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Published on 12/22/2008 at Mon Dec 22 11:28.
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Brandon Marshall vs. Antonio Cromartie

Brandon Marshall had a field day the last time he faced Antonio Cromartie. (AP Photo)

I was as upset, angry, disappointed, sad, confused, and just plain pissed at Sunday’s 23-30 loss to the Bills as any of you out there. How the Broncos can collapse like they have the past two weeks is beyond me.

It’s hard to even care about the team after such an emotional letdown. The Broncos were up 13-0 in the second quarter against a team boasting a 1-7 record in their past 8 games. Suddenly, Buffalo’s offense could not be stopped. They scored 30 points to our 10 and the Broncos didn’t do their part on a freezing cold “Fan Appreciation Day.”

In response, most fans have thrown in the towel. Going into San Diego and beating the Chargers in their stadium, at face value, seems like an insurmountable task. It’s a match against two teams going in different directions.

But I awoke this morning with a renewed vigor. A renewed focus. The Denver Broncos will go into San Diego and beat the Chargers on their own turf and keep the AFC West lead they’ve held all 16 weeks this season. And you know why you should care?

F*** the Chargers, that’s why.

F*** San Diego’s tired excuse of Ed Hochuli blowing a whistle, and then beat ’em anyway.

F*** San Diego’s fair weather fans and their pathetic blackout extensions.

F*** San Diego’s whiny-as-hell superstar running back and his performance-hindering toe injury.

F*** San Diego’s loud mouth quarterback, for all the Broncos players and NFL fans he’s ever disrespected by pointing his mouth in their direction.

F*** San Diego’s overrated defense that was exposed this year as a one-man wrecking crew.

F*** San Diego’s 7-8 record that would win the AFC West at .500 with a win. This division deserves better, and if the Broncos win, they’ll give it a winner at 9-7.

F*** San Diego’s wins over the Chiefs and Raiders that give them the tiebreaker edge in the division while the Broncos beat better teams in the Saints and Falcons instead.

F*** the Chargers.

If you can’t scream for the Broncos after yesterday’s game, scream for the opponent of the most undeserving-but-could-be-a-playoff team in the NFL. The Chargers beat the Raiders and the crumbling Bucs to get back in the mix. They don’t deserve this.

So it comes down to this – the winner of this game wins the AFC West Championship and a home playoff game. There isn’t a Broncos fan out there who wouldn’t have jumped at this opportunity four months ago. The Broncos have been the better team for 16 weeks this season. We have one more week to put the nail in coffin. Let’s get it done.

Go Broncos! F*** the Chargers!

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite KAYLA

    BOSTON.. I don’t know who that is but i do know that you are an ass whole. You think you know so much about football i am a girl and i know that Rivers is a shit face… He is good but he wouldn’t be nothing with out LT… so get your head out of your ass….

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite anonymous

    i think that yo,boston,boltman are the worst names ever (boltman) sounds like a name 4 a roid.(boston)is a name 4 disipointment red socks,celtics,pats all C H O K E (.yo) a put down(yo momma jokes)

  • anonymous

    52-21. Just a little reminder in case you all forgot.