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Published on 03/13/2013 at Wed Mar 13 03:24.
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ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted just after 1 AM EST that the Denver Broncos and defensive tackle Terrance Knighton are close to agreeing on terms:

Knighton landed in Denver Tuesday and may not leave without a contract. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Knighton was drafted in 2009 by Broncos current defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio (and former head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars), who anointed him a team captain during that same year as a rookie.

Following the final game of Knighton’s rookie season Del Rio said, “Terrance Knighton is going to be a real good player. It wasn’t an accident before the game that he was made a team captain for the game. I’m counting on him to lead the way.”

Four seasons later, Del Rio is still counting on Knighton apparently. The former Temple University true Freshman weighed in for the 2012 season at 335 lbs. and measured 6’3″, he would add immediately to a Denver defensive line that is getting bigger by the day. The Broncos re-signed defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson on Tuesday the first day of Free Agency.

It should be noted that while Knighton played in 16 games, he only started four for the Jaguars in 2012 recording 32 tackles and two sacks.

  • anthony33

    At the right price this will be another nice signing. Again, I say stockpile solid offensive and defensive lineman all day long.

  • heykyleinsf

    the reason I love this.. other than the endorsement from Del Rio.. who I trust obviously with the job he has done.. is that …

    NOW.. we don’t have to worry about the curse of the first round DT bust.

    The draft looks sweeter and sexier with getting proven players in the trenches. Now.. about that MLB position…

  • anthony33

    Karlos Dansby would be a nice add. Would also like to see Louis Delmas at safety.

  • RichmondBronco24

    This makes a scary amount of sense. After signing Vickerson, Knighton would make a nice addition to Vickerson, and Wolfe at the right price. I wonder what the FO will decide on Bannan/Unrein/Warren. I hope Warren walks and we get a DT in the draft.

  • TD30ismvp

    Well I guess the old lady in the 80’s commercial just got her answer…Here is the beef. Don’t know why we always let Bannan go, he has been solid every time, love Unrein.