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Published on 10/07/2009 at Wed Oct 07 15:57.
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John Clayton

We’ll be serving up crow all season to self-proclaimed preseason prophets and prognosticators as the Broncos continue to out-perform their pitiful predictions. This week’s victim: John Clayton.

Good evening, John, how are you? Good? Wonderful to hear. So kind of you to dine with us tonight.

Before we begin, I must say, your prediction on the Denver Broncos rings of a certain… howdoyousay… poignancy. Would you agree? After all, you predicted the Broncos would win all of 3 games this year, and in fact, they’ve already won 4.

If I recall, you later pontificated that the Broncos are surely “a mess.” You went so far as to conclude your brief thesis with a timely, “Ouch.” Oh the wit, oh the cleverness of such a pithy interjection. It’s like you were being objective without being objective at all, at the same time!

Well, that is a shame. The Broncos have already won 4 games. It’s time to eat some crow!

Eat Crow

Today’s entree is stuffed crow, roasted in a tart cranberry sauce and served fully feathered and beaked. Please chew carefully, and be wary the feathers do not puncture your small intestine and somehow reach your liver; we wouldn’t want you spewing bile all over ESPN now, would we?  “Ouch.”

(And fret not, dear John. We’re sure we’ll be raising a fork alongside you, and sooner rather than later.)

  • Dave Simon

    Clayton is a pompous ass who doesn't now how to build a team, if he did, he'd be building one, not talking about them.

  • Mergrath

    LMAO…that is GRRRREAT!!!

  • Richard

    I would be careful. Our first three opponents were pitiful, and Dallas is struggling. If we win this weekend, I'll be more of a believer. I predicted that we would go 3-0 and finish 5-11. I didn't see the Denver win coming. If they beat the Pats, I'll be a McD convert.

  • Richard

    *Dallas, not Denver

  • TheTroglodyte

    Sweet analysis Richard. Or should I call you “Raider Fan!”

  • rcsodak

    hmmmm…what's that other name, that's short for Richard?????


  • Kyle

    We're only serving up crow once the win column exceeds the prediction.

  • Big_Pete

    Try telling the Packers and Steelers (you know, the defending super bowl champs) that the Bengals are “pitiful”.
    The ignorance level from people who just want to hate on us is suffocating.
    The Colts are 4-0, but do you know who they beat? Yep, you guessed it, a whole bunch of teams that are just as bad if not worse than the ones we beat. Why aren't people not bashing the Colts and saying they'll only start believing in them once they beat “a real team”? :rollseyes:

  • MeOMy

    I for one am tired of listening to people say we havn't beat anyone. Am I mistaken or is Cinci not in first place in their division? Did we not beat Dallas? Yes Dallas is 2-2… Guess what their two losses have come against teams who are 4-0. They lost to the Giants by only 2 points. They lost to us by 7.

    Of the 4-0 teams only New Orleans has a better opponants record at 7-8 compared to Denvers 6-10. Giants (A lot of people's #1) is 4 -10.

    In games not verse Denver teams have scored an average of 20 points a game. In games vs Denver 6.5 . Of all the teams only New Orleans has a better PF PA diff. We have 7 Different players who have gotten sacks. 6 different players have gotten interceptions.

    Personally I can't wait for us to win our 11th game this year so I can eat my crow. I'll share it with the handfull of other who posted all summer long saying there was no way we were going to be a worse team this year. I'm going to wash it down with a beer. The rest of you non believers can keep drinking your cool aid!

  • TD30isMVP

    This was a pre-season prediction. The off season was a “mess” and our pre-season games we basically sucked. Brandon was still crying and many on this board were saying the same or worse. Combine that with the schedule and yes Clayton thought we might suck. I am extremely happy with our team but when this 3-13 guess went out many around here agreed. I chose the “wait and see” approach and still want to see how the next few games go. I am worried about this week since the student got almost everything from the master (practice routine, philosophy, adjustments, etc.) it might be hard to top the old boss.

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