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Published on 10/23/2008 at Thu Oct 23 15:03.
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Daunte Culpepper (AP Photo)
Not Daunte. (AP Photo)

You starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, nearly breaks his finger at the start of an embarrassing loss on Monday Night Football. Your backup QB, Patrick Ramsey, goes on IR. Your third string QB, Darrell Hackney, is a practice squad player who’s never taken an NFL snap.

Yeah, you could say the Denver Broncos have some issues at quarterback.

So when Daunte Culpepper announced his un-retirement from the NFL Thursday (Pro Bowl NFC North quarterbacks have that tendency, it seems), people immediately began putting his name in the Broncos’ circle. Culpepper released an email to members of the media indicating his retirement was over a few weeks after it began.

Now that there are some real opportunities that match my desire to play, I will choose the one that is the best fit for both the team and me so that I can continue my NFL career. For the second half of this season, I hope to play a role in helping a team win some games.

We all know about Culpepper’s past success and his “Could have been MVP” season in 2004. But let’s get real. In the past 3 seasons, Culpepper has played in 18 games with the Vikings, Dolphins, and Raiders. In those 18 games, Culpepper threw 13 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, and was sacked a mind-blowing 73 times. Seventy. Three. That’s over four sacks per game.

At that point, it’s obvious his mobility issues and confidence in the pocket (or lack thereof) have as much to do with the sack total as the offensive line protection.

I’m on the fence on this one. The Broncos could definitely use depth at quarterback, but I’m not a fan of Pep’s and really haven’t ever been. What do you all think? Is he worth a look, and the price it might take to pry him away from the likes of San Francisco or Kansas City?

  • Roy

    While I like Hackney, there is something to be said about a QB with lots of experience. Yes he was sacked. A LOT. You can place some of the blame on trying to figure out how to move with a reconstructed knee. Then take said QB and put him behind the floodgates that were the Dolphin and Raider’s lines, and that is what you get. Is he ever going to be pro-bowl good again? Probably not. Could Cut use his experience to learn from? Absolutely.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Culpepper makes me a bit nervous, but, he may be our best option. He was pretty good when he had a stud receiver in Randy Moss and a good line. Since we have a good line and a stud receiver here, who knows?

  • Panamanian Bronco

    I agree Culpepper is probably the best QB we can get at this point of the season.
    Anyway, he is not worst than Ramsey.

  • jvill

    Agree with all the above. Our offense is a LOT more enticing than the 49ers or the Chefs. If Culpepper is going to come out of retirement, I’m not sure you do it for those other guys (though he’d be more likely to play).

  • Joe

    Is everyone just talking about quarterbacks as just a backup, or are people giving up on Jay?? I know Ramsey just got put on IR, But it seems like people are more worried about finding someone to start over Cutler. Or am I just crazy?

  • dc

    without champ we are doomed. as far as culpepper id like to see we sign him for cheap. we need cap space for the defense next year. Get albert haynesworth, draft a MLB first round, Safety second round. That should help.

  • Steve

    Definitely worth a look, more than a look. Especially if cutler’s finger is anything less than 100%. We cant afford to risk playing the rest of the season with darrell hackney. I think we should definitely bring him in for a workout, and if he appears close to fit, we should sign him for the rest of the season. Too risky not too.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Definitely as a back-up. I don’t think I will ever give up on Jay.

  • Quicksilver

    Dude that is totally a pic of JaMarcus Russell

  • dbroncos

    Haha, nice catch QuickSilver.

    I just cant believe the 4 sacks a game thing, that is ridiculous.

  • MIAbronco

    silver beat me to it, thats jamarcus russells 345 lb self

  • DnvaBroncomaniac

    that would be pretty cool if we had Jamarcus Russell as a back up

  • Kyle

    LOL I thought so too. Damn AP Photos —

  • Dakota Fan

    All right my people- you’ve got me convinced. If Daunte Culpepper is available, I’d say we snag him. Anyone else have a better idea? I still like Tim Rattay, seeing as how this is only a backup role, but Culpepper will do the trick.

    Did someone say Albert Haynesworth? I don’t know about that- I’d love to have him and I hate to be a gloomer and doomer, but we’re more than just one defensive impact player away from making our defense one to be reckoned with.


    GOOOOOOOO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kerry

    ok im gonna ask the same question about this as i did about Chad Jackson being signed. HOW WOULD THIS SIGNING HELP OUR DEFENSE????? oh thats right it wont. we need serious defense help and people are talking about Culpepper?!? are you Fu**ing kidding me?? who cares!? Culpepper was whining that nobody would give him a chance to start. so he quit. and now some want that whining drama on the sidelines? to hell with that!! Culpepper sucks and would be a totally bad fit for this team. we need some defense! Defensive tackle Dre Morre is still out there. he was drafted in the 4th round by the Bucs and then released. he was a projected 2nd rounder who could add some depth and youth at the DT position.

    oh wait whats that……our coach only wants to sign Wide Receivers and possibly a backup QB when we clearly need defensive help?? oh ok nevermind. i forgot this is Shanahan im talking about here. the coach who is all offense and no defense. my mistake.

  • F. Hickson

    The photo you’ve attached to your post is of JaMarcus Russell, not Daunte Culpepper you dumbass.

  • flbronc

    i’m good with hackney as our backup. i dont particularly care to bring in a so-so veteran to back up who is going to take a couple of weeks to learn the system. true hack hasnt had the experience in games, but he does with our offense. if it comes down to it and he needs to go in, i have faith that he could do a decent job. to me there is no need to go out and spend money on a qb that is going to be cut at seasons end.

    kerry- i follow your logic, but we have to sign a qb. we have to carry two on our roster- i hope it is hackney but we have to sign someone there. the wr baffles me too though.

  • Roy

    The wideout signing is not that baffling if the coaching staff thinks Stokley is either a) going to be out longer than anticipated or b) may call it a career after the season. He is 32, and after suffering that many concussions I would not blame him for hanging it up. Who are our options after him? Darrell “riding the pine cause I’m injured” Jackson? Or maybe Glen “coaches dont’t think I can start” Martinez?

  • flbronc

    i follow your logic roy. the part that baffles me is that people werent breaking down his door to sign him. we have made no moves to deactivate, put on ir or cut any of our existing wr corps…. if the front office had even hinted (which they may have and i have not heard about it) at some move at that position, i would be more comfortable with it. we need to make a couple of defensive signings , and without clearing one of our wr’s we take up a spot we desperately need for the defense.

  • BrianBroncosFan

    Great read – isnt that a pic of Jamarcus Russell?

  • bcfunk

    If Cutler goes down, our playoff aspirations are toast. Go with Darrell “hamburgerler” Hackney and let Culpepper cry somewhere else. As for signing a defensive dude off the street, I have to imagine the Broncos know what’s out there and that it’s all trash. Dre Moore isn’t availale, btw. He was resigned to Tampa’s practice squad.

  • AtomicLeo

    This is a great pick-up. Seriously, we need something besides a practice squad player as the #2.

  • Person

    Lets just sign him and make his fat ass play DT.

  • kerry


    yeah Dre Moore is available. any team in the league can sign him off the practice squad at anytime. just as they can sign anyone from our squad. so yeah, he is available. BTW

  • bcfunk


    I stand corrected. However, if the Broncos signed him we’d have to put him on our active roster. Perhaps he’s not ready or prime time just yet. That being said, I was surprised to see a talent like his sitting on the PS. As stinky as our D is, if they think he has a future I, too, would sign him. I’ll suffer rookie mistakes if he has a future.

  • C

    What about Chris Simms? Has he signed anywhere yet?

  • AKscott

    here’s a quick lil blurb on Dre Moore for those interested

    Pick Analysis: Moore is a guy who is comfortable in either the 3-4, or 4-3. He is strong and fast and is a very appealing value at this point (4th round) in the draft. He also has a mean streak and can play tough in the trenches. His size and strength make him a force at the tackle position.

    44 games at Maryland, Moore started 26 contests, including 23 at weak-side tackle and three at nose guard…Recorded 140 tackles (63 solo) with 10.5 sacks for minus-49 yards, 17.5 stops for losses of 64 yards and nine quarterback pressures…Caused three fumbles, deflected two passes and returned an interception 12 yards…His 365-pound power clean is the second-best total ever by a Terrapin player

    –strong kid w/ alot of upside (didnt play HS football until his JR year).. on paper doesnt sound bad

  • Jon Krause

    why is Russell up there???

  • J

    Adam Schefter reports that although Dante is looking to land a job Broncos will not sign him. They’ll promote Hackney from the practice squad and if Jay get’s injured then they’ll sign a veteran QB.