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Published on 10/06/2009 at Tue Oct 06 17:00.
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Morning BroncoTalk family.
Wipe that sleep from your eyes and let me know how it feels to be 4-0 with sole possession of the division! How does it feel? We’re still undefeated. We’re still underrated. We’re still disrespected. Although, John Clayton has started his back tracking. The bums over at The Football Today podcast on ESPN, namely Jeremy Green, have a strong unspoken vendetta against the Broncos and they’re not backing down. It’s upsetting. I just wish people understood. I wish they could feel what we’re feeling.

Everybody scream.

Everybody scream.

“But there I go again. Wishing never solved a problem. If you wanna get big time, go ahead and get, get big time”- Yeasayer

Brooklyn based Yeasayer performing Tightrope

Feel good moment of the week
Brandon Marshall and Coach McD embracing on the sideline.
I got real emotional at the bar. Kind of embarrassing.
Feel good moment of the week 2
Brandon Marshall and Coach McD embracing during the post game presser.
I got real emotional in my room in front of the computer. Less embarrassing as this is more typical. Don’t ask.

Our short yardage run game isn’t too hot is it? It stinks. We cannot convert.
I wouldn’t mind the move to put Darrell Reid at fullback on 4th and 1 if it worked. At all. Reid slipped and provided no real blocking. This was the 2nd time this season in which the Denver offense failed to turn a 3rd and one & 4th and one into a first down. We’re playing physical in every other aspect of the game, time to get the power running jump started.

Good, hard defense and a timely offense= our 4-0.

What has made the offense “timely” and not “efficient”, is our “timely”penalties.
wk four. 10 for 81 yds.
wk three. 6 for 53 yds.
wk two. 5 for 50 yds.
wk one. 4 for 27 yds.
Is it just me or has their been a penalty in each game that qualifies as a complete drive killer? The good news, this team is coach-able and does a great job of making in-game adjustments. What’s troubling is the increasing numbers. Playing better teams means compensating, sometimes in the form of getting caught holding(somewhat understandable), but the false starts need to end here.

Everyone, keep your fingers crossed that Buck can heal quickly. ESPN reports he may be out 1-2 weeks.
His history with injury does not bode well for us.
He missed his entire 2002/2004/2005 seasons due to problems with both knees. The Orange Rush had been working well, and with Hillis and Jordan not showing much life, Knowshon needs his running mate. We all need him.
Pats: 11th ranked run defense allowing 95 yds a game
Bolts: Don’t count, they stink.
Ravens: 1st ranked run defense allowing 59 yds a game
Pitts: 3rd ranked run defense allowing 61 yds a game

Enough horsin around.

Enough horsin around.

Txt Condolences: Good Game
Sent to my good friend Adam, a life time Cowboys fan. I have in the past rubbed wins in his face, particularly the Thanksgiving game a few years back. His brother was getting married this weekend, I thought I’d keep it classy.
Response: TBA
He’s like me, when things start heading south I shut my mouth, I keep quiet. It has to be tough for Cowboys fans this season, the slow realization that Romo stinks is seeping through the cracks of Texas and it’s long extending roots through out the rest of the US. I want his take on Romo going to Champ’s side x2 with the game on the line. To be continued.

Daft Punk/Around The World directed by Michel Gondry

*Braylon Edwards stinks. His team’s in the gutter, he drops balls, and to top it off, now he’s messing with my boy Lebron.
*Speaking of King James, if you’ve thought about seeing More Than A Game, do it. It’s like every great sports movie you love, only it’s real. Kind of. Just to be clear, this is a non SL item.
*Michael David Barrett, the creep who filmed Erin Andrews changing in her hotel room was released on a $4,500 bail. How strong is the BT female readership? If you”re out there I wanna hear from you. This guy stinks, and will hopefully face justice. For all of our male readers, here is a link to the video…just kidding. This is scary, as the world progresses/digresses we need to make sure our rights to privacy remain intact.
*People who don’t tip, you stink. Karma is a boomerang folks.

BT Family. Share with me. Who/What/Where did I miss? Bronco related/life related. Think of this as your time to express yourself. Let it out.

  • roshon2411

    J Kenneth K,

    Good point on the short yardage offense. This has been a issue for a few years running now and thought it would change this year. As great as the the run game as been for the past decade I think having smaller lineman has hampered the redzone/short yardage situations. As we slowly bring in big bodies I can only hope this improves Denver in this area. However, Denver needs a true FB. The experiments of fan favorites Hillis and Larsen hasn't worked, though I would like to see both remain with the team for depth. Denver needs to find a true FB. I'd prefer them to release Lamont Jordan to do this, but either way, this offense isn't as dominate as last year and they'll need to score 7 and move the chains as much as possible this year.

  • Josh Temple

    We have to see what the jumbo formation of Spencer Larsen at FB and Hillis at HB can do with Larsen being hurt so far. The team was tinkering with it in training camp and seemed to work for the most part. Who really wants to go through a MLB that knows how to block to stop a guy like Hillis?

  • DenversFinest

    Wow that band sucks “big time!”

  • celeste21

    Michael David Barrett is a creep. Go look at internet porn you weirdo.
    As a woman, stuff like that creeps me out.
    On a lighter note, I'm psyched that the Broncos are undefeated! I've always believed.

  • herc_rock

    Yes. That is not good.

  • JordanKennethKamp

    Celeste, thanks for chiming in. It's good to see some representation from the Female BT fans, not too sure what the percentage of Men to Women is on this site, but guessing it's not even close.

    Dfinest/HercRock- I appreciate your guys opinions, I've seen these guys twice live, both on accident, but I have to admit I enjoyed their performance big time. How about you guys turn me on to some music I might not be aware of. Especially you Herc, rock is in your name. Who do you listen to?

  • Nisse

    what does you being a woman have to do with it creeping you out? just as creepy for a man to get secretly filmed. her being a woman has nothing to do with what is wrong with this sort of stuff.

    on 4 and 1, we havent seen spencer and hillis in action yet, hopfully that well go better, otherwise we are in big trouble.

  • MrEast

    Herc probably listens to Yanni, Enya, and some Metallica.

    You know… the classics.

  • Todd E.

    Who is the guy from the BroncoTalk podcast who sounds just like Stevie Janowski from “Eastbound and Down”

  • Kyle

    BroncoTalk does not have an official site podcast.


  • Kyle

    JKennethK stinks for putting the phrase “my boy Lebron” on this site.

  • Kyle

    Also, if your friend was getting married, spare the rub-ins. But your friend's brother's marriage does not absolve your friend from requisite hazing. He's a Cowboys fan after all. :)

  • JordanKennethKamp

    Kyle, I was born and raised in Ohio. The fact that I came out a Broncos fan makes me very happy. The fact that I remained an Indians & Cavs fan has not been all that great for a long time. Allow me to enjoy my Lebron while I still can.

  • herc_rock

    Don't forget John Tesh. He's magical!

  • herc_rock
  • IanHenson

    Before he plays for the Knicks next season? Can't wait to see your teary eyes this weekend. Hopefully it's because we have to watch Tom Brady get his face blown up.

  • Mellifluous

    It's creepy either way…sure…but I would guess that women get victimized on this front a little more often than men. Maybe I'm just naive…

    There are a few of us ladies keeping up with BT. You guys help me talk intelligently about my one and only team–Go Broncos!

  • broncoman277

    Their biggest problem on offence is not FB its that pathetic quarterback Orton that needs to go before He gets Our recievers hurt having to come back all the time to catch underthrown balls,If You look at it Orton just cant throw the football mark My words Denver will not make the playoffs with Orton at quarterback! and if They do they will lose in the first round the players are going to quit sticking their neck out for Him and His lousy throws,They need to get Brandstater in there ASAP.