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Published on 03/15/2013 at Fri Mar 15 10:08.
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Will Dumevil be wearing orange and blue in 2013? (AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)

In a matter of hours, we will know whether Elvis Dumervil will be a former member of the Denver Broncos, or a Denver Bronco for the foreseeable future.

Before 1:59 p.m. MT Friday, Dumervil will either be cut or have taken a paycut. There is no third option; the team will not pay him the $12 million salary in 2013 his contract currently mandates. John Elway made that crystal clear in his latest quotes to The Denver Post:

“It’s not all about dollars. But when it’s way out of whack? Then it’s so out of whack that you’ve got to say: That (salary) can’t be it. Especially when you look at the market and what’s out there now,” Elway told The Post. “It’s so far out of whack. Hopefully, (Dumervil) realizes that.”

That’s one, two, three “out of whack”s from the team’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Does this just feel wrong to anyone else out there?

First, let’s consider what “in whack” would be. For me, grading Elvis Dumervil, I would put him right at the cusp of the top defensive ends in the league. He’s either just barely in that top tier of defensive ends, or he’s just outside of it, but he’s definitely in the Tier One/Tier Two conversation. His biggest liability is his performance against the run, which at 5’11” comes as no surprise. Dumervil is more a pass-rush specialist than he is an every-down lineman, but he is a leader on the team and aggressive every down he’s in the game.

So let’s compare him to some of the league’s perennial best:

Player 2012 Sacks 2012 Tackles 2013 salary
Mario Williams  10.5  46 $14,500,000
Jared Allen  12  45 $14,280,612
Julius Peppers 11.5  39 $12,900,000
Elvis Dumervil  11  54 $12,000,000

As you can see, Dumervil’s stats are comparable. But, according to the team, a comparable salary would be “out of whack.”

Finally, Mr. Kiszla’s assertion in the article that Dumervil’s market is set at around $7.5-8 million seems random and unjustified to me. How about an example of a player comparable to Dumervil making less than $10 million? That wouldn’t be out of whack for the article, would it?

Was Kiszla fed that number by Elway? Is our VP taking his hard line to the press?

Because there the Broncos go, taking their case to the media, questioning the legitimacy of their Pro Bowl player’s contract they themselves signed three years ago.  The Broncos are asking Dumervil to be reasonable, when really they’re the ones who won’t see reason.

If Dumervil hits the market, he will command more than $7.5 million per year.

The Broncos and their player should agree to something closer to $9-10 million, and also agree not to use the media to air out the team’s dirty laundry. Contract negotiations stay in-house.

Mr. Elway, for all the good you did this week, it seems you are in danger of being out of whack here.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I’m pretty sure Kiz’s number came from what the other free agent DEs are getting signed for. It doesn’t necessarily account for the fact that Dum is a cut above most of what else is available right now. So we’ll see in a few hours, I guess.

  • areferee

    Ballsy, Kyle. I like it. A LOT!

    For those that may remember SNL classics:

    Read Elway’s “out of whack” remarks like Roseanne Roseannadanna… and when Dan Aykroyd says: “But you guys also signed that contract”…

    Roseanne says: “Never mind”!

  • Alphabeatsoups

    Wow!! From the graph it looks like hes getting paid what he should! Interesting. So what is the problem here?

  • TheTroglodyte

    I agree Kyle. That quote is extremely harsh and very unclassy. I’m disappointed he would say that to the media.


    I hope they reach an agreement because I’d sure hate to see Dum leave…he’s an asset to the Broncos!!!

  • Timothy Gilbertson

    The $7-8M number comes from Avril’s signing. Frankly, he would not get $12M on today’s market – Doom would be lucky to get $10M. I suspect this is what the Broncos are after by ‘leaking’ the $8M figure – to split the difference. Sincerely hope that Dumervil stays in Denver.

  • Andy Gilson

    Anyone who thinks the worst DE in the league, at stopping the run, and who accumulated 9 of his 11 sacks in garbage time is worth $12M/year, is on crack.

  • Andy Gilson

    He will NOT get more than $8M on the open market. Not happening.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Freeney is much worse at stopping the run.

  • Alphabeatsoups

    Im just saying, from that chart it looks like hes is the best one at stopping the run out of the 4 people up there… Im just saying.

  • Monty

    I’ll bet you a post on BroncoTalk you’re wrong.

  • Hansen

    Kyle – Yes, the Denver Broncos, as defined by legal documents, signed Doom’s contract three years ago but the current Captain of the ship did not. Pizza Boy did. New regime, new philosophy, new methods, new directions.

    I bet you what the Broncos are factoring in to the decision is his age, coupled with the fact that he is undersized, and that these factors will catch up to him sooner than later resulting in a dramatic loss of production. Perhaps they think this loss will be seen this year. An undersized DE taking on 300+ lb OL year after year will wear out faster than a traditionally sized end. But what do I know, I’m just bored at work.

    I want Doom to stay but it is looking as though he won’t be a Bronco in two hours.

  • MeOMy

    The more and more this goes on the more I’m on the side of Dumervil. The next two year of his contract after this year are for around what he should be making as a top DE in the league. Most of those other contracts are out of wack for this new bargaining agreement. What people forget is that the first year of this contract he played for the amount that was in his rookie contract. The 14 million the last two years and the 12 million this year are over bloated to make up for the $600,000 he made in the first year of this deal. That extra 2 million is for past services Denver owes him.

    Unfortunately, I think Doom is gone. I’d be pissed off right now if I was him and would walk even if Denver offered me the 10 million I think he will get from another team or the 7 million the Patriots will offer him. This is the first big mistake Elway has made. Hopefully it will be his last.

  • CehnadianBroncoFan

    While we are on the topic of pass-rushing DE’s I think it would be appropriate if you included other DE’s with stats that are comparable or better than Dumervil’s. While I recognize that your parameters were ‘perennial best’ you and I both know that the NFL is quickly turning into a ‘what have you done for me lately’ kind of league Since the article above positioned Dumervil as a pass-rusher I focused solely on Sack count. I took the positions from ESPN’s stats sheet: (Linebackers are not listed below)

    J.J Watt (DE): 2012 Sacks: 20.5 – 2013 Salary: $1,396,590

    Charles Johnson (DE): 2012 Sacks: 12.5 – 2013 Salary:$1,396,590

    Cameron Wake (DE): 2012 Sacks: 15.0 – 2013 Salary: $3.565 million (plus incentives based on sacks)

    Chris Clemons (DE): 2012 Sacks: 11.5 – 2013 Salary: $6 million (plus incentives based on sacks)

    Note that ALL of these players on this list have higher sack counts than Dumervil did last season. Since you’ve pointed out in your article that he is not stellar against the run and his skillset is truly as a pass-rusher then one would expect that his total count should be higher. Even in your list above 2 of the three pass-rushers who are paid more than Dumervil had higher sack counts in 2012. Factoring in all of these stats and facts – I can certainly see where the Bronco organization is coming from – IMO.

    Where I do agree with you is the fact that the Broncos should not have made this as public as they have. However, even that issue is not as straight forward as it should be because Dumervil and his agent have been making public statements throughout this process.That makes it extremely difficult for an NFL franchise to allow negative press to be run without a response.Where I think Elway and the Broncos could have deviated, for the better, was WHAT their response was.

    Just my 5 cents (I’m Canadian we no longer have pennies)

  • Ritely

    Are you seriously comparing Dumervil to the terrible Mario Williams? That would be like comparing Kevin Kolb to Matt Cassell and Mark Sanchez.

  • anthony33

    I would argue Elvis is not an elite DE. Damn good, yes, but elite, no. That said, it is nearing the deadline… thinking no news means bad news.

  • Frank Watkins

    Dare I say it, but Elvis has left the building.

  • Joey Baldwin

    I believe Kiz got his #s from FAs also. But i also believe that Doom is better than those free agents i would say base of 8-9 with incentives up to 10, 2-3 yrs. he wouldnt get more than 9 a yr and of he did it would likely be backloaded to give the team a chance to cut him before a major contract commitents.

  • Matthew Sanchez

    “Because there the Broncos go, taking their case to the media,
    questioning the legitimacy of their Pro Bowl player’s contract they
    themselves signed three years ago.” —Let’s not forget that the aforemention contract was signed during McIdiot’s tenure.

  • Monster

    In my opinion, there is no chance DOOM is a Bronco this upcoming season.
    A deal would be done by now. Often, people hold on to false expectations.
    He’s gone.

  • Monster


  • Monster


  • areferee

    It is being reported that Elvis will remain with the Broncos. More to come.

  • Pete Baron

    Doom agreed to stay in Denver!!!

  • Pete Baron

    Doom agreed to stay in Denver!!! Wooooo hoooooo

  • TD30ismvp

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Classy and smart move 92!

  • MeOMy

    Doom is STAYING! Just reported

  • TD30ismvp

    you know, opinions are like assholes…

  • TD30ismvp


  • Monster

    I don’t follow. My opinion has nothing to do with you.

  • Joey Baldwin

    Doom agreed 8mil base!!!

  • TD30ismvp

    could have sworn your opinion was he was out the door.

  • Frank Watkins

    So glad I was wrong!!

  • Ricky Hardesty

    You know the difference between those other guys on that list and Doom? They’re all the best player on their respective defenses. Not the 3rd best player on the defense. Also the market has been soft for DE’s who are younger than doom. He made a smart choice to take the pay cut and stay on a great team.

  • Ricky Hardesty

    Mario might be the exception. He got paid to go to buffalo. Shitty teams have to overpay for good players

  • Frank Watkins

    Well, back to my original post…

    Elvis left the building…

  • standintallndenver

    Payton Manning should have offered to take a pay cut. I know he would like to go back to the Super Bowl, which is real hard to do without a top defense. Good work Elway, why don’t you go find some other team to jack up.

  • CehnadianBroncoFan

    If I am not mistaken was he was benched/ injured his 1st year of the new contract in 2010. Dumervil would have been crazy to pass up an offer from Denver.He would need to move or at the very least find another place to live when the season starts if he plays with a new team, he’d also be very likely to go to a team who is going through a major re-structuring and/or has cap room. That means the likelihood of making it to the SB or even the post season would be unlikely. It is better for Dumervil to stay on a team which has MULTIPLE pass-rushing options which should enable him to get more sacks despite him ageing.

  • CehnadianBroncoFan

    as much as you might not have like MCDaniels I encourage you to look at the players he drafted and signed. A good number of them (obviously with a few exceptions) are at the top of the depth chart.

  • CehnadianBroncoFan

    This is not a matter of a pay cut. This is simply a matter of value. Dumervil did not live up to a 14 mil. salary in 2012 (based on sack count). Based on his 2012 #’s he wouldn’t live up to a 12 million dollar salary in 2013 either. With the current draft class being as talented as it is with pass-rushers this year. It simply doesn’t make sense to over-pay for a pass-rusher.