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Published on 08/17/2009 at Mon Aug 17 19:38.
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UPDATE: This was as much of a non-story as I though it might be. After Jamie Dukes teased a “BOMBSHELL” on his twitter, the entire NFL media was eagerly awaiting a revelation. The story? A PR snafu involving the way teammates were instructed to react to Marshall‘s acquittal. Dukes, yagottabekiddingme. Sure, this is significant given the touchy relationship Marshall and the Broncos have at the moment, but it’s hardly a “BOMBSHELL.” We’ve written a piece on the entire Marshall situation, which expands well beyond this one incident. You can read here.

I think CBS4’s Vic Lombardi says it best in this tweet: “This is the perfect example of someone using Twitter to hyperbolize an otherwise tame story… technology is dangerous in the wrong hands.” Amen, Vic. Amen.

The original way-overblown twitter bombshell speculation after the jump.

Quite the tease, Jamie Dukes.  You’ve got every Broncos fan on twitter, not to mention every member of the NFL media, chomping at the bit.

Dukes posted these three updates on his twitter in the last few hours:


No one died if that’s what you’re worried about but i just don’t know what they are thinking.

Jason LaCanfora is working the story and will be posting it on his blog late tonight.

La Canfora’s blog can be found on Come refresh with us and support advertisers! Is it Brandon Marshall trade news? Making a move at quarterback? Is it totally overblown by Mr. Dukes, who has the tendency to SHOUT IN ALL CAPS a lot? (My theory.) We’ll know soon enough… hopefully.

  • merc22

    It’s going to be a trade, don’t know who it is, but deff a trade

  • gobronx

    It’s got to be a trade. More reinforcements for the D Line?!??!

  • ryan

    I can only have daydreams about shipping Brandon Marshall for Ngata in Baltimore.

  • Kyle

    From Dukes’ second tweet there (where he doesn’t know what we’re thinking) and the fact that Marshall missed PM practice, I’m starting to lean toward the fact that Marshall has been or is going to be traded.

    PURE SPECULATION at this point though.

  • adam

    brandon marshall for tommie harris?

  • Ian Henson

    My gut is that if Marshall were cut/traded there would be more than just this oen source… I have a feeling we signed someone or something similar.

  • Ian Henson

    La Canfora used to write for the Washington Post if I’m not mistaken…

  • ryan

    Cut Ian? If Marshall were cut then Bowlen should be fired.

  • broncoNM

    Ian im kind of with you… if it is a marshall trade im sure there would be more sources coming out (shefter?). I am not a fan of jamie dukes and i agree with the post that he can be a bit over dramatic so its hard to judge what dukes considers a “BOMBSHELL”.

  • gobronx

    Funny how we all think Marshall immediately. And it looks like the majority of the responses consider that he may have been traded. What about this? Maybe Xanders and the brass decided to give him a huge contract now that he’s been acquitted.

    Just a thought…

  • Marv

    maybe simms is named the starter

  • MiamiMike

    Philly wanted Sheffler. Might be wild if deal was made for a trade involving him and Vick. D.McNabb wanted Plaxico Burress so maybe instead they go after Marshall for Vick. Maybe Farve signed with Denver hahaha

  • Ryan M.

    MiamiMike…I thought the same thing, maybe Farve to Denver.

  • alm034

    Put this one in the “Brandon makes news…again” column:

  • J

    Marshall’s agent meets with Broncos brass at Dove Valley


  • MiamiMike


    I did not see that report. Well Now I have to say we have seen the last of Marshall. He must have been traded.

  • Kyle

    Adam Schefter reports that Marshall and his agent went into Broncos HQ and asked for a new contract or trade. The Broncos wouldn’t give either. Schefter says simply: “Standoff. Could be ugly.”


  • dbroncos

    Remember this is a bombshell to Dukes, when he figured out that you can spell “boobs” on the calculator upside down he would have posted it on twitter.

  • alm034

    Agreed. The only way a trade could be brokered this quickly is if they had standing offers on the table and just now decided to pull the trigger, which I don’t think is likely considering how much Marshall’s future has been up in the air for weeks.

  • gobronx

    Ha dbroncos! ROFL! What would he do if he found out you can spell “boobless” on a calculator?

    I’m still waiting for the bombshell. Surely there’s more to it than a standoff.

    That said – Schefter is the man and I’ll go with what he’s saying before any east coast biased idiot like Pork Chop or Dukes.

  • Kircus Made My Sub

    I second Kyle skepticism of a “bombshell”. I standoff is not a “bombshell”. A bombshell would be…

    1) Favre to the Broncos

    2) McDaniels fired

    3) Bailey traded

    A bombshell infers that something no one saw coming has happened. Marshall being traded wouldnt be a bombshell because there is a record of the messy situation.

    Is there anyone worse on NFL Network than Jaime Dukes?

  • gobronx

    What’s the holdup LaCanfora? Seriously, if you look at his blog, his posts are shorter than Kerry’s rants on this site! Just spit out this “bomshell” news already…

  • gobronx

    Jamie Dukes is bad, but have you seen LaCan? Seriously. It’s been over an hour and a half since Dukes stupid twitter tweet about a DENVER BOMBSHELL.

    How’s this for a guess at the bombshell? “KC Packages Kennison and Lelie to Denver for Frustrated Marshall.”

  • gobronx

    Woops. That would be a surprise considering that our old friend Eddie Kennison is not only no longer a member of the KC Chefs, he’s not even in the league. Good to hear that I won’t have to watch that loser make more money than me ever again…

  • dbroncos

    Perhaps Dukes was kicked out of a Denver area buffet?

  • Ian Henson

    ryan- sorry, I was saying if there was an infraction or something. That’s probably the only way he would have been cut.

  • Ian Henson

    It’s a non-story, Marshall’s unhappy about a personal matter that the Broncos handled apparently, reiterated that he wants to be traded.

  • Kircus Made My Sub

    Jamie Dukes should be fired for this.

    A Bombshell that Marshall is going to not show up unless he gets a new deal or is traded? Isn’t this more of the same?

    I’ve got a bombshell too Jamie Dukes.

    You’re fat.

  • Steeplebomb

    I’m sorry but I’m confused. Could someone clarify how Marshall and the Broncos could have a standoff when Marshall is still under contract? Does it just mean that Marshall will refuse to play and the Broncos won’t pay him or something?

  • Kircus Made My Sub

    Exactly. And he will be fined.

  • Kircus Made My Sub

    Fans have now gathered outside the NFLN studios and are chanting “Eat a Salad” at Dukes.

  • ryan

    Comment of the day by Kircus:

    “I’ve got a bombshell too Jamie Dukes.

    You’re fat.”

  • szar
  • DC

    Just read Jason’s blog and its nothing new. Jamie Dukes is a Duche bag.

  • joe

    Either that or an extreme overreaction by this dukes character. who should be immediately fired.

  • MiamiMike

    OK everyone can go to sleep now the report is such crap from Jamie Dukes.

    QUOTE: The Broncos bombshell that Jamie Dukes teased earlier tonight is, as expected, about Brandon Marshall.

    Dukes promised that NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora would post a report on the matter tonight.

    As it turns out, the “bombshell” looks to be more of the same friction between Marshall and the organization.

  • bw53

    I loathe Jamie Dukes. He has a massive hate on for the Broncos, which renders his “reports” worthless. Damn I wish they’d fire him!

  • MiamiMike

    Part 2 QUOTE:

    Dukes’ tweet set off the phone lines in Denver, and the Broncos say nothing new is happening. Schefter confirmed the Post story and says the Broncos are “adamant” they won’t trade Marshall or get him a new deal.

    So, basically Marshall’s standoff with the team will continue and escalate.

    And we suspect that all Dukes’ tweet accomplished was to get own network’s reporter scooped.

  • MiamiMike

    Everyone needs to now jam NFL Network site and complain about Dukes. We need to let it be known he has to go!!!

  • DC

    Theres nothing wrong with not liking the moves made in Denver, its just opinion. I’m not sure I like it either. Last year he praised Cutler and the broncos until our monumental fall from grace. This year he talks shit about the broncos, but he should reserve his opinions until its time. I don’t know why NFL employs this dude, he’s a nobody that sweats profusely on camera.

  • Keith

    The story was written by Jason La Canfora and can be found at I really do not see how this qualifies as a “bombshell” but I was lead to believe a trade of Marshall was imminent, and at minimum Marshall saying he will hold out until he gets traded. This is much ado about nothing and clearly a ploy to make Marshall look like the angel in this situation (which clearly he hasn’t been).

  • Chris

    “Is there anyone worse on the NFL Network than Jaime Dukes?”

    While I agree with this, he may have a contender now, in an overall “analyst” role. Did anyone catch Mark Schlerith state that “the Oakland Raiders may be the 2nd best team in the AFC West” remark during their intro about Gable and the incident at the Raiders practice facility??? I now have officially lost all respect for Mark. I thought he was a decent analyst.

    Bombshell this is not. Jaime, what would constitute a “bombshell” would be the rest of the NFL world learning you actually earned your G.E.D. Hell, even your college deploma on your own. None of which I would believe, and I would demand you to prove it. Hmm…. what could I call that group? Birthers? Nah.. Already taken by some other wackos.. Oooh, oooh, I know… Jaime’s-a-douche-moroners… Ah, that was pathetic.

  • gobronx

    Should be interesting tomorrow morning. Curious to see if Brandon practices. If not, he’s an absolute idiot and needs some better advice.

    My Advice:


    You have no leverage here. Fire your agent immediately. Listen to your mentors (call Rod and ask him for some thoughts). Stay out of trouble and go to bed early. Go work your ass off at camp and then dominate on the field. Revisit the contract at the bye week, or at worst, the end of the season…


    What’s with these “The Older I get, the better I was” ex-players feeling the need to jump the shark in order to get their 15 minutes? Jamie Dukes is about as good as he was a player. At least he says he was a player, but it hard to find anyone who remembers him. Dukes is a moron and nothing more.

  • bronconinja

    Correct me if Im wrong… But didnt Marsahall actually stay out of trouble last year.. Think about it all the problems that came out were about years prior.. I guess we will find out later this season if he really kept his nose clean. Either way “BMF” (Bad Motha huh!) aka the beast aka Bmarsh deserves a pay raise the funny thing is you hear everybody say this and that about behavior clause and yes a risk free contract is that simple. The 2.2 mil he”s supposed to get this year is with the assumptions that he meets his incentives. Thats why he’s pissed. All the BRONCOS have to do is give him a little more than that in guaranteed and make it worth IDK 8 or 9 mil with incentives. Its a win win on both side of the ball (pun intended) A contract that makes him play to get paid which means he has to be on the feild and also mean that to be on the field has to keep out of trouble and just for giggles put that 25% prorated behavioral clause in for good measure. But what do I know… Im not even sure that what I just said is even possible. But it sounds good!!!!!

  • Gambino

    Bronconinja you must not read the news much. Marshall was arrested in March of THIS year. Charges were immediately dropped, but still he had ANOTHER run-in with police.

    Dukes is a flat out moron. Just another idiot trying to make news out of nothing. I don’t even remember him playing in the NFL. His comments are lame and he’s never brought decent insight at all. Why is he still on the air?

  • MikeY55

    did someone seriously just post a comment saying that he thought maybe we traded marshall for vick……… R U STUPID! if we wanted vick we would have signed him off the street like philly did why would philly sign him then trade himto denver for marshall it makes noooo sense