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Published on 03/13/2013 at Wed Mar 13 13:45.
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UPDATE: The Broncos have signed Welker.

Wes Welker may be hooking up with a future Hall of Fame QB after all.

The former New England Patriots standout wide receiver is in “serious talks” with the Denver Broncos today, the second day of free agency, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.  The team reportedly wants to “hammer out a deal” with the All-Pro slot receiver.

Welker, 31, had 118 catches for 1,354 yards last year, his fifth year hauling in over 110 receptions (an NFL record). He was paid $9.5 million for those services as the Patriots’ franchise player in 2012.

Landing Welker would give quarterback Peyton Manning a third star receiver in Denver, joining Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.

According to Schefter, a decision is expected sometime Wednesday.

  • Pete Baron

    If this goes down, we need to make sure this is the last “splash” we make in Free Agency. I really don’t want us turning into another early 2000’s Redskins and 2 years ago Eagles. We are a legit contender without free agency, so we don’t need to go signing lots of household names to get us over that hump.

  • Brandon Kirk

    I imagine it will be. We should still get Knighton. We’ll probably draft Ball or Lacy I would imagine, now.

    What do you think of DRC Pete?

  • Pete Baron

    Montee Ball is my #1 rated RB, just ahead of Lacy, although I wouldn’t mind Lacy at all.

    DRC is ok I think. He was hyped coming out of college, but really hasn’t done much. He’s fast, so maybe he can play inside in nickle packages, but he isn’t anything to write home about in my opinion.

  • BroncoMan24

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Welker and think he is a great player, but at 31 is he really worth the money he is expecting? If we get for 5 or 6 mil maybe, but 9 mill is too much. Also are offense is pretty good as it is, I can’t help but wonder how much he will really help. Right now I am on the fence with him. I am excited and concerned at the same time.

  • Matthew Sanchez

    My thoughts exactly. It would be nice to bring in Welker because then our recieving core would be next to impossible to match up against effectively, but I just think we should be a little more thrifty with our money. Decker and Thomas both have their contracts ending soon, and We’ll need to give Von a big contract soon as well. We should definetly steer away from DRC though in my opinion. I think we’ve done well in FA, but we shouldn’t be too excesive about it.

    In terms of the draft, I tihnk we take a cover corner or ILB depending who is on the board and then a RB in the second (Montee Ball, Le’veon Bell, etc.) followed by a DT in a later round. other than that I tihnk we draft the best player on the board.

  • Monty

    Thanks Jon for finishing this article up

  • Alphabeatsoups

    OHHHH SNAP !!!!!

  • Rob Kinkaid

    remember two things my fellow Bronco fans. Stokley is out. We need the trifecta in order for our Superbowi hopes. This is a trifecta that goes in many directions. lets see about our checklist:
    Good QB – check
    Good running back – Looking
    3 good receiving weapons – missing one

    So I would say to get Welker, he would compliment our offense very well.

  • LEMarkley

    I have to wonder if they let a FA running back go to get welker and then get a running back in the draft, which they should have done anyway. There are at least 5 quality RBs available in the draft, all of whom could be franchise RBs.

  • dogheadbrew

    Absolutely agreed! However I think that Elway et. al. showed last year the blueprint they will follow again this year.

    1) If there is THE guy they want in FA, get him, period.
    2) Fill in with second tier and veteran players.
    3) Draft for quality with a couple of Elway demands thrown in.

    It speaks volumes that the continued to solidify line play on both sides. But I don’t think they would bring in a guy like Welker, if they didn’t have real designs on signing him.