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Published on 03/18/2013 at Mon Mar 18 18:23.
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Carter is currently in Haitin with the Mission of Hope organization.

Carter is currently in Haitin with the Mission of Hope organization.

An absolute misunderstanding,” is what Andrew Leavitt, the Denver Broncos third year safety Quinton Carter’s defense attorney, is calling this ordeal.

“He was confused when he made the bet,” Leavitt told The Associated Press. “He didn’t know how to play the game. He wasn’t trying to cheat anyone.”

Carter was arrested on March 9th, in a Las Vegas casino when security officials say that they have him on video adding a $5 chip to three bets after the dice had already rolled. For that he faces three felony charges of committing a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment. Each of the three charges carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A North Las Vegas judge has postponed action on the case until April 18th, the  2013 NFL Draft will begin on April 25th.

On top of those three charges, there is a warrant charging him with failure to complete counseling after a 2011 misdemeanor marijuana possession case from 2011. Leavitt said that the counseling was completed, but that Carter never turned in proof to the court. Also pointing out that he has since taken an extra counseling course in hopes that the charge will be dropped.

Carter is currently in Haiti passing out food to families that are poverty stricken, orphans and people who are still being effected by the 2010 earthquake. The trip was organized by former NFL kicker Jay Feely through Kelli Masters Management and Mission of Hope.

  • Daddy Tebow

    I’m calling his bluff because he’s from Las Vegas!

  • Broncosnative

    Just because he’s from Vegas doesn’t mean anything

  • Jim_Jebow

    I really want to believe QC. They were only $5 bets so its not like this is a big scam. This kid does so many good things off the field that I just can’t believe that this is anything but a mistake. Maybe he had too many drinks (or puffs) and thought he would be funny. Regardless, I still have high hopes for this kid, and I hope this is the last of these types of stories from him.

    Doom is slow with a fax, QC is slow at a craps table

  • Pete Baron

    I guess it’s also possible that he was really drunk and simply didn’t notice that the dice were already rolled, or thought they were about to be rolled and he could last second add chips. I know that the first few times my wife played, the side dealers would walk her though how craps worked, and often times, she’d end up placing bets after the dice were rolled because she didn’t realize they were rolled yet. He’d simply push them back to her and say that it was too late. Shit, if she was in Vegas, she’d have been arrested a dozen times that night! haha

  • jdkchem

    They way it’s described doesn’t mean much and the dealer should have said something. Dealers are usually very helpful, at least in Atlantic City.

    Yes I’ve spent some time at the craps tables.

  • Doom92

    I tend to agree… He isn’t an idiot nor are the people running the place. Of course he is going to plead not guilty and come up with some stupid shit like “I didn’t know”… None of these guys EVER stand up.

  • BGMike

    I haven’t been to Atlantic city but Vegas is definitely much more dog eat dog style although I can’t speak for all dealers I’ve seen many take advantage of inexperienced players, although you think it would be wise to always help the player just for the tip

  • Draper

    This brilliant comment made me laugh out loud.

  • Draper

    Agreed, it was $5, you don’t give a teenager an attempted murder charge for pointing a Wii remote at someone’s head.

    He made a mistake, hopefully he isn’t made an example of for being a public persona.

  • jdkchem

    “you don’t give a teenager an attempted murder charge for pointing a Wii remote at someone’s head.”

    Unless you’re the public schools and the dangerous weapon is a pop tart.

  • Doug

    He’s charged with a FELONY for three $5 bets? That’s absurd. I’ve played my share of craps and it isn’t too hard to make that mistake. Usually the dealer just tells you to take the bet back.

    If this was some sort of pattern – doing it many times over many rolls or adding big money maybe I’d be inclined to believe he was intentionally trying to scam the casino. Not this.

  • TD30ismvp

    I don’t work for Station Casino’s but I will tell you that he should get a slap on the wrist…probably probation at most and 86’d from all Station Casino’s for a year. Daddy Tebow is right, he is from here and knew what the deal was, many of the kids try to get away with stuff like that it is part of the “fun” of gambling for them.