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Published on 12/08/2008 at Mon Dec 08 08:00.
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Peyton Hillis (AP Photo)

Peyton Hillis resurrects the Mile High Salute before leaving the game with a strained hamstring. (AP Photo)

UPDATE: Peyton Hillis will be placed on Injured Reserve

Peyton Hillis will likely miss four to six weeks with a hamstring injury he suffered in the second quarter of the Broncos’ 24-17 win over the Chiefs. Head Coach Mike Shanahan told reporters that the initial prognosis wasn’t good.

“Any time it’s a hamstring and they come off the field like he did today, normally it’s a month at best,” Shanahan said. “It didn’t look good. I’m hoping it’s not quite as bad as I anticipate, but I was not pleased watching him walk off the field.”

Hillis, on the other hand, was a bit more optimistic. “I think maybe a contusion, maybe something that slight,” said Hillis, who rushed eight times for 58 yards and a touchdown before getting hurt.

The Broncos turned to Tatum Bell for the remainder of the game, who finished with a decent 52 yards on 11 carries (4.7 average).

Hillis is the sixth Broncos running back to go down to a significant injury this season, with four running backs already on Injured Reserve.

Again, this is very early speculation at this point, and we’ll likely know more by Tuesday. Hopefully the Broncos can get Selvin Young back soon and Hillis isn’t out too long; the Broncos need a balanced attack to make some noise in the postseason.

  • Thomas

    WOW… that hurts. When is Selvin coming back?

  • SivNiz

    bummer :(

  • Andpark

    Hillis looked really great in the first half, losing him could be a huge loss getting into the Playoffs. Let’s hope it isn’t as bad as it sounds!

  • Kurt

    Hillis has looked great and it was nice to see the Broncos have a running attack again. I like the kid and I hope the injury is not as bad as the coach thinks. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  • East

    Man… six backs injured in one season. Bell filled in nicely but we need another back to compliment him, so lets hope one of the rando’s we signed will step up. Hopefully things keep going well, we make the playoffs and Hillis is back in time for the first round game.

  • mikebirty

    Phew – I thought from the way he landed it was ACL or knee related. Given that Champ is a superman and he’s been out 6 weeks, I’m not going to hold my breath. I bet Selvin suddenly gets fit this week.

  • Ian Henson

    Selvin Young should be close to returning against the Carolina Panthers.

  • Rob Bronco

    @)#U@)#($*@(#$*_!#($*!!!!!!!!!!! I’m telling you, the Broncos did something evil in another lifetime. I had HUGE hopes for Hillis because I don’t have faith in Tatum Bell to carry the team. He lacks heart and doesn’t keep his feet moving after contact. The Panthers are one heck of a tough team, and we’ll need every second we can get from that game clock to keep them in check.

    By the way, any word on Champ’s return for this game? We are pretty desperate at this point.

  • T-Money


  • Bronco Fan in AL

    ESPN is reporting Hillis going to the IR, out for the season.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I just saw that as well. What is up with our running backs?! And not only has he played great, he seems like a great guy as well. This really sucks. I do feel better that we still have Tatum and Selvin though.

  • T-Money

    So now that we are down to our 798th string running back…. I think we should call TD

  • TD30isMVP

    Groin/Hamstring problems keeping players out for significant time every year seems like a strength and conditioning problem, it’s like these guys are too busy listening to their headphones instead of really stretching properly and doing the correct exercises to limber up those areas.

  • Hijo de Elway

    This hurts. Not since TD have I been in so much love with a running back. Ever since I saw him turn a 2 yard loss into a 1 yard gain for a 1st, my heart was full with love. He gave me hope that we would have a play-off win this year. Not so much any more. Selvin never blew my skirt up. Hillis ran “angry”.