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Published on 08/08/2008 at Fri Aug 08 10:00.
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Yesterday’s winner: mikebirty – “Wow, well done to everyone!!!! I can’t believe you all went an entire press conference without mentioning my Diabetes.”  Honorable mention: AKScott, scotto.

Deangelo Hall and Michael Huff
Raiders DB’s Deangelo Hall (left) and Michael Huff (Sara Wolfram/Getty Images)

Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments…

  • Richard

    With this ring I thee wed. Don’t you just love Gavin Newsome?

  • Pat

    You know what you have to do now that your on knees

  • Neal Walsh

    Hall: I can’t wait to chase you around naked in the shower.

    Huff: Hee hee!! I wish we could practice naked.

    Hall: There’s nothing like being at the bottom of the pile of a bunch of nekkid hot sweaty mens.

  • Neal Walsh

    You want to do boy 69?

  • Neal Walsh

    You want to go get a soy rasberry diet mocha after this?

  • Neal Walsh

    I’m super!! Thanks for asking!!

  • Neal Walsh

    Coach said we don’t have to practice until we get a decent receiver to cover.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    #24: I got drafted by ’em – whats your excuse?

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Hall: Don’t you just love to squeeze you nuts through a facemask?

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Huff: “Angelo, your Eddie Royal-impression is dead on!”

  • Trent

    Did you see Javon yesterday. He was wearing is cool bat suit again.

  • blackhillsbronx

    Huff: I can’t believe that old man paid JW that much dough.
    Hall: Yeah, even a chump like me can cover him.
    Huff: I’ve got an idea. Let’s take him to Vegas next week and help him blow a few grand.
    Hall: Just don’t bust his face this time, okay?
    Huff: I’ll try not to.

  • Jason

    Huff ask shyly: “Yer cute. You wan’ my gate-or-aid?”

  • Garret Barnes

    Hall: Umm…wow I know this is kind of soon but will you marry me?
    Huff: Don’t be silly you know that Nnamdi and I are a about to tie the knot.

  • andy b.

    Hall: Do you think Al Davis would be willing to give me away at the ceremony?
    Huff: Only if we let Lane be the ringbearer.

  • HogBlog

    Im sorry Michael, but I’ve had this man crush for sometime now…please, will you be my backfield companion? Love Deangelo xoxo

  • dstall

    Will you marry me? If so let’s elope that old fart will kill us!

  • Ian Henson

    Huff to Hall, “Swear it tastes just like ice cream!”

  • Roy

    Hall to Huff: “So Big Al (thats what I call Mr. Davis) gets down like this and says ‘Deangelo…will you be my cornerback?’ How could I resist?”

  • mikebirty

    Hall: “Hey Javon! Look I can bend BOTH knees!”

  • AKscott

    Huff and Hall imitating the steve smith fight in carolina camp.. Deangelo had to shrink down to size.

    (the gay jokes are just too easy)

  • GreasyQtip

    Danish Denver-fan! { 08.08.08 at Fri Aug 08 10:27 })
    “#24: I got drafted by ‘em – whats your excuse?”

    “Oh, I tried to get traded to California the second i heard they passed the Gay Marriage Laws…. and got you, my love”

  • Pat

    Huff: Yeah i just farted. U like that smell

  • Rick

    Ingnore those comments. Its just some Bronco fans with nothing else to talk about. Yea we will shut those pie holes on monday night. “Are you ready for some football”

  • CourtneyBrown98