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Published on 09/07/2009 at Mon Sep 07 01:14.
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Denver Broncos Tony Scheffler (88) is tackled by New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes (R) in 2008.  (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

Denver Broncos Tony Scheffler (88) is tackled by New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes (R) in 2008. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

The twitterverse just can’t have enough “bombshells coming out of Denver,” it seems. Until we hear more we’re taking this with a grain of salt, but felt we should pass it along to you. Remember, this is a rumor, this is only a rumor…

The buzz started when a (presumed) New York Jets fan sent a tweet to Jets S Kerry Rhodes speculating that the team was going to trade quarterback Kellen Clemens to the Denver Broncos for wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

By now, Broncos fans have heard every variation of Marshall-to-Jets rumors in the book. But rather than ignoring the message or brushing it aside, Rhodes virtually confirmed it, replying, “u may be right!!! (hint hint).”

Whoa. Didn’t see that coming.

Rhodes immediately followed up by teasing that there would be a “big announcement coming soon.”

As expected, his tweets garnered a huge response. Rhodes addressed it again, stating, “Sorry 4 the hold up fans but this stuff sometime takes time but just stay tuned u will find out soon. Not trying to hold u guys in limbo …”

In limbo, we are held. Are Jets-Broncos trade talks really getting heated again, despite the multitude of reports to the contrary?

Interestingly, Rhodes’ twittering teammates Nick Mangold and Jay Feely, caught in the fan panic crossfire, say they have no idea what the safety is talking about. If Rhodes is privy to inside information, it isn’t common knowledge among his teammates.

Which has me skeptical. It’s Rhodes against the world at this point. Adam Schefter, King and other national reporters with the usual inside scoop aren’t reporting anything close to this, and are even explicitly reporting the opposite. Rhodes’ teammates don’t know anything, either.

And when it comes to trusting Adam Schefter or Kerry Rhodes with the latest NFL news, I’m trusting Adam Schefter every time.

Maybe Rhodes will end up being right in the end, but it seems far, far more likely that this is another example of a player/former player being irresponsible with his twitter (quiet, children) and not considering the consequences ahead of time. Teasing news likes this causes undue activity for teammates and fans, not to mention the beat writers who have to go out of their way to confirm or debunk the story.

Or maybe, as I suspect was the case with Jamie Dukes, these types of headlines are exactly what the tweeter intended all along. There’s no such thing as bad press.

  • T-Money

    This was posted 2 hours after this dude’s shenanigans…

  • Kyle

    Thanks T, grabbed King’s, meant to link to Schefter’s too…

  • BroncoinVA9986

    i hate the jets….like really I don’t get why people would even hint a kellen clemens for brandon Marshall trade that is like whatever…screw the jets David Harris is asking too much

  • BroncoinVA9986

    that made no sense….I am tired of the Jets and there shenanigans with this trade rumor. there is a reason why the jets have won much in the last twenty years

  • BroncoinVA9986


  • DWright5

    Adam Schefter is right. The Jets didn’t pick up Kevin O’Connell so that they could trade Kellen Clemens to Denver in a deal for Brandon Marshall.

    Rather, they got O’Connell so that they could trade HIM to Denver in a package for Marshall. It makes a lot of sense. Both Orton and Simms are hurt so Denver could use QB depth. McDaniels is familiar with O’Connell from New England and probably covets him, at least as a safety net. My prediction is that we will hear about a deal (probably O’Connell and a future 1st round pick for Marshall) within the next day or two.

  • monty_NYC

    No reason to get snippy Bronco fan.. The jets are just trying to win..Marshall is a great talent and hes on the block.We are brothers Bronco fans we both had a belicheck man child come in and make believe he knew what he was doing. At least mangini helped us get to the playoffs and build a solid nucleus..unfortunatly all mcdaniels has done has set your team back 10 years..

  • AtomicLeo

    This is just stupid! I could understand including a LB in the trade. We need help on the D-line and LB areas. But another QB? We’re going to carry 4 QBs this year?!?!? That is insane.

    This (I hope) is total BS.

  • Robert

    O’Connell has such little promise the Patriots cut him out right. Why would we want a guy that is so worthless he wasn’t even worth a 7th round draft pick. Marshall is not going anywhere, especially for O’Connell.

  • rcsodak

    Also from his twitter…

    “For those who think i was talking bout B Marshall, Guess again!!!”

    He’s an attention whore….nothing more.

  • Kyle

    Just about to post that, thanks sodak… yup, attention whore, exactly what I thought when I wrote the article.

    On a separate note, isn’t it nice of the MSM to completely ignore that the Patriots got burned with Kevin O’Connell? Detroit had him in camp for one week and got a draft pick for him. New England got nothing; just released him.

    Detroit 1, New England 0.

  • Kyle

    PFT is saying, after the “Guess again!” post, he had another tweet up that said it still might be about marshall. Then deleted it.

    Ay ay ay gimmeabreak…

  • Joe
  • roshon2411

    Why would Rhodes know anything? He just pulling a “Dukes”…

  • OC Bronco

    Blame Rhodes all you want but the reader has to take some responsibility. If anyone thought we would trade Marshall for Clemens that is just ….. ridiculous.
    Come on. Clemens wouldn’t be worth more than a 5th rounder in a trade.

  • Kyle

    I think the general train of thought is that Clemens would have been part of a trade. It’s hard to get all that across in 140 characters or less.

  • Joe

    This “deal” is dead. Marshall is not going anywhere, especially to the jets. Why would we trade Marshall, our best WR, to the Jets for a QB and a first rounder if thats the offer? Makes no sense. We don’t want to pay two first rounders next season, and what would we do with another QB? Keep 4 on the roster? Doubtful. And plus, Clemens would have to learn our entire offense in 5 days in order for us to even use him in week one and on. I doubt McDaniels wants to start from scratch again and teach the entire system to a new QB. We already have 3 QB’s that already know the system. Thats enough. But I, like everyone else, am sick of hearing this trading shit with the Jets. Let’s watch Brandon come back to practice, take over his number one spot, and have a big game against a Cinci defense. Than we can tell the Jets to shut the hell up.

  • Eric in Vegas

    Call me crazy, but I believe McDaniels when he says they were only interested in O’Connell for the 4th preseason game and MAYBE a look if he blew them away. The guy got flat-out dumped by Belichick, so his knowledge of the “system” would be good for filling a hole, but not trading anything for.

  • Robert

    If O’Connell was worth ANYTHING the Pats would have traded him. He was of absoultely NO VALUE to the Lions. They picked him up so they could trade him to the only team he was valuable too, the JETS because they play NE twice a year and he knows the ENTIRE PLAYBOOK.

    It’s the exact same reason the Redskins just picked up that no name qb who was on the Giants practice squad for two years.

    I don’t know why this is controversy at all. The Jets want NE’s play book and now they have it. Don’t expect him to stay on with the Jets long either. He will be cut again sometime this season.