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Published on 03/13/2013 at Wed Mar 13 12:02.
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(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

And the free agent running backs are starting to go off the market.

On Wednesday, Reggie Bush, who drew interest from Denver, signed a four-year deal with the Lions. The Cardinals then landed Rashard Mendenhall with a one-yer deal.

Among running backs, Mendenhall was believed to be the most likely candidate to land with the Broncos, who are expected to announce several signings today.  Denver currently has four RBs—Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno, Ronnie Hillman, and Lance Ball—on the roster, but one (or both of) McGahee and Moreno are expected to be axed this spring.

With Bush and Mendenhall off the market, Steven Jackson now becomes the top free agent RB still available.  Jackson has drawn a lot of interest from the Packers, but Denver has not reportedly targeted the 29-year old RB—yet.

Last season, McGahee led the team with 731 yards and four scores on the ground (while also fumbling four times and missing the final six games of the season due to injury).  Jackson rushed for 1,042 yards and four touchdowns with the Rams in 2012, his eighth consecutive 1K season.

Denver has been linked to eight free agents and have already signed former Chargers offensive guard Louis Vasquez to a four-year deal and re-signed defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson to a two-year deal on Tuesday.

  • Bob W.

    Rashard just signed with the Cardinals for a one year deal.

  • Alphabeatsoups

    Good!! Thank You AZ!!!! We already have an injury prone RB, who likes to fumble.

  • TD30ismvp

    And who said that we were interested in Bush? Oh yeah, some guy from Florida…Must have been a Klis article.

  • TD30ismvp

    I think there is a giant chasm between Hoping to announce and expected to announce several signings.

  • Doom92

    I guess the Broncos didn’t offer anything at all, going for a 1 year deal tells me that. I just hope like hell we don’t go into this next season with what we have. That would be a huge fail IMO.

    SJ is being linked to SF and Atl… Hope we have something up our sleeve for him, that would be a great add.

  • Broncosnative

    Amen, with those two off the board either the broncos are going for Jackson or drafting a RB. I think the broncos are being sneaking and they are gonna do something big in FA. they are way too quiet now, I have a feeling there’s gonna be a breaking news on their behave.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Every RB the Cardinals pick up turns to crap. We made the right call not signing Mendenhall.

  • Brandon Kirk

    Broncos talking to Welker!!

  • Gary_in_SD

    Steven Jackson has got to like the idea of playing in Denver! Put him on this team and we get to have Christmas for 17 Sundays and one Wednesday this year!

  • Alphabeatsoups

    I Agree with this… Also this just in Broncos in serious talks with Wes Welker!!!

  • Gary_in_SD

    He would have to share the glory with Gore in SF and if a ring is important, Denver gives him a much better chance than Atlanta.

  • Gary_in_SD

    That’s because they usually sign guys on the twilight of their careers.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Like Bennie Wells and Ryan Williams?

  • Pete Baron

    Any of the top 6-8 Rookie RBs in my opinion, are every bit as good as SJax is at this stage in his career. He’s still really good, but I think this crop of RBs coming in the league are also going to be really good.

  • Pete Baron

    Is it too early for me to take a bow? hahaha. Good call TD

  • Sage Rodriguez

    YES YES YES YES! Denver has no choice but to get someone else! Today is such a great day for Denver!