking about, may have been a fine, but I haven't read about it.

  • animal2317

    How stupid , Crybaby brady

  • Steven Wright

    sounds like something brady would do!

  • stuckinraiderland

    In the movie version of this story, Tom Cruise plays Mike Pereira, right?

  • realsteel87

    This just in from NFL Headquarters:

    In an unprecedented move to show fair and balanced impartiality, new league Director for Game Control, Tim Donaghy, announced that Dumervil has also had his season average two sacks per game added to his statistics for the upcoming New England game, one of which will result in a forced fumble and recovery by Champ Bailey, who will be coming on a corner blitz, for a TD. Donaghy said in his statement, “We want to keep it all in perspective, in addition to letting fans know why the score will be 6-0 prior to kickoff.” When asked why the league chose not to add the PAT, Donaghy replied, “Whoa, that's just too much control for one man to have. Let the game be decided on the field.”

  • Roy88

    Classic. Absolutely classic.

  • kurt

    That's a really ignorant comment.

    The Ravens were wearing the skirts during and AFTER that game. Wright drew a fine for a ridiculous call, and despite all the WHINING coming out of Baltimore, nothing. Not even a reprimand.

  • kurt

    Let's not forget head coach Harbaugh drawing a *BENCH penalty* for his share of of the Baltimore b1tching. The Ravens are the embarrassment to the game of football.

  • IanHenson

    Why would they reprimand them? The Ravens were right. It's kind of like the league admitting guilt.

  • Ed

    I think Dumervil should be suspended from this one for that blatant roughing call.

  • Broncos Zone

    LOL nice! :P my bro had a dream that he sacked him 3 times!!! =D lets hope

  • dbroncos

    Haha real good stuff right there.

  • Name

    Flacco was hit late numerous times, including the play that resulted in a neck injury for LT Gaither, and non of them were called. FACT.

  • TomM


  • TomM


  • Name

    I think they should give the Lions the Lombardi Trophy. Heck – they've won a game, which is more than Barack did to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Name

    Brady and Belichick should call the NFL and see if they can fine Michael Strahan for the beatdown he gave them 2 years ago. Maybe get that ridiculous comedy off the air.

  • patricialupien

    STUPID!!! Tom Brady Has been the starting QB for seven years 2001-2007. In that time, the Patriots failed to reach the playoffs once. In the other six years, they played in 4 Super Bowls and won three. This young man deserves far more respect than the idiot who wrote this.

  • Name

    The embarrassment to football are you massholes who think that game was fair. When have you ever seen a bench penalty before? This isn't the NBA and much worse has been said by ALL HEAD COACHES to the refs, just watch NFL films wired sound. The pats former coach, Parcells use to threaten their families. Baltimore was playing against the refs and the patriots and if not for a dropped pass would have won the game. The LT Gaither did not get a head injury from falling down. He got it cause of a cheap shot to Flacco's ribs by a spearing DE from NE. Now leading with your helmet is a penalty right? How about a late hit on the QB? Or does it only apply to teams other than the Patriots? How about the Tuck rule? Has that ever been called before or after that playoff game with Oakland? Or the fact that Palmer injured his knee on the same type of play as Brady but doesn't throw a tantrum when someone brushes by his leg. Also Palmer didn't get a rule made for him. So please spare us with your claim that for some reason the Ravens had no business winning anyway.

  • Name

    yeah they certainly were wearing those skirts…I mean they broke your RBs ankle that is the girliest thing! They also nearly beat you if Clayton doesn't drop the ball. So if they were wearing skirts the Pats musta been wearing tampons.

  • Name

    You're absolutely right he does deserve our respect. If the game gets to tough for him he should be allowed to play 7 on 7. Other players shouldn't get within his zip code while playing, and should get at least two roughing the passer calls for intent. Why not give him a red jersey like he wears in practice? That way everyone knows not to touch him.

    Look bottom line he gets paid to PLAY FOOTBALL a sport in which YOU GET HIT! If you want to act like a soccer player then go play soccer. As you pointed out he has won three super bowls so the guy is a veeeeeeeeeery good player. Let him make his plays on his own and not have the refs do it for him.

  • Bruce M.

    Your troll-baiting ignorance is as funny as the original posting, except that was INTENDED to be funny.

    >When have you ever seen a bench penalty before?

    Exactly. When? So what coach would be STUPID enough to say some SO egregious (you may need to look that word up) that it deserved a penalty.

    >The LT Gaither did not get a head injury from falling down.
    >He got it cause of a cheap shot to Flacco's ribs by a
    >spearing DE from NE. Now leading with your helmet
    >is a penalty right?

    Wrong on all counts. Gaither got injured when his head speared the back of his own teammate Joe Flaco. The Patriots hitting Flaco from the from clearly has his helmet to the left of Flaco's arm, which you can verify at:

    >How about the Tuck rule? Has that ever been called
    >before or after that playoff game with Oakland?

    Absolutely. I've seen it several times.

    >Brady but doesn't throw a tantrum when someone
    >brushes by his leg. Also Palmer didn't get a rule made for him.

    Neither did Brady. He did not ask for the rule and, in fact, has stated he thought the rule was too strict, but again, only and informed fan would know that.

    >So please spare us with your claim that for some
    >reason the Ravens had no business winning anyway.

    Even the NFL head ref thought the calls were ok, which you can verify at:

    Maybe the Ravens should focus more on catching the ball on crucial 4th down plays?

  • derekmcsorley

    what a dousche bag article, u wont be laughing when brady burns the broncos deepmc

  • Name

    Wait the head of the NFL refs thought the calls were ok? WHAT A SHOCK!!! I mean if he says it then it must be true right? I mean he's as non partial as they come. So then why didn't they fine those dastardly Ravens players for slandering the refs after the game?

    As for what the Baltimore coach said, if you were watching the live broadcast (something only an uniformed fan would do), you could hear him say “That call is Bull$#!%”. Shocking I know, to hear such language in this day and age. That deserved a penalty apparently. But then why wasn't Mike McCarthy of the Packers given one on the PI for Woodson the next night? Or Mike Tomlin for saying the Chargers were offside on the onside kick and their refusal to acknowledge this was Bull$#!&. Or how about on the roughing the passer for Wright on Flacco (which I didn't agree with either) when the entire stadium chants it? I suppose it was because the coach should know better and be more attentive to the refs feelings.

    Your assessment of the Gaither injury would be funny if you weren't so biased in your interpretation. Yes you're absolutely right Gaither was hurt when the crown of his head went into Flacco's back. But it was because Ty Warren (“the Patriots hitting Flaco from the from” in your words) drove his helmet into Flacco's arm a good two seconds AFTER HE RELEASED THE BALL. Now he hit his arm because at the last second Flacco stepped to the side so Warren wouldn't hit him in the chest. Leading with your helmet is a penalty no matter who makes it. Again something you could see clearly, unless you are making an excuse for why this wasn't a penalty.

    With regards to the tuck rule it was instituted in 1999 and has been called a handful of times since then. Mostly though its a fumble or incomplete pass. But you obviously watch much more film then me being an informed football fan.

    Maybe Brady didn't want the rule created but he sure was happy when it was called. To the point of making gestures at the ref and giving a fist pump when the flag came out. Again something I have yet to see out of Palmer, or Manning, or Flacco, or Roethlisberger, or Brees, or really any other QB. Maybe he said the rule was too strict but his actions on the field show otherwise.

    Lastly if you want to make fun of someone and claim them to be stupid you might not want to have spelling and grammar mistakes in your argument.

  • Name

    are you kidding? Boston/New England is the biggest bunch of cry babies in sports. some of you even still complain about the yankees and their payroll. Stop complaining all the time, dont you have syrup to harvest or something?

  • Bruce M.

    >Wait the head of the NFL refs thought the calls were ok?
    >WHAT A SHOCK!!! I mean if he says it then it must be true right?

    I always love you conspiracy theorists. No matter how many people in or outside the system disagree with you, YOU still know the Real Truth.

    >As for what the Baltimore coach said, if you were
    >watching the live broadcast (something only an
    >uniformed fan would do), you could hear him say “That
    >call is Bull$#!%”.

    Yes, I did hear that. And that is not when he got called for the penalty. And, as you say (hey, we agree!), that's not that unusual. It was what he said after that. They ex-players (not Patriots) they interviewed afterward said the only way to ref throws that penalty is if the coach makes it personal, so he said something more apparently.

    >Now he hit his arm because at the last second
    >Flacco stepped to the side so Warren wouldn't
    >hit him in the chest.

    Brady would have gotten hit just above the knee if he hadn't stepped aside, but you whine about how that shouldn't have been a penalty, but it's ok if Flaco does it, huh? Love the double standard.

    >Leading with your helmet is a penalty no matter who makes it.

    No, HITTING with your helmet first is a penalty. ALMOST hitting with your helmet first is not.

    >Maybe Brady didn't want the rule created but he
    >sure was happy when it was called.

    Well, yeah. When was the last time you saw someone sad that they got a free first down?

    >I have yet to see out of Palmer, or Manning, or Flacco,
    >or Roethlisberger, or Brees, or really any other QB.

    Apparently, we watch different games. It you look at 4:35 into the second video I mentioned the head ref says “Have you ever seen Jay Cutler play Have you ever seen Phillip Rivers play? There is not a QB in the league that doesn't lobby for a call.” Oh wait, but you don't believe the refs anyway, so never mind.

    >Lastly if you want to make fun of someone and claim
    >them to be stupid you might not want to have spelling
    >and grammar mistakes in your argument.

    Absolutely valid point, that was stupid of me. FYI, I never called you stupid. Enjoy the game Sunday.

  • Name

    “I want the penalty called. I want 15 yards. I don't care if they hit me or not. That's an advantage for our offense. You just want to make sure the refs . . . I go hug the refs before the game, and ask about his kids and stuff like that. I'm trying to get him on our side.”

    These are the words of Tom Brady shared on Wednesday as the media dug a little deeper into the alleged favoritism towards the league’s reigning Miss NFL. Some might say this topic is old but let’s break out the wrench and dial back the hands of time just a bit here and revisit a few key calls…

    Call No. 1: The Patriots are facing a third and 9 from their own 37 down 7-3. Brady short-arms a pass to Ben Watson that falls incomplete yet the drive is kept alive thanks to a ticky-tack penalty against Haloti Ngata whose forearm grazes Brady’s helmet. Brady falls to the ground like he’s been hit by a bus. Yellow laundry flies and the drive remains alive.

    Call No. 2: Five plays later the Patriots fall well short of a first down after a failed third and two conversion attempt. The mark on the field is so clearly short of the marker that Stevie Wonder (with all due respect) could have been in the crowd signaling fourth down. Yet the officials grant Bill Belichick’s request for a measurement.

    Neither Belichick nor Brady even watches the measurement. Both obviously know they are short but they successfully bait the officials into what amounts to a free timeout during which they collect their thoughts and opt to go for it on fourth down. They convert. Two plays later it’s Patriots 10 Ravens 7 after a questionable touchdown by Brady who was arguably short of the goal line.

    Call No. 3: Ensuing drive – the Ravens first of the second quarter. After three plays that gained 4, 22 and 12 yards respectively the Ravens face a first and 10 from the New England 38. Joe Flacco throws a deep post to Derrick Mason which was defended by rookie Darius Butler. Clearly Butler interfered yet there was no call. Want proof of the interference? Look at the picture above.

    The Ravens were forced to punt.

    Do you think if that had been Domonique Foxworth climbing Randy Moss’ back in Boston that laundry would have littered the goal line?

    Call No. 4: Fast forward to the 5:16 mark of the second quarter. The Patriots face a second and 11 from the Ravens 43. Terrell Suggs beats his man but gets hit by a second offensive lineman. His momentum carries him towards Tom Brady’s knees yet through pure athleticism he redirects his body in a way to avoid a serious lower leg collision with Brady. Unfortunately he still grazes the quarterback’s knee. The referee staring right at the play does nothing until the Golden Boy throws a mini tantrum and then gets the desired flag. Two plays later, Sammie Morris carries it in for the score – Patriots 17-7.

    Four calls resulting in a 21 point swing.

    And let’s not even drill down on the Illegal Contact call against Chris Carr despite contact being initiated by Wes Welker and then later in the game Derrick Mason collides with Leigh Bodden in a much less violent collision than the Carr-Welker confrontation – a collision which by the way was initiated by Bodden more than 5 yards down field. Yet Mason is flagged.

    Oh and then there’s the terrible spot after the failed fake field goal giving the Patriots a first down before the penalty essentially giving them a free pass to kick a field goal – another 3 point swing.

    So for those of you who say get over it, stop whining, the referees didn’t make a difference – SHUT UP!

    They did make a difference and none of these pivotal calls went the way of the visitors – calls that added up to 24 potential points.

    These calls weren’t the only reason the Ravens lost because despite it all they still had control of the outcome near the end.

    But make no mistake about it, those calls absolutely contributed to the loss.

    And as for the double standard with Flacco avoiding the hit to his sternum he had to turn a player with all of his momentum bearing down on him. Suggs was falling to the ground. Little different wouldn't you say? Eh who am I kidding you wouldn't. You enjoy the game as well by the way.

  • Name

    that btw was taken from in a blog by Tony Lombardi discussing just how much the officials did hurt the ravens in their game versus the patriots. It wasn't just two blown calls it was a slew of them and if you disagree then you need to remember that one day, hopefully soon, the shoe will be on the other foot and we'll see how respectful the patriots are to the refs.

  • Bruce M.

    Actually, the Patriots already had that game. Their first game against the Bill had 2 very ticky tack roughing the passer calls that extended Bills drives and allowed the Bills to be winning the game up until the last 30 seconds or so.


  • joenhre

    Hey derekmcsorley, what happened? I thought Marcia and the Brady bunch were going to “burns the broncos deepmc”. Well I'm not even a Bronco fan and I'm still laughing after the game as I was after reading this article.

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